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  1. I could have an explanation... On my iOS verion, in the shop, i always see the gob adventure available to buy. Despite the fact I can play with it (and I have the DLC trough the ambassador program)... I don't try on my android version. Another sync problem ?
  2. I 've just added an android version to my linked devices, and the problems are the same. No gob savegame version is visible in the android version. (The original game was started on Steam version). And more, my lasts savegames aren't available on the differents plateforms. They are only available on their original plateform. No one have solutions ?
  3. Same for me. I 've started a new Gob group on Steam version, and i don't see this new game on my ipad... I encounter the same difficulties with save-games syncronisation beetween the both platform (iOS and Steam)... The problem is probably linked... ?
  4. Hi Everyone, I have some synchronisation problem on my differents versions of the game. After playing games on the IoS version, when I return on my PC on Steam, the game not synchronize himself and display an old savegeme. though, my chests and golds are synchornized well. My both games are correctly logged in the upper left box (Asmodee / Game Center / Steam) What is the solution to correctly synchronise the savegames ? Thanks Zoby-one
  5. I have the same problems on my iPad. But my version of Rise of the Gobelins seems to be not activated on my account. Always the same number of cards visible in the collection (1268 / 1858) Gobelins adventures are not available on my IoS. When I wanted to purchase it in the store (IoS) there isn't price notified. It's empty. But I can't click for buy it. On the Steam version (PC) when i try to buy the DLC, the Steam DLC's page opens for buy the DLC. It doesn't works and I don't know why ! I have sended a mail to the Obsidian support, I'm waiting an answer...
  6. In the store, when i click on this DLC, a Steam page open and asks me 8,99 € with a discount = 6,02€ .... Also, I find another problem, in the “collection” section, my number of cards is different. Before the new extension, I could see 1262 / 1318 Now 1036 / 1858. I think I have a problem.
  7. Thanks for your answers... My game is now updated, but he tell me to buy the DLC (on Steam) for playing with it ! I haven't new contents in my collection cards... I will wait and see later..
  8. Thank you for your answer and your reactivity. In return and for explaination : Rise of the Gobelins is not a full campaign but the first adventures pack of the next campaign like "Burnt Offerings" (1st Adventures Pack) is in the "Rise of the Runelords" ? Have you got the release date for that DLC ? This DLC will be available for all my devices ? (IoS / PC on Steam) Thank you in advance
  9. Hello, Excuse for my bad english, I'm french ... I 've bought both version (IoS and steam version) and I've tryed to use the ambassador offer, who transform the Steam Standard version to the Obsidian version. It seems to works... : I can see more cards in my collection I have 1262 / 1318 My gold level has increase to 5000... But I have a question, why the DLC (Obsidian edition) is still available for buy on Steam ? Other questions : - With this Obsidian version, can I say : Today I have the full version of the game ? - All the contents are here ? - How can I increase my number of cards to h
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