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  1. I hope this is fixed by the time the sequel is released...you have a great story here, but the load times are just ridiculous. 


    One quick fix would seem to be disabling the autosave when any new area is entered. that seems to account for the majority of the load time. at least, let us turn it on and off ourselves. this way, i will save before i am about to do something risky, and the rest of the time, i can just keep playing at a normal pace.


    If I am correct, that was one of the fix on Skyrim after some patch to reduce the loading time, in a patch note it was advised to disable the auto-save feature, it is possible to disable the auto-save on POE PS4, but I can't imagine to do that (what if I lose 5 hours of game because a mistake)...

  2. I am on PS4 Pro, and the loading are incredibly slow, before entering any house in the game (to see if you haven't missed something), you have to think about it twice because it take very long time, even a little house with only one NPC inside take a long time to load (it remind me Skyrim which was unplayable after some hours of playing because of this)...

    Reloading a save is very long too, may be because all the junks (weapons, armors, scrolls, etc we accumulate during the game)...

    If something should be improved in that game, it is the loading time, and may be the AI possibilities (but reducing the loading time would be appreciated) ...


    Edit : I done a simple test to see how reality long was that long loading save : 2.50 minutes to reload a save in Durgan Battery (mines) with a character lv 13 full with all the junks I got there, and before I decided to do that loading test, I was dead on a traps 1 minute before so it was the 2nd time I reloaded (time after time - reloaded 2 time).

    I have the feeling, POE don't use the caching memory system ... Ok I am using the HDD embedded with the PS4 Pro, but If think about it, I like the game, it is completely my game style but If I am correct, I never played a game with that exceptionally long loading time (if I except Skyrim on PS3)...


    Is there any way to fix this ? May be removing anything not used from the the party ? 

  3. What's wrong with the fox? It's basically a wolf companion which I'd prefer on a ranger anyway.


    in fact I saw him in action on a kicked down enemy, I took him in hand and started to attack that enemy, but no effect, I haven't see any damage, of may be too few to be noticed on the enemy life bar... I don't know, I should have a better look on Sagani build, and may be give her an arbalest (she is using her original bow because of the two damages type - enchanted to exceptional) ... i appreciate the character, but ... I should try to review her build, may be I made something wrong with her..

  4. Hello, 

    I don't know if It is intended but in Galvino laboratory, there is a lot of hidden traps we can't detect and not even avoid, even if in stealth mode, it is very frustrating ...

    May be  it is special traps we can't detect or may be it is a glitch, but the only way to detect them is to use the interact button + arrow (on PS4 X+any arrow), I have 9 mechanic and 15 perception...

  5. Is that normal that when Azzuro come to the stronghold (I receive message : Azzuro offer to sell you x item), but after he left, I can't buy anything from him ? I am playing on PS4 with the latest version of the game..

    If I am correct Azzuro is supposed to offer to sell you his items when he left the fortress, and sometime it is the case, I can get items from him, but other times nothing, he have nothing to sell ...

    Any fix to that please ? 

  6. Usually in RPG, a two handed weapon permit to hit several enemies with each hit, while a one handed permit only to hit one enemy per hit.. Is that the case in POE with two handed weapons ? Do they hit several enemies (or is it the job of the talent Hold the line : https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Hold_the_Line )? 

  7. Yes I am using Blast (and the advanced one - I put 2 points in blast), and I am using the soul bound scepter "Gyrd Aewanes Styrd" (for now), I just got Golden Gaze rod, and I will try it (I didn't realized it was firing 2 projectiles instead of one :)


    I don't use very much Kalakoth's Minor Blights, but I will try to use it a bit more, I didn't realized it was working with Blast...
    My biggest problem with the wizard in that game is the friendly fire, I am always afraid to kill my party; most of the time when I send a spell on ennemis, when my spell arrive on the area targeted (or the enemy), my companions are already arrived in the area of effect (it took me some time at the beginning to realize I was killing my companions with my spells) :)
    I have a lot of difficulty to make them stop moving and wait...
  8. Hello, 

    I am a fan of the Grieving mother so I like to have her in my party, but I have a problem with her AI, i tried a lot of different type of weapons (all ranged weapon by he way), and if the weapon is not enough powerful to fill the focus in one shot, she don't use high rank spells (probably because she don't have enough focus), but if give her a powerful weapon with high damage (rifle, arbalest), she don't cast spells because she spent her time reloading (I have the gunner talent and using "Good Friend" crossbow for now...

    So how could I get the best from her (from ranged attack if possible), or may be this character is better suit for melee attack ?..

    I am open to anything..

    I would appreciate any advise, 



    Ps : I should specify, my Grieving mother have all the talents which improve her focus ;)

  9. No. Weapons have no effect on casting speed. Not even ones with speed.


    The only weapon that can speed up your casting is Spelltongue - because it simply puts a buff on you like if you would use the Alacrity spell (but weaker).


    But things like basic attack speed of the weapon, durgan steel, speed enchantment, dual wielding and two weapon style only affect the weapon use itself. Not casting.


    Thank You, it is clear now, I was not using rods because of their speed, I think I can try them now ;)


    I cant believe I am asking this, but I need an advice on how to get to White March.


    ​If it's any consolation, you aren't the only one.  I was confused at first too; I installed WM, started a new game, but wasn't sure how or when to get to it.  Had to look it up online to make sure I hadn't missed something.

    I love WM and think it was really nicely done all around, but also feel tying it into the middle of the game was a little bit awkward.

    ​I think you'll like it, BTW.  There's a lot of really nice content in the expansions.  The only major drawback is you end up over-leveled for the remainder of the original game, but that was kind of true anyway...



    Are you sure about being over leveled after we do White March? when I reached Helmshore for the first time, the game asked me if I wanted to adjust the level of the game on my own level (like when I reached White march the first time) .. 

    May be it is something which have been added with the new updates ...

    Thinking of this, I should have done White March before entering Helmshore (the game would have adjusted the map level on mine), because I have done some quests in Heartsong, then I decided to do the White March I... 

  11. Hello, 

    Does the speed of a weapon have something to do with spell casting speed, or does the weapon speed interact only with the weapon attack itself and not the spells/abilities/power casting ? 

    I mean, will a spell be casted more quickly with a wand (fast speed) than with a dual hand weapon (slow speed) - I speak of weapon without any speed buff, standard weapons? 


  12. This is an old tiny bug I've seen mentioned here and there, but I couldn't find it properly reported. So, after the rematch fight with Raedric, the fampyr servant who brings you to him offers to work at your Stronghold, and as far as I can tell nothing happens if you accept - she's not among hirelings, and I couldn't find her anywhere.


    I don't have a save right after it happened, but by Googling this seems to be a common issue (it happened to me in 2.01).


    If I am correct, I got a same type bug, for me after the fight the Fampyr wasn't here...  I am still searching here at the Raedryc fortress, but until now, no result..

  13. When Azzuro arrives to your stronghold and is staying there you just have to wait trough his visit time ( around 9-10days ) , when his visit is coming to an end he will sell you one item and leave few days later , once he sold me two items during one visit

    Ok, so you mean we have to wait he left to buy from him something, good to know... 


    Edit :

    I would like to ask a question about Azzuro, I done some search on google, and found players who ask for Azzuro location in the stronghold, and others who answer them "he is in the main room", so it is not very clear for me :

    When Azzuro is at the Stronghold, is he literally (physically) here ? I mean can we speak to him like our others merchants (if yes, where is he ) ? or does he appear only like any other Stronghold events in the menu only (and sell one item per visit) ? 


  14. I got a bug with Azzuro, I received a message from the Stronghold "Azzuro is here for 7 days and can sell you Malina's Boots", but nothing in the Stronghold menu, nothing to buy. I decided to return to the Stronghold to see if I could find him, but when I arrived to the stronghold, he had left (it was only a 24 hours travel, and he was supposed to stay for 5 days more I was at Raedric fortress).


    I loaded my last save file (when I was still at Raedric fortress), but still nothing to buy from Azzuro Stronghold menu, so I decided to explore and after a load screen I received another message from the stronghold : Azzuro is here, this time for an armor., and this time it have worked and I got the armor... 
    Azzuro can be bugged sometime, or may be he can duplicate himself :)...

  15. I love PoE, but there is one thing that always annoys me. It's the lack of either transparency or camera rotation. There are just too many trees, crates, doors, walls, roofs, explosions, flashing lights, and AoE spells to tell what's going on during battle about 60 percent of the time. I hate fighting beside a long wall that hides everybody. It's not like I can run away and find a better spot because of disengagement attacks. I'm sure camera rotation is probably out of the question, but some sort of auto-transparency that occurs if a piece of scenery is in front of a character would be most appreciated. Just something to think about. At any rate, great game. Keep it up.


    Agreed it is a huge problem, and strange it haven't been fixed since all that time.

    Most of the time, when I fight, I can't even see my party, or my character, hidden by trees or hidden by the others...

    Really, it should have been fixed...

    Another problem is the AI and the lack of personalization of our party, I remember Dragon Age Origins (released in 2009) and in that game, it was possible to set each party follower to execute action or spell/abilities depending the context (example : launch an elite spell only if it is an elite enemy, use X spell if enemy life > 50%, make the tank protect the wizard or rogue in case they would be attacked, set the wizard to heal a party member life < 25%/50% or use AOE heal spell if more than 2 party members life =<50%)...

    Anyway, that game could really be improved, because even If I appreciate it the old school RPG, sometime it can be very very frustrating, and by the way, an RPG can be Old school and have the benefit of a 2010+ gameplay .

  16. Hello

    I notified a little problem with some gears which give bonus to attributes, 

    most of the time when you equip them the bonus is not added to our own attributes.

    Example : an armor which is supposed to add +2 intelligence will not add it, same problem with necklace...


    I am trying right now, but it the problem seem more complicated (some gears are working - some not), that bug happen when you want to equip more than one gear with the same attribute bonus.

    The first add correctly the intelligence bonus to your character, but the second gear don't add the intelligence bonus ...


    Is there a restriction in the POE ?  I mean can we stack several gears with the same attribute bonus ? 

    Example :

    - I am wearing an armor with +2 Intelligence bonus - It work

    - I add a necklace with +2 intelligence bonus - it don't work because the armor add already +2 


    I would appreciate a bit of explanation please



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