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Savegames synchronisation problem on differents devices (iOS / PC Steam)



Hi Everyone,

I have some synchronisation problem on my differents versions of the game.

After playing games on the IoS version, when I return on my PC on Steam, the game not synchronize himself and display an old savegeme. though, my chests and golds are synchornized well.

My both games are correctly logged in the upper left box (Asmodee / Game Center / Steam)

What is the solution to correctly synchronise the savegames ?



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Most propably same problem as in this case



Character and gold seems to sync, but croups don't.

Closing and restarting the device did solve these in the past but I have not found yet how to do it at this moment. The new streamin the characters methology may be causing this. So most likely a thing that devs have to look for.

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