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  1. I already saw that video and it’s what got me convinced to try it, but it doesn’t show anything “special” per se. Thanks anyway!
  2. Hello fellas. It’s not that important since I’ll be playing on veteran, but I’m about to start a run with a debonaire/beguiller and I was wondering if anybody here had some input on that. Some little suggestions that at a first glance would be difficult to think about. I just don’t want to facepalm myself in the future when I find out that there were some nice interactions between weapons or skills and I never noticed I know debonaire it’s not great but I like the flavor of it. Cheers
  3. Got it. Thanks for the info. Quite weird that there’s been no answer to the issue in a bit. We’ll see when it goes live
  4. I want to try a Debonaire / Beguiler so I have a quick question since I didn't have the time to test the beta. Does the increase form hit to crit against charmed targets work for all charmed effect or just for the special one from Debonaire?
  5. You could try the “if you have x amount of bond” where x is your maximum bond, summon the ghost. You will have to change it every time you level but it’s better than nothing. Also put it on top of the ai list and set “by list order”
  6. I’m using the lion with my Paladin / stalker for style like you said, and it rarely goes down. Sure, I’m playing only on veteran but careful positioning, lay on hands - used on the pet just few times-, paladin aura and the healing flames of devotion from kind wayfarers keep him safe and sound. If you want just to give it a try you can change your animal companion with the unity console mod
  7. Single class would be ok, multi classes with rogue, maybe street fighter subclass, would be great. With rogue you get acces to: - escape, good mobility tool when you can’t charge to get in position, offsetting the stride penalty of unbroken - permanent distraction, you are going to have a lot of enemies engaged, now they are also distracted - riposte, cool when it happens
  8. Forgot about that! The option definitively sold ascendant for me. Mark prey for accuracy > shots + evasive roll hoping it hits the next marked target if the first one dies > max focus > summon the pet and soul shock and stuff like that. Beguiller is pretty good I agree, but I want to focus on other kind of cipher spells than the deception ones this time. Thanks!
  9. Hey, thanks for the input. I get what you mean. I just have thought of too many different characters and so I'll try to stick with this one, since it fits the previous story of my character. Didn't remember the whip damage is less with ascendant, maybe the whip gain increas will be enough to reach the limit quicker, otherwise no subclasses. Yeah, I play to use spells just to buff, and then melee. Forgot about the summoned weapons, I'll have a look
  10. Hey fellas! I have some questions about my character, companions and party composition in general for my first run, so, instead of opening 10000 posts I’ll just put everything in here and to the ones that have the patience to read through and answer: thanks! MC - ghost heart ranger / ascendant cipher In the back line with arquebuses and rods when needed. I went ghost ranger and not sharpshooter so the pet has no engagement and I can make use of all those cipher spells that require an ally to cast them on. So I can cast on the pet, having him positioned exactly where I want and use those spells that otherwise I would just never use. Not sure about cipher subclass. Don’t know if in a couple of shots I can reach ascendancy. Maybe vanilla cipher would be better? Pallegina - Paladin / chanter Dual pistol - blunderbus staying in the middle of the party. Chants that would be useful the one for reload speed - for her and my guy in the back, and the healing one. I want her to be the healer - with lay on hands and the chanter invocations that heal - plus some alpha strikes with flames of devotion. Is she going to be enough for healing? I’ll probably just play on veteran upscaled. Eder - fighter / rogue Kind of the tank of the party . Want to use the rogue side for riposte - even if it’s not great - and persistent distraction plus one or two full attacks abilities. Fighter side for the style, more engagements and more ways to punish who disengage. Charge and evade to move in place. Better 1 handed + shield or 2 weapon fighting with dagger modal on? Aloth - fighter / wizard Want to try it this way. Wizard side for buffing spells and those spells that frighten so people is forced to disengage. Would it work also for disengagements on Eder side if hey are close? Fighter side.. not sure what would be helpful other than disciplined barrage. Better one handed or there are good quarterstaffs for this? The last member of the party I have no idea. Probably I’m gonna rotate members but I would like to stick with takehu. It provides some heals if bird lady is not enough and some damage spells too and can shift in melee if needed. Sorry for all this text. I know that probably everything can work on veteran at the moment, just looking for suggestions to “perfect” the idea anyway. Thanks for reading, if you had the patience!
  11. I'm thinking to do something similar but with 2 weapon fighting and dagger with modal on offhand. Would the two weapon fighting feat work with that buckler since it's treated like a weapon?
  12. You mean in melee right? Maybe it used the character stealth score? That would be good
  13. Hey fellas! I’m thinking to start a ranger stalker / rogue Assassin. The question is: do the animal companions have a stealth level? Is it different from animal to animal? I’m worried about the bond grief happening if the companion is already fighting and I’m just slowly and stealthy approaching few steps back.
  14. Try with casting combusting wounds and then shoot 8 blunderbuss. Each pellet would trigger the spell
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