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  1. 1 hour ago, Boeroer said:

    But... Konstanten *is* a skald, so what Kaylon said about non-offensive chants doesn't apply to Konstanten:

    I also think it doesn't apply to Bellower either since the invocations that profit from PL most are the offensive ones that deal damage.


    Kaylon probably answered this because i asked some help with chanter in general..
    On POE i never got Kana in the team, except to do his quest (and after i cleaned every single room under Caed Nua), and after two hour spent with Konstanten. I have really been agreeably surprised by the chanter during Nemnok fight.. (i took the two passives which increase spells speed).
    My next character will probably be a chanter...


    2 hours ago, Kaylon said:

    Unless you're a skald or a troubadour you can forget about offensive invocations because they take long time to recharge. For the common chanter the most efficient invocation are the buffs and the summons (only animated weapons are worth at high levels because they're the only summon scaling with your level) which usually last until you get your phrases back. For phrases the best are Ancient Memory  (strong passive healing), Aefyllath... (very strong if if your main damage comes from weapons), Old Siec... (works great if you have a party with lots of AoE dmg or a bloodmage),  Her Courage... (for more tankiness), etc - these should be your main options depending on your party.

    I am in hard mode and i just have finished Nemnok and all his minions as Cipher with Eder (fighter), Konstanten (chanter skald), Tekehu (druid), Serafen (barbarian), and it was done surprisingly well, Konstanten summoned high dragon, i dominated the two Eotans, it was not so easy in my first game as wizard in normal mode...
    I will reset Konstanten to add the abilities you advised (i only took the base ability +4 heal+4 raw damage and +50% healing).
    I could be wrong but i have notified, a phrase = 1 enemy/ally/self turn, and the chanter keep its phrases in memory after the fight, so if a new fight occur, he may have several phrases ready.

    Eld Nary's Curse Spread Through Their Midst is awesome

  3. On 9/14/2019 at 11:49 PM, Hawke64 said:

    What was the reason behind removing the ship upgrade from Neketaka and placing the materials for it in random locations, such as lich's cave? The critical path was perfectly fine and adequately long before the last update.

    Is there a way to rollback to v.4.1.2 on Steam (I see this version available on GOG)?

    What ? I bought this to the harbor master in my first game (1.03), i even asked in the game why we should spend 51200 to craft it instead of buying it with the discount ...
    May be this upgrade is present only in the last act of the game, when you side with a faction (i sided with Huanas)...

  4. Hello,
    Two minutes ago i recruited Konstanted as chanter (subclass scald) this time, and immediadly started ranking him up while i was at 2nd floor of the tavern (i am level 20), problem is I notified some spells i bought (spent abilities point in) are not appearing in his spell bar ???

    Tier I :   And Hel-Hyraf Crashed Upon the Shields (remove armor from enemies)
    Tier II :
    White Worms Writhed in the Bellies of the Dead (white worms on dead bodies)

    Tier IV : Oh, but Knock not on the Door of Urdel and Gurdel (Two ogre summon)

    Is Konstanten bugged as Chanter skald, does anybody know why this is happening ? I ranked him until lv 14, and those are the only spells missing.
    I will reload a save, and retry to rank him up ... The three abilities missing are upgraded ...

    Edit : I reloaded a save prior recruiting Konstanten, and recruited him and i directly went out of the tavern, and started to rank him up, no problem abilities were here until i reach lv 5 and upgrade And Hel-Hyraf Crashed Upon the Shields it was removed from Tier 1 spell and appeared in Tier III spells, the same happened with each spells (ability) i upgraded...

  5. On 3/23/2020 at 11:48 AM, xzar_monty said:

    I'm not sure what the definitions are (in terms of percentages and slash/pierce, and so on), but in my view it's only good that skeletons are 100% immune to bows, for rather obvious reasons. Keeping crush weapons as backup is highly recommended, and I do it, too.

    You are right, It is a bow problem, i didn't had this problem as wizard with scepters, same with Eder with sword...


    On 5/23/2018 at 10:41 AM, Lokithecat said:

    Duration is how long the effect stays, when your linger wears off.  If you check a troubadour, who has the modal for 'no linger' turned on, you still have the effect for the duration.  That said, the modal also screws with the duration, which isn't in the troubadour class description thing.


    i.e the lvl 1 raw damage starts with a 6 duration, and a 3 linger; if you turn the modal on, it becomes 3 duration, 0 linger.  If you watch your buffs while its on, it keeps bouncing down from 3 seconds.

    Does this mean in turn mode, if a chanter spell cost = 6 phrases, you have to wait without using spells during 6 turn to launch this spell (for a chanter without subclass)?

    I never played with Kana in POE because all the fights were finished before he launch a spell (normal and hard mode), and today i am trying Konstanten (skald) as chanter. His stats aren't really good for Barbarian or chanter but it is for me the occasion to see what a chanter can do in fight (i am playing in Hard mode as cipher).

    I have absolutely no idea about which spells and phrases to get, and how this is working, it will be a complete discovery.

    If you have any advices about spells and phrases i would appreciate (I am Lv 20)....

  7. Try Ninagauth or Concelhaut grimoire, or even Snakeskin , those grimoire have unique spells, and you don't need to kill yourself mean one extra chance if the wizard fall in battle ...
    Have a look on this topic, i was using Ninagauth and Concelhaut grimoire in POE1 they are veru good, OK Concelhaut hammer got very very nerfed but it is still nice... I prefer Ninagauth btw. Snakeskin unique spell was doing huge damage on my wizard watcher and i tried it on Aloth and it seem it don't work as well as it was working on my wiz. watcher...


  8. On 5/14/2018 at 10:41 AM, pstone said:

    Marofeto Liano's Training: Insight & Intimidate (Docks, Sakuya) Warning: In dialogue make sure to first get training and only then the amulet! Can disable training option otherwise


    Are there any others?

    With enough diplomacy and understanding (may be bluff - can't remember), you could persuade him to offer the amulet, and then ask him for the lesson for 3000 ... The teacher wait someone he don't know, but the person will recognize the amulet (or something like that)...

  9. Thank you very much for your answers it is clear,

    About the colors , i will speculate but we can imagine it depend the damage reduction :

    Green = Pen greatly > to enemy armor
    Brown = penetration a bit > or = to the enemy armor
    Red = as you said (25/50/75%) Pen greatly < to enemy armor...

    Finally after this i wonder if i should have put the point i spend in my Cipher (watcher) : Driving Echoes elsewhere

  10. On 3/19/2020 at 3:18 PM, Boeroer said:

    There is none.

    But items with universal Power Level can help you, like Stone of Power for example. If you have two of them you can stack them in the stash. That way they will refresh their charge after each encounter. Also Wellspring of Life (Nature Godlike) will work as a universal PL boost. 

    What also works are items with elemental PL buffs - like Otto Starcat (pet, +1 fire PL) or Magran's Favor (+2 fire PL) which boost Soul Ignition or Deltro's Cage (+2 shock PL) which will boost Soul Shock.

    Great, i was using stone of power in my first game, but never thought i could use it like you said...

  11. Problem on PS4 is if an enemy is immune to piercing (death guard) and you use a bow (pierce/slash), the game still try to use pierce. I don't know if it is the same on PC, but i can't count the number of times i saw 0.0 piercing damage on a squeleton when using a bow...
    For this reason, i keep crush weapons as backup...

    It look like if the devs forgot to implement the "immune to xtype of damage" as a variable, if the enemy is 90% resistant to pierce, the bow switch to slash damage, but if completely immune to piercing it continue to attack with piercing.

    I feel dual weapon damage are broken on PS4.


  12. On 1/11/2019 at 12:37 AM, Raven Darkholme said:

    Didn't have time to stream today, since we're moving soon and I spent most of the day packing, but while theorycrafting on the side, mainly thinking about how to stack Walls of draining quicker vs Dorudugan, which I found an answer too with belt of Magran's chosen, I alos realized you can use Wall of Draining for Potions of the fiunal stand!

    How do you manage to get those defenses, i would like to see your character out of fight...
    Could you post a screenshot of your abilities + passives for your Battlemage please.

  13. also how to interpret those numbers (on top of enemy head, not the deflection) i see : 6 "unknown icon" ( 130% Shock) does this mean the magranite champion armor is completely bypassed by the weapon ( he have armor 9 + 5 shock + 5 crush)
    What does the color on top of enemy head mean (i have see Red, Green, Brown)
    i was sure if Green my attack will do damage, and if red it will not, but apparently i was wrong. May someone help us to understand once and for all please ?

    Here Serafen attack with Lord Darryn Voulge (Exceptional -> 11 Penetration - 20-33 Slash/shock - 87 accuracy) against Magranit champion (Steel preacher team)

    Here he attack Steel preacher and his attack haven't done a lot of damages... i suppose because of the fantastic damage reduction (16 slash/9 elec) i imagine the numbers mean like if he attacked with 2 penetration, i probably should have launched cipher : Driving Echoes ...

  14. Hello,
    May someone help me to interpret and understand how armor + damage reduction work ?
    i take for example, Hauani the mega boss (but it is the same with our armors) we see the armor =x + burn/corrode/pierce/slash... x 
    I took Hauani O Whe because i had very hard time when i faced her :
    Her armor stats are :  Armor 14 / Crush 14 Pierce 14 Slash 14 / Burn 8 / Corrode 14 / Freeze 8 / Shock 8.

    I understand it would be better to attack her with elemental damage (except corrode), but should we add up base Armor 14 + burn 8 = 24 to have the fire damage reduction total or is it only 8 armor against fire ?



  15. It is very expensive, for a team of 5 characters, each one with distant and melee weapon + backup weapon with different damage type...

    Edit : I loaded my 1st NG save, and kraken eye was to upgrade a weapon to Superb (3 paths : 1x Sea dragon scale or 2x Kraken eyes or 1 peridot + 1 Ta Ondra Tara + 1 pyrite + 30000) for a dual hand weapon, 15000 for a single hand weapon, and for legendary 60000 DHW/30000 SHW... 
    Arf i wanted to upgrade all my favorite weapons to legendary, not sure it will be possible...

  16.   Two years later and still not fixed.

    On 11/1/2018 at 5:23 PM, aartz said:

    Heya thelee!


    We've got an issue in our system at the moment that details some of the problems with Perplexing Sap. I've gone ahead and added the information you provided here, as well as a link to this post to that issue 😃


    Thanks for being so active on the forums!

    Source : https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/106595-31-perplexing-sap-confuses-everyone/

  17. On 11/1/2018 at 5:23 PM, aartz said:

    Heya thelee!


    We've got an issue in our system at the moment that details some of the problems with Perplexing Sap. I've gone ahead and added the information you provided here, as well as a link to this post to that issue 😃


    Thanks for being so active on the forums!

    we are now in 2020, the game is on PS4 and XBOX, and Perplexing SAP is still not FIXED !!

  18. if I recall correctly when I was playing POE (wizard Confusion spell was one of my favorites) as a wizard (main character) it was turning enemies against their allies, I tried Perplexing SAP on 1.03 and 1.04 on PS4, and each time the enemy attacked one of my allies, they went confused...

    This make me think there is a problem with confused status, i could accept the fact confusion have changed from POE to Deadfire, but in this case why Perplexing SAP description say what it say and do what it do (in its actual state)...?

  19. Hello,

    In POE a confuse enemy was targetting his allies, i was expecting confuse (wizard confuse spells, and confuse status)  in Deadfire doing the same, but with disappointment i notified it don't work like in POE, and this make me https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Perplexing+Sap think Confuse is broken.
    If we read carefully the description of the Rogue ability (Perplexing Sap), the ability is supposed to return a target against her allies, and make them return against their allies on each hit. But in the actual state, this ability can't be used, because you hit an enemy with Perplexing Sap(Sap Upgrade), and the enemy continue to attack you, and inflict you the confused status https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Confused which mean your own defenses attack your allies (Finality's_Claim for example) ??????

    Why would we want to spend an ability point in something which will return against us

    This need to be properly fixed, because in its actual state (Perplexing sap) do more harm than good, to be clear, it is broken and useless.

  20. 11 minutes ago, Boeroer said:

    This fight should also teach you that interrupts are important. 

    agreed, everybody in my team have a crossbow or arbalest, and also some interrupt abilities (or inflict terror), but except for cypher interrupt abilities help only 4 times each maximum, and against enemies like the Giant Ooze which have so much resistance this don't help a lot.

    106 Deflection
    152 Reflex
    174 Fortitude
    132 Will
  21. When i fighted the mega boss (Ooze), i really had hard time, may be i wasn't correctly prepared, but only thing which was helping against the giant Ooze (before it split) was Cypher Driving Echoes and of course Ancestor's Memory.

    Serafen was the Cypher, my watcher a Wizard, Xoti as priest, a Kind wayfarer paladin, and Eder as fighter... I also got a lot of problems to generate enough focus for Serafen spells (may be because he was using the two unique portable mortar)..

    I left the fight ( i spent all my ressources fighting the big one), when the two ooze reunited into the big one,. i didn't realized they could do that.

    It is this fight which made me realize how penetration was important, and also Brilliant inspiration.

  22. 50 minutes ago, dgray62 said:

    You can also get boost to PL if you multiclass with fighter. The acute inspiration from tactical barrage gives you +1 PL, as does Brilliant if you multiclass as a Tactician, and set up the conditions to gain the Brilliant Tactician status.


    4 minutes ago, Boeroer said:

    Thing is you will lose 3 PLs when multiclassing in the first place (taking Prestige into account) Acute or Brilliant will only give you back one out of three temporarily then.

    Of you only compare with other Cipher/x multiclasses: right. :)

    I don't like too much multiclass... most of the best abilities/spells are Tier VIII-IX, but tactician fighter subclass seem interesting. this is why i was looking for gear like "Helm of the white void".


    Tactician Subclass Information
        •    Restore Discipline when successfully interrupting an enemy action.
        •    Gain Brilliant Tactician.
        •    Penetration and Accuracy is reduced when attacking a target that is not threatened by an ally.
        •    Gain Tactical Dilemma.

    source : https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Tactician
    When they say "Penetration and Accuracy is reduced when attacking a target that is not threatened by an ally." does this mean the Tactician must attack an enemy which already engaged by another (by melee) ? or does it apply if someone is close and attacking the same enemy with a distant weapon or spells ?



  23. 3 hours ago, Heukalyptus said:

    Maybe you read about that mod https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/209

    It adds keywords to some abilities, and modifies the Eye of Wael and the Whitewitch Mask to grants PL to both Illusion AND Deception abilities.

    You are probably right, so there is nothing which increase/improve cypher abilities in the game, or whip  ?

  24. Hello,

    I found a lot of items for wizard, keywords on items corresponding to keywords on spells, but as a for Cipher  without subclass with "draining whip" i haven't found any item to help.
    i speak of bonus to power level, like those for wizard which increase +2 power level to Illusion or gloves which increase evocation power level), and I have read somewhere White Witch Mask  is good for a Cipher, but on the item the keyword is Illusion, and on Cipher spells, the keywords are Shred/Deception/Echo, i haven't found any item corresponding to Cypher keywords.
    Is there a match of some sort between illusion-> Deception, Evocation->Shred ? or is it useless to use items buffing Illusion on a Cipher ?

    Any advices ?


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