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  1. I cannot think of better setup for galleon or junk than full set of double bronzers. Their long reload time is not an issue as you can jibe for second set of cannons. Their optimal range is only 50m less than royal bronzers and their damage is pretty much double of all other guns. So you get double the damage with acceptable range with no real drawback.
  2. The to hit chance is a bit vague. Is it Base for enemy to hit chance? When fighting against Voyager with Junk and Dhow I had a same Base chance of 55.
  3. I did all quests for VTC but gunpowder warehouse, saved Castrol, did few quests for RDC, all for Huana and none for Principi (Except Benweth). I killed RDC command while backing off from killing Queen and went with Huana. I was opposed in Ukaizo by Principi led by Furrante, so rival is definitely not the second best faction.
  4. No Suppress Afflictions for priest of Eothas? Bummer! I knew that protection ban will be painful. Still don't get why the most benevolent god has it banned.
  5. I replayed IWD1 for about 8 times so far. The story IS typical heroic fantasy but I really enjoyed the uncertainty who is the baddie. Also graphical feel (backgrounds) and music (by Jeremi Soule) are fantastic and build this great atmosphere.
  6. But Theos' agenda was far more interesting than Jon's. BG2 was just a standard troupe of evil guy desiring more power while Theos could have some merit if not sacrificing entire nations. I really disliked the art of BG2 and prefer more medieval of BG1. Also Eora is more interesting than forgotten realms.
  7. Am I the only one who think BG2 was nothing special? I like PoE more than BG2. Heck, i liked BG1 and IWD1 more than BG2
  8. I've yet to see a setting where non human races aren't sterotyped and are really different from humans. Whole concept of different races and their stance to each other is seldom explored. One would think that ability to reproduce should be a major factor on shaping society and mono racial communities are logical (easier to find mate). From the other hand there could be a sense of unity in being a kith - an intelligent lifeform that speaks and embraces civilization.
  9. I still think barring Condemnation would work better for God of Redemption. Barring protection while benevolent is main stance for priests strike me as odd. Also access to elemental magic is weird - Eothas is connected to light, not elements. I get it that there are 5 spell spheres and 5 priest types but going for symmetry (each has different sphere prohibited) is IMHO flawed as gods themselves aren't defined by the spheres. It would be OK if some priests shared prohibited sphere a's there are two different features for each God (I hope that later on there are abilities dedicated to particular
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