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  1. FIFY, better fits the joke you're making. Though the general whorl/spiral shape isn't confined to Asia.
  2. Well, less aberration than 'the conditions and environment that foster/allow said event to be present.'
  3. Barring some kind of California or Yukon gold rush scenario anyway.
  4. Isn't that the current situation for everything outside of Medicare/Medicaid and ACA? Maybe a little better example would be the situation before Obama tried his hand at reforming the healthcare system. I don't know much about the healthcare system, but I do know that it was generally a heck of a lot worse then and was in a downward spiral before Obama did reforms. For administered and paid by the states, that already happens with Medicare/Medicaid/ACA.
  5. I should note that Hitler wasn't a socialist, check your history @Guard Dog
  6. Something broke slightly on page 5 of the politics thread as something extends to the left, making the scrollbar on the bottom show up. The previous page of the same thread and other threads don't have the same issue and I don't normally have the scroll bar at the browser zoon I use. Also, nobody did anything unusual, so....
  7. Is the thread extended to the left somehow all of a sudden that makes the scrollbar on the bottom of the brower show up for anybody else? This is the only thread having that issue.... Just on this page actually. edit: Mentioned it in the Obsidian forum issues and comments thread.
  8. @213374U Skarpen didn't say that Bezos was his hero though, just using it as an example. Anyways, the public impeachment begins....
  9. Does that mean 99.9% people are socialists? Such is the state of the word as it's used in politics these days, it gets used for nearly EVERYTHING, including stuff that are so obviously not socialist. As far as I'm concerned, it's been abused so much that it has no meaning to me, about the only meaning it has outside of the proper contexts is 'thing that I don't like and don't want to have a constructive conversation about it.' Particularily when it gets applied to policy.
  10. I thought it was the media mogul who just happens to own the channel that Zelensky's show ran on that had allegedly bankrolled/backed Zelensky, not a coal mogul. Whether that media mogul is jewish or not, I don't know, but it doesn't matter whether they're jewish or not.
  11. And I'm sure it's the neo-nazi deep state that made Zelensky do it? In any case, the impeachment isn't over Trump wanting to enforce the 'Putin/Russia EVAL' line and yeah, Zelensky got sucked into a basically lose-lose situation.
  12. So are most Republicans you know. Maybe a little less tech-o-phile though, but I'm sure they'd embrace the tech industry just as hard as the Big AG and fossil fuel industries if it were mostly rural. Anyways, Trump may release an April transcript of phone call from Zelensky later in the week. Not sure why 'they' (the House, I'm assuming) are requesting it and despite what Trump thinks, if nothing actually happened during the April one, it changes nothing for the one in July. Also, public impeachment hearings start this week on Wednesday.
  13. Didn't they say that they're a current senior WH official though in their book? As in current as of time of the writing. How is the lawyer defending their client 'antics'? He should have joined in during June at the latest IMO. Don't know what the latest jump-in time and still get the nomination was for the modern primary system (which is considered to start in the 1970's). Think I read somewhere that it was Bill Clinton and he started in August or something, don't remember.
  14. Nope (though it was in Kentucky anyway), it's purely ass kissing.
  15. That and kissing Trumps ass pretty hard.
  16. The Ferengi maybe? Theirs seems hypercapitalistic with capitalism woven into their society (or at least an attempt to create one. Theres definetly other examples of similarily capitalistic/merchantile races in science fiction). In all seriousness, a capitalistic society as a political system would probably resemble something like The Hansa, but that's the closest thing I can think of and even those weren't fully fledged states. Anyways, yea, the reason it gets treated like a political system is because Capitalism (also because capitalism=FREEDOM=America) got used as a proxy for an opposite to socialism during the Cold War.
  17. What about transporting legal firearms into the city? While the internal part is likely fine (you and I would likely disagree on this GD), but not allowing a mechanism to take guns outside city limits doesn't make sense to me, can't quite put a definition on the not make sense, it's just common sense or something. I mean, even within the parameters it sets, it makes no consideration for taking guns out of the city. It just sounds like a badly written law that doesn't account for things it should.
  18. I was gonna complain that isn't the definition in anthropology, but whatever, semantics. Vulcans? heh. Though to be fair, how their society worked economically was never explored, canonically at least. I'm sure someone can find a better sci-fi example since Vulcans were the first thing that came to mind with 'suppress baser instincts'. You know, I wonder why Democrats haven't tried using this argument. sounds like it'd play well with Republicans.
  19. I probably missed the ribbing sarcasm there then.
  20. That depends on whether you're going by stateless society as in over 90% of anatomically modern Homo Sapiens existence or the philosophical concept of a penultimate utopia which is probably indistinguishable from any number of paradise afterlives. GD says you're referring to the latter.
  21. I see. Yeah, the penultimate communist/libertarian/socialist utopia basically sounds like heaven/elysium/paradise. And yes, it's correct that it wouldn't happen unless you either change human nature so dramatically that you wouldn't recognize them as being normal humans or you have some incorruptible overlord (a 'god' if you will, usually an AI superintelligence in stories of societies that superficially resemble such an utopia) enforcing things so that it works that way. The share and share alike would be easier in a small (not neccesarily tribal) society, but even then, there's going to be some social stratification.
  22. I see. Sounds like that one was an attempt to solve multiple problems that they had with one stone or something like that, which was exacerbated by federal lands taking up half the island's buildable land*. It could also arguably be taking away native land. Whatever their intent was, it blew right up in their face, so, that one may have dubious precedence. *I took a look at federal land in Hawaii and most of it is military which people would have an easier time releasing to public building than wildlife reserves. Also, it does appear like there'd be a heck of a lot of room, but the maps don't show topography and it's buildable area that's being referred to. Also, I'm aware that map is from 2013, so, some land may have been released since. Didn't we live in stateless societies for most of pre-written history? It IS an actual term used in anthropology to refer to groupings without a formal government structure beyond the level of tribal chieftians. It's possible you're thinking of statelessness which means not having citizenship to a state. Or maybe you're thinking of the term in political terms rather than anthropological.
  23. I saw mentions about that too. From everything that I've heard about the wall stuff, sounds like they tried to make it as difficult as possible to climb but neglected to think like a smuggler maybe. Turns out the smugglers are pretty good beta testers for walls. There is of course the old tried and true 'invest in a 30 foot wall and I'll invest in a 31 foot ladder' method that got mentioned. The reality though is that it's always going to be an arms race between the two sides.
  24. @Guard Dog This Bishop Estate? That example doesn't appear to have had anything to do with eminent domain.
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