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  1. My first thought on seeing that (elsewhere, not your post) was 'If he even deviates a word from it, he's going to get accused of lying about it, not to mention falling into the same kind of trap that Adam Schiff fell into.
  2. Heh, funny to see how Texas 'everything is big there' has gone international, though I guess it may be more of an association of Texas with Wild West. Here though, Florida or 'Florida Man' is the one that tends to get stuck with the crazy/wild bit rather than Texas even though Florida is no more or less wild/crazy as any other state, Republican, Democrat, or otherwise.
  3. @Gorth I was responding to the discussion more broadly though, not just to Bruce. Anyways, slightly surprised you guys didn't take the opportunity to start a new thread during this extended quiet period. Anyways, *PUNT!* Brexit is now extended to January 31st. Meanwhile, British Parliament is discussing a December election. Won't starting an election trigger another extensuon? I thought there was an automatic extension if there was an election or something.
  4. Re Dresden and WWII and all that: Another thing to consider is that bombs then had rudimentary guidance, if any. About the only guidance used was a sight on the bomber itself and fins on the bomb to stabilize it in flight, which is why carpet bombing was pretty much a necessity. Though it sounds like they missed some actual military targets, though some of the industrial stuff was also in the suburbs. As elerond mentioned, it was pretty controversial even in it's immediate aftermath.
  5. 'these two parties', yet you only attack one party in your post, I wonder who the second party is here? hm?
  6. I think he may have already done that for the same allegation? Maybe he should try a new allegation rather than recycling an old one, you know, to keep it fresh. /s
  7. Yeah, but my point is that I haven't heard the word lynching to refer to it's corresponding era in quite the same way. That's understandable since you don't have the same historical context. It may be possible to intend to use it in a way devoid of any racial undertones, but it's almost impossible to avoid here in the US. Especially since it's said by a President who has a propensity for saying racist stuff.
  8. I think there was a touch of sarcasm in what hurlshot said earlier, but still, context does matter, if you say 'a holocaust', you mean the concept, if you say 'the holocaust' (capitalized 'h' or not), it's usually referring to the event in WWII. The word 'lynching' doesn't have a single period of time attached to it the way the word Holocaust does.
  9. Meshback Ford? The only Canadian Ford I can think of is that (in)famous Canadian mayor who died of cancer a couple years ago. Or maybe his name wasn't Ford? I don't remember exactly. Edit: Rob Ford is who I was thinking of. edit2: Oh, BBC liveblog said that it was over Doug Ford (the brother of Rob Ford) and the premier of Ontario (basically the governor I think?) but didn't really give any context as to what the issue is other than it being a powerful position and him being Trumpy.
  10. I didn't vote in 2000 because I wasn't quite old enough (that happens when you're born in an odd numbered year, I'd have voted for Gore if I could though), but I did vote for him in 2004 on the thinking that we're in the middle of a war and we shouldn't change Presidents in the middle of a war or something like that (and maybe I wasn't convinced by Kerry, dunno). If that sounds naive, yes, I was more politically naive then. He still gets the blame for decisions he makes though, and theres evidence that some of them may not have been helping him in the best way possible. Not sure if he was aware that the whole WMD thing was false or if he just got convinced by others, I've heard of both narratives.
  11. At least he is less blatant about it, as far as I know anyway. I only know of Trudeau what gets mentioned here in the US. BBC liveblog shows that the liberals have an early lead, but it's probably not even 20% in yet, maybe 30% @ktchong Each to their own. I still like G W Bush as a person better than I do Trump, and that's saying something.
  12. While I did acknowledge that there would be some prep like talking points, outlines, having the information, etc, I did go and overinterpret what you meant as you explained.
  13. @injurai The way you described it certainly sounded like you were talking about a prewritten production like a play or something. At least to me it did. @Guard Dog I think she is still sore about Gabbard endorsing Sanders instead of her and is just looking for a scapegoat to blame in case the Democrats lose. The DNC already has plenty of problems that could contribute to them losing in 2020 like the funding woes and it's not clear that they've entirely learned the right lessons from 2016.
  14. Really? That's some serious conspiracy theory tier thinking there... I'd expect some preparation on the part of the anchor obviously and a general heads-up on the topic, but written out and rehearsed like some sort of play? Come on, that makes no sense. @Zoraptor I doubt that the New Zealand media is any better with panelists and 24hour news.
  15. Well, well, well, Trump got pressured into cancelling the Doral choice for G7, though he's not going to admit it.
  16. I only remember the Bush 43 and Obama elections (plus Trump, and 2016 is the only one I'd describe as a race to the bottom), so, I don't have much to go on.
  17. Speaking of, They've rejected Johnsons deal (I think) and voted for an extension. Meanwhile, he has until 11PM London time to send a letter asking for an extension while at the same time being defiant and saying he won't. So, expect more drama yet to come.
  18. Gabbard is aka 'mommy'? What even is that about? Anyways, I think Clinton is just looking for a scapegoat to blame in case the Democrats lose and I guess she's still sore about Gabbard endorsing Sanders instead of her. That'd be pretty accurate up to a point actually.
  19. That doesn't answer the question of what @Gfted1 is trying to imply with massive overcorrection of the next Dem president (whether 2020 or 2024).
  20. I'm wondering that too. Other than the anticipated reversing of as many of Trumps policies as possible, as he did to Obama (though much of it will require Senate cooperation), not sure what gfted1 meant.
  21. Erdogans response to the letter Trump sent is quite telling. ediitwhiletyping: @Pidesco is certainly a great illustration of how bad the letter was. edit: @Pidesco Do you have a link to the tweet? So I can link it on another place.
  22. Depends on your definition of 'populism' really.
  23. More than a little bit of American Exceptionalism on the last bit, but guy has a point overall. I guess you mean something like the Afghan Muhajdeen (sp?)? It certainly wouldn't be the first time we've done something that ends up screwing over an ally, but I don't think it's ever been done this blatantly or recklessly.
  24. The emoluments clause sirens just got cranked to 11, the WH has announced that the G7 summit next year will be at Trump's Miami Doral resort. The Guardian liveblog with bits on it. Given the slim but very real risk of a hurricane strike, they'd better have a backup plan. Also, they'd REALLY hope that the place doesn't have bedbugs as the alleged report said (though that was years ago).
  25. Rep. Elijah Cummings has passed at the age of 68 from 'complications due to longstanding health challenges and had been having health issues in recent weeks.
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