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    Cutting people open (I'm going into a surgical subspeciality).<br /><br />Baseball.<br /><br />Star Wars.<br /><br />Books (Sci-Fi, Tom Clancy).<br /><br />Outdoors stuff.<br /><br />Video Games (Star Wars, Sports games, and FPSs).<br /><br />
  1. This may be an insane comment (therefore someone else may have already posted it) but there's a very slight chance they are doing both. KOTOR III to seal the trilogy (everything in Star Wars has to be a trilogy doesn't it? J/K) and then an MMO concurrently or 6 months to a year after to milk the cow dry over the next several years. There are two Bioware studios now. One for the single player and one for the MMO? Chance of this is probably less than 1% but who knows.
  2. If bioware, for some reason, were to make KOTOR 3 and it were as good or at least close to as good as it can be, and then finish the ME trilogy (and they don't lose to much luster or are at least 80% as good as the first one); would they be one of the best developers ever? Or at least the best RPG developer ever? Just going by titles, their impact, replayability, and sales figures? Obviously, this is all hypothetical, and is, therefore, probably the dumbest question ever, but I have to post something to get my numbers up and it can't be complete spam. I guess it could be rephrased as "who are your top 3 or 5 favorite developers/RPG developers?" "What would be your list if the above were true?"
  3. Things I'm playing right now: Mass Effect Doctor Stand-up Citizen Licensed Driver Someone Who Cares About People Myself and You
  4. I've been away from the forums a little while so this may have already been asked/critiqued/shredded: If bioware were to make K3 or obsidian made it and either used Mass Effect's engine how could lightsaber combat be incorporated into it? The power/weapons wheel generated by pushing RB or LB would be decent for force powers/forms and weapons but melee combat would have to be jedi knight series style wouldn't it? Or do you just add turn-based into the combat sequences? My game development knowledge is about nil but unless someone has been working on the game behind the scenes for a while or will be working on it for a while they're probably going to use an established engine aren't they?
  5. Wasn't Bastilla's concept art actually based on Jennifer Hale's (voice actor) looks? She's decently attractive, so if the graphics were next gen then maybe her average hotness rating would improve.
  6. Just looked at this topic, don't know what's been talked about. Last two movies I saw were 300 and Stranger than Fiction.
  7. That was mentioned before, apparently Wookiees can't be Jedi or Sith. Thats why Hannar in TSL isn't a potential Jedi. What is this? Racism in the SW universe? Why can't Wookiees be Jedi? Sounds more like people with fixed ideas just don't want Wookiees to be Jedi. I haven't been up on my reading lately, but I thought Chewie's son or nephew is a Jedi in some of the newer books (i.e. New Jedi Order series or something). But that's just from some random EU reading. Maybe Wookie's don't evolve a force connection for a few thousand years past KOTOR? J/K Or maybe it was bred into them?? haha They probably just don't realize their closeness with nature and the trees is some type of mild force connection. Just my two cents.
  8. Jedi cj :Most "petitions" placed on the communities aren't worth reading or aren't realistic, the one above, however, was pretty decent and well written. Kudos for spreading the word on the petition and fighting the good fight.
  9. I voted for Kotor I and believe it to be the best. But isn't this poll a little skewed...I mean this is an obsidian forum...most people on here in the SW universe are probably on here b/c of KOTOR. Not that it matters, figured I would point it out in my virgin post.
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