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  1. Well i finally figured it out. Seeing that my new PC has a OneDrive software it. Its always pause when i first login. And some of my downloads don't always download :\
  2. For some reason i can't download this dlc despite it being free. All all my maturity option are checked. When i click the visit page. its does nothing? The url to visit page link is the same as the page before but with a hashtag at the end. https://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/822000/#
  3. The winged (male_human_k) and horned helm (male_human_l) portraits both exist as options within the beta, so they have watercolor versions already. Thats a relief... i still need Frog Helmet and Bucket Helmet though.
  4. Some others that would be a welcome edition to Deadfire
  5. I will need a watercolor of this portrait, dev or community member
  6. Lmao! Should have seen this coming. But seriously! I'm okay with the Party of Five... even though Six was the original number. I just hope this Deeper Companion Relationship makes up for that. But if there is a petition for Six?! Let me know!
  7. I haven't seen a screenshot or a text confirming either way. But what is it? from this latest build i only see five.
  8. I see companions and sidekicks like pokemon! So of course i have to catch them all!
  9. Lets not forget Dark Souls... some of the helmets from that game would be welcome too
  10. I'm a helmet addict... so the more helmets, the better. I would love to see Wing Tipped helmets inspired from Baldurs Gate.
  11. Well... i'm kinda indifferent about them. I rather have full fledge companions then water down ones. But... i still want to try out these characters being introduced.
  12. Does this command even exist somewhere in the game? I've seen commands to spawn creatures. But not sure if its one in same as spawning NPC characters as appose to summon a spider? Hopefully this topic is in the right area.
  13. From the looks of earlier builds. Looks like the Frog Helmet will return, which i don't mind at all. Considering its one of my favorites. What other styles will we see in PoD2?
  14. I haven't finished Pillars of Eternity 1 yet and already looking forward to Pillars of Eternity 2

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