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  1. I believe that you can do this, because you know a lot more about item and ability interactions that I do, but when I imagine myself trying to do this with Dorudugan, I see this: I go close to him in the middle to initiate combat, and Vela follows me. Then she gets terrified, too close to the middle. When Dorudugan, who can't be interrupted, does his huge area fire effect after his 3X charging up, I see it killing her, because if she is close-ish to the middle, I don't think you have enough room to pull him far enough from her. On the other hand, if I do something (with a SC monk) to keep
  2. Ah, this was very cool to read So, it isn't all simple, at all, or fast. A lot like my experience with Ultimate. I have several fights where I would have to make a similar description of how I win. I think that this will be how a character that can do Ultimate will look. They need to have a trick that can deal with most of the fights, and then they have to get creative and practiced with how to do a few fights that the trick doesn't work for. And then you need to get your path down with skill checks and such. Did you have to do much re-speccing your character for particular sk
  3. Congrats!! As a side note, I did some practicing against the Water Dragon, probably the hardest fight for my build, and I believe I have it down to a science now, where I kill two water whips, and then one more once the dragon summons more, and otherwise focus on the dragon and withdraw Vela. I can't believe how little real time it apparently takes to win with the bloodmage/priest. Does it really just take about 8 hours total? It has to be 20 or more, possibly 30, to do ultimate with my ranger/chanter build. That makes it so you really want to get the tougher fights down to where
  4. But you need WotW, which means single-class. I was just musing about whether a multi-class of monk would do much, and it looks like it won't. I watched the video of a monk beating the ooze, so now I understand. Vela and Abydon's would seriously complicate things, although possibly neither would be an absolute block. I can see that it all comes down to beating the original ooze. For Vela, you'd have to initiate combat, get symbioted, get it off yourself and kill the little oozes (or kill them a bit later), get Vela terrified, and then move the ooze far away from her, so that Vela
  5. By the way, Wotcha, I've used your discovery a bit. Once in awhile, such as at the start of combat against the Dragonslayer group in SSS, or in an emergency during a tough combat, it is really great to have as an option.
  6. It would certainly be a lot of fun to straight-up beat up the tough enemies in Ultimate without a lot of screwing around trying to activate cheese first. (Or, in my case, without taking forever). Would be great to see Kaylon do it, or maybe I'll try it out myself (or whoever else may try it and let us know) Abydon's challenge would make using the Voidwheel and Keeper of Flame weapons somewhat questionable, but that may not be an absolute problem with either enough money, fast enough kills, or perhaps not needing to use them all that much. I have a question, also: can you control th
  7. Are you suggesting a single-class monk? I don't know their skill tree and I'm too lazy to look it up at the moment If you are suggesting a monk with no priest multi-class, I would ask if you have really tried the Hylea (Vela) challenge for a lot of combats. She's really hard to keep alive. I have a ton of respect for you, and in print it is hard to convey tone; you may have an excellent grasp of what it is like to escort Vela, but I have to ask if you have tried it much, so I understand where you are coming from. Are you thinking (and you may even be correct - I don't have good experien
  8. I have an exact answer for you, Dec, because that first fight would have been totally impossible for my build, so I found a way out of it. Assuming you go to the left first, the laboratories I think it is called, where the memory hoarder is (I haven't tried the other way first yet), then if you DONT do anything with the brainwashed people after killing the Hoarder, and then when the Oracle talks to you in the In-Between, you say that you aren't a wizard and from there don't fight him, you don't need to do that fight then. Which is great, because, in my game, in that fight, Vela somehow liter
  9. One way to find out would be to ask Decadency when it was critical to be a mage, in the mage/priest combo, and then figure out if a monk could handle those issues as well, or better. Mages like to level up from 10-16 partly with sending clones into battle while stealthed. Tacticians can get brilliant early for doing fights. I'm not sure that Monks have something similarly powerful for that, but maybe if you get good at pulling monsters one at a time, you can do it that way. At the point where you have brilliant, salvation, and barring death's door, I'm not sure it matters if you are a
  10. Heh, just tested against the Oracle; glad I did. (Previously I had just seen a video that showed I could begin combat in stealth.) It is definitely a pretty easy fight with my character (ranger/chanter), but it isn't fully cheesable, as twice duing the fight, adds spawn in a place too close to Vela and she becomes terrified and therefore visible and theoretically vulnerable. It is only dangerous two times, when you get the Oracle to 3/4 health, and again when you get him to 2/4 health. And it is pretty easy to keep monsters off her. Mostly you just make sure to have 1 weapon over to t
  11. Decadency is going to have 10 or more days to spare this time; it looks like he may complete this run he's on. He certainly deserves it, as well. Thank you for the kind words, however It is an interesting thought you bring up, about whether there may be a different sort of path, where you rest 5-10 or even more, times. You'd still have the abydon's challenge and vela issue to deal with, both of which seem (but maybe there is a way around) to limit so many builds out of ultimate. It is kind of funny, but, while the per-encounter-->per-rest challenge seems quite defining, it ma
  12. yeah, I agree with Wotcha - much of the fun of Ultimate is in collaborating. It is so hard, there is no real point to trying to sit alone and try to beat the rest of the world to be the first to do it. Being 1st will mostly only prove that you spent more time, more immediately after Ultimate came out, and had spent more time learning Pillars 2 and its DLC last year as well. and I'm 99% certain that no trick is going to make Ultimate easy, only possible. And I can now announce it officially; I've proven (to myself and any who believe me or have specific questions) that Ranger/Chante
  13. Nope, the Guardian of Ukaizo ran out of tricks. No infinite robust, which was the main thing I was worried about. I couldn't remember if he had it, or something similar. And then, the last fight isn't actually an ambush, by the faction on the Promenade. So, auto-win there. Just finished the ending, all clear. I'll double-check the Sigilmaster, and then I will have done 100% of the path and fights to win Ultimate with a ranger/chanter, in 2 test games. And there aren't any low-% fights, as far as I can tell. Once I figured each fight out, I won it the first time. There are a few fights
  14. ok, thanks. I'll understand better when I see the boots. The wiki must not describe what they do. The boots from skipping ahead? Do you know if the Guardian of Ukaizo has any infinite healing as he starts getting more hurt? I have the sentinels dead and he's at "hurt" and I have him unless he has infinite healing. Does he do something at like near death?
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