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    On 4/5/2020 at 5:02 PM, AeonsLegend said:

    I'm not a fan of playing PC ports on consoles. There's a couple of games that actually destroy your console. Fallout 3 is one of the games that actually destroy your console. It happened to me, my friends and also some people I spoke to online. Ever since then I skip ports to consoles.

    I'm probably going to sell my PS4 Pro anyway and will never buy a console again. There's no reason to play on console anymore nowadays. I have put 50 hours of time on my PS4...

    For me on PS3, it was Ace combat Infinity, it destroyed my old PS3 ... But except the PS4 freeze which is avoidable when you are on Poko Kohara island (never open your inventory) Deadfire didn't make the PS4 heat (i never heard the fan turning while on Deadfire, this is a good point for me)... Not like Anthem at his release for example...

    I never played on PC, or Mac, only on console, i use the mac only to work, at some point, i wanted to get a pc for gaming, but a friend discouraged me by saying "with games on PC you spend more time trying to make a game compatible with your gear drivers...", this frightened me a bit ... but you are right, today, most of the released games are released first on PC, then on console (Eve Online could push me to buy a PC to play ^)...

  2. What would be the best watcher ability (best inspiration) for a chanter (troubadour) which use physical weapons ? after playing with all other classes and I always fear falling out of power resources, so since i understood we could get the watcher ability we want, i tend to go for Intellect inspiration, but would Wit of Dead Herald (Intel inspiration) the best choice for a Chanter (troubadour) or a Cipher ?
    Any help to decide please ?

  3. On 3/29/2020 at 10:02 AM, Boeroer said:

    Power Level means (among other useful things like increased ACC, duration and PEN) +5% base damage. That's multiplicative.  It's the reason why low-level abilites like FoD or Crippling Strike stay great throughout the game and work very well with damage bonuses like Sneak Attack and high MIG and such.

    It also scales fists (and thus can be important to jump from +legendary to +mythic fists for example - which is a big deal). It also scales projectiles for stuff like missile spells and jumps of Mind Blades and Whispers of the Winf or Old Nary's Curse.

    Prestige is nearly always the best passive pick if you are using some damaging abilites. Especially if you can stack a few more PL bonuses on top of it to reach certain thresholds.

    Apparently only Monks fists get rewarded by "Prestige" passive, other summoned weapons, and creatures (except chanter summoned weapons may be) don't take Power level in count (only summoner level)... I asked if wizard summons like "Black Bow of Caedebald" take power level in count, and JerekKruger negatively... Anyway, not my team is lv 4, i am far from this... I remember for Fassina, I prefered get +1 penetration for her corrosive spells...

  4. 7 minutes ago, Boeroer said:

    Ah, okay. But if you only use one sabre you also can only proc one instance of White Flames healing. With two sabres you will have 12 less ACC, but you will be able to trigger White FLames twice(!). So you have two chances to proc White FLames at least once, if not twice. With one sabre you only have one chance but with higher +12 ACC.

    And of couse you'll do less damage with FoD with one sabre only. 

    agreed, i tried in the first fight in Gorreci street, my kind wayfarer paladin had one sabre in each hand, and he missed each time (may be because he was one  level below us)...

  5. 13 minutes ago, Boeroer said:

    Who told you that dual wiedling brings a loss of accuracy? That's wrong. The only thing that would lower your accuracy would be a medium or large shield.

    PER 13 is completely fine - especially if you are not playing PotD difficulty. Also because you can put the Ring of Focused Flame on your Kind Wayfarer and then your White Flames have +20 Accuracy. Maybe you will miss a bit more often in the very earlygame - but after some levels PER 13 will be no issue.

    You could take 2 points from CON and one from RES and put them into PER if you feel that you need some more. 

    You might want to have somebody in the party with 16+ PER at the beginning - because there are some secrets and traps that you can't detect if everybody only has mediocre PER.  

    Very low DEX can be bad for a Paladin who uses Lay on Hands quite a bit. Because your recovery will be so long that sometimes party members die before you can finish recovery and cast Lay on Hands. 

    Sorry, I should have said with dual wielding you lose the accuracy bonus of using only one single hand weapon (one sabre only accuracy = 42, one sabre in each hand accuracy =30/30, same as using a two hand weapon (i am at the very beginning of the game, still on Maje island)...
    Lay on Hands don't work on PS4 (it don't heal), even with last patch 1.05, this is why i created a Kind wayfarer in the very beginning of this NG and the one before... i didn't realized dexterity helped on instantly cast spells/abilities, i thought it helped only with long cast time spells, thanks...
    Constitution 10 will not a problem for a tank Paladin ?

  6. Hello

    I started a new game as chanter (Troubadour) and created a Kind wayfarer Paladin (Pale Elf) single class to support and attack, i feel i done some mistakes when i created him...
    I need him mostly for dual wielding + healing with blue flame and Exalted Endurance...
    In Game without any gear, his attributes are :
    Might : 15
    Constitution : 12
    Dexterity : 12
    Perception : 13
    Intellect : 15
    Resolve : 11

    I read somewhere on the forum dexterity must be neglected on Paladin, and because of the loss of accuracy with dual wielding may be I  should have put more point in Perception... I have no intention to use any ability which take longer than instantly to launch (Inspired beacon for example) ...
    Should i  remove point Dexterity and add more Perception ? (he will lose reflex and initiative) ...
    Any tips please ?

  7. 4 hours ago, thelee said:

    i literally have no idea how it happened - i suspect it had something to do with being knocked out or something, like some cleanup trigger didn't activate (maybe the druid i stole it from got annihilated by a crit - that tends to have odd interactions with other effects that rely on an "alive" target).

    it was actually rather annoying since i like my games to be "legitimate" challenges, and having unlimited access to plagues of insects--even if i could just refrain from using it--with no way to get rid of it was not ideal.


    it make me think to something, two weeks ago may be more, i was using Griffin blade + guardian blade (dual wielding) for a little of time i removed them quickly the +2 penetration -15 reflection was too much for my Cipher watcher, and since this time i still have the two "bonus" (50% chances to stun close enemies on hit, and +10% brut damage on hit) on my watcher status window, i don't know how i can get rid of them ...

    Edit :  sooner i upgraded Thundercrack pistol (it wasn't equipped) and after i get out of the inventory, i found his per rest ability 'Storm Rune Shot' on my watcher in the spell bar...

  8. On 3/31/2020 at 4:50 PM, thelee said:

    wow i literally never noticed this before! i've been missing out an enchanting ingredient for god knows how long.


    that's because you must be using a poe1 history in which you did not kill llengrath. (she/he/it was a human in poe1. if you kill her she comes back in deadfire as an orlan)

    in fact, by keeping the godseed, you can enchant freely 3 weapons (2 to legendary, one to mythic)...

  9. On 3/31/2020 at 9:11 PM, Noqn said:

    Orlan Llengrath didn't not show up for my last playthrough either. Though I'm certain she did a previous playthrough, which is weird.

    Anyhow, I think she is at least SUPPOSED to show up with dragons, orlan or not:


    I remember of the earthquake at a point of the game, and later (it was the same in my two game) i was going from Neketaka to Dunnage, and the two time she come to us in the middle of the ocean... (trace a line between Neketaka and Dunnage - she trigger the scripted event at the middle of the line). I remember precisely because just before i done the vampire island (the one with Copperhead), and notified a lot of tentacles on Wael island while i was on the "road/sea", so i done a quick turn on the island to grab the materials before returning to Neketaka and then Dunnage...

  10. On 3/25/2020 at 12:15 PM, Phenomenum said:

    I'm working. :grin:

    In fact, i've done all technical work, but need to do more tests - it will take some time.

    List of fixed weapons/abilities:

    Sun and Moon (not sure if it has any problems, need to test)
    Grave Calling Sabre
    Frostfall (BoW)
    Shattering Head AOE
    Dragon's Dowry
    Summoned Fire Stag melee attack
    Essence Interrupter
    Thundercrack Pistol
    Conductive Blast Attack
    Storm Rune Shot
    Lord Darynn's Voulge
    Hel Beckoning

    Tell me if i missed something.

    Obsidian would be very smart if they add your patch in the PS4 port of Deadfire...

  11. On 3/18/2020 at 11:56 PM, thelee said:

    i have not tried this, but my best guess is no - but i would strongly encourage someone to do the testing! it might be an interesting loophole around it.


    grimoire imprint are a little bugged. they don't work if they grab a spell you already know how to cast, if i remember correctly. it is also possible to get a spell permanently (in one run, one of my casters permanently learned Plague of Insects - very good considering it is infinite number of casts allowed; even despite rests and respec). for restricted schools, my best guess is that grimoire imprint would grab a spell, but then it would be greyed out as being unable to cast - but it is also possible that because it is added directly to your character as an ability instead of a spell, it'd be castable. hence why someone should test it (i'd do it but i gave up games for lent).

    wow,  it never happened to me, have you done something specific to get it permanent ?
    Edit : you were right, this ability on Fassina is a trap, she launched her tier VIII Grimoire imprint and received "Ray of Fire" disabled of course, she can't launch it.

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  12. 1 hour ago, thelee said:

    wow i literally never noticed this before! i've been missing out an enchanting ingredient for god knows how long.


    that's because you must be using a poe1 history in which you did not kill llengrath. (she/he/it was a human in poe1. if you kill her she comes back in deadfire as an orlan)

    May be there is other epic upgrade materials except the seed and those from mega bosses :)

    If you killed Llengrath in POE1, you killed her dragons pet too, but did she came with them aboard your ship to give you the mission ?

  13. On 7/23/2019 at 10:26 PM, Aotrs Commander said:


    I have reported it via email, as it said in the legacy issues to do, for what it's worth.

    It might be worth, if anyone has access, to add a pertinent note to the wiki, as this may not be fixed officially at this point.

    (If not, then at least this thread might provide an answer to anyone googling for the solution, at least!)


    I don't know if you have reported it, but it is still not fixed, i just finished the mission for the second time (first time i gave it ot Llengrath), and now i refused and can't use it to enchant. Finally I done as @srulz advised and it worked, the seeds combined.

    By the way you Llengrath is not the same than yours, yours look like an Orlan, mine look like an Human nature godlike.

  14. On 3/28/2020 at 10:32 AM, AeonsLegend said:

    I think the corona crisis will test just how far Josh' gullible statement can go. Trust, me it won't be far.

    At any rate with regards to role playing, since there's really no pros or cons in Deadfire to playing something "evil" or "good" it's basically all upto the player if he/she wants to implement it as part of their character. I never viewed the absorption of the souls through the Engwythan machine as evil. Sure the sacrifice of a companion is evil, but there's no repercussions to it if you do this in any shape or form. Like none of the party members question you about this. That would be the minimum I would expect, plus it would be an incredible way to deal with it in terms of RPing. POE decides that when you leave companions at the tavern that they will be forever oblivious to what happened.

    I also dislike the reputation system in this, but also other games. Somehow when I kill a person with no one around to see it, it lowers my reputation. HOW does anyone know I did this?

    Adra pillars are like a road for souls from here to the beyond, if i recall correctly souls were stuck in the machine (pillar is heart of the machine, like a hdd) so if absorbing the souls of the adra pillar is not evil, what would be evil ?? it is like eating thousand of peoples when you could eat cheese ^... I speak, but i done this also in one of my game...

  15. On 3/27/2020 at 2:08 PM, Boeroer said:

    Ok, you do you and that's fine. But that's completely missing the point I was trying to make: explaining why Obsidian chooses to be "measly" with rewards if you pick the benevolent route sometimes. They want to reflect real world situations where asocial douchebags get a bigger piece of the cake sometimes - but then have to live with the fact that they are asocial douchebags. :)  

    I personally try to play a role even in the n-th's playthrough or else it's boring for me. But that doesn't matter for Obsidian's decision-making process I'm sure. 

    not so measly, if you offer a saphir to Bekara when she had lost her mind in her prison, she reward you with an Adra Ban (also i found 3 other pieces of Adra ban in the rooms around) same area...

    PS : Who is Josh ?

  16. On 3/25/2020 at 10:03 AM, Kaylon said:

    Unless you're a skald or a troubadour you can forget about offensive invocations because they take long time to recharge. For the common chanter the most efficient invocations are the buffs and the summons (only animated weapons are worth at high levels because they're the only summon scaling with your level) which usually last until you get your phrases back. For chants the best are Ancient Memory  (strong passive healing), Aefyllath... (very strong if if your main damage comes from weapons), Old Siec... (works great if you have a party with lots of AoE dmg or a bloodmage),  Her Courage... (for more tankiness), etc - these should be your main options depending on your party.

    Wow, you were so right, i managed to get the animated weapons after the Vitrhaak used it against me in Forgotten sanctum, the Vitrhaak were so resistant i resetted Konstanten, and got them, i replaced ...And Sip form the Marrow by the animated weapons ... One of them even have Arcane Assault (one of my favorite wizard spells) ^
    It is really sad the Ogre don't do same damages as they do...

  17. On 12/26/2018 at 2:02 PM, whimper said:

    Huh, weird. I did this part before going to the stacks, and I don’t recall getting a wound. (Though I wasn’t doing a no-rest run or anything, so I just might not have noticed because it wasn’t a big deal.)


    I was definitely able to make the flesh constructs friendly before going into the stacks, though.

    You need to have benevolent disposition to avoid beeing wounded i should think (i saw a check while i was 'inside'), and be sweet, if you hear what Fassina is telling you "it is like bringing milk from a cow, be gently " or something like that, this machine is semi sentient, it is a pet...
    To put a bomb inside you need 18 alchemy (insane) and may some other check (never tried, never had 18 alchemy), the two time i done this mission (benevolent maxed) i got no problem to "charm" the flesh construct...

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