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  1. In other words, there must be lots of Vailians collecting Adra with the souls of their deceased family and friends, using that essence and preventing the resurrection of their loved ones. I mean, memories are what make us who we are, so technically, the second your memories are lost you cease to exist, just leaving unnamed, unclaimed essence behind. So it's more akin to them profiting off the corpses of their loved ones, not their loved ones themselves. But the memories are not lost. The Watcher awakened many lives later and remembered the time of the inquisition. Memories
  2. I'm summoned by the mere mention of my name. Like Beetlejuice, but thrice as self-absorbed. I don't believe Luminous adra a result of the Engwithans' construction of the Wheel. IIRC, the preponderance of it at Ukaizo is what attracted the Engwithans there, too. This is not my area of expertise, but I believe that the difference between luminous adra and non-luminous adra is that the luminous version holds a significant charge (as opposed to normal adra, which is primarily a conductor). This is more a Josh question. Feel free to send him an ask on tumblr.
  3. I personally don't find the good/evil dichotomy very useful, but I do think that Llengrath tends to be pretty forthright with her objectives, ambitions, and desires (moreso than Tayn), even if you have to push her a bit on occasion to admit what those are. Generally speaking, Llengrath is on team Long Term Stability, Tayn is on team Shake Things Up, and Arkemyr is on team Status Quo. Maura is on team Rightfully Pissed Off.
  4. They can also create godlikes. ; ) The In-Between is an interesting place. Or a very boring place. Or both. But it's worth noting that:
  5. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/The_Wheel I compiled this article for this purpose. Basically, the Wheel is a natural phenomenon - but since it's been subverted by Engwith for two thousand years, it cannot return to its original state. The river parallel is particularly apt, since the Wheel (pre-Engwith) is the same kind of natural phenomenon as a river. Dam it, control it, tame it, and if you break the dam after two centuries of the river being forced down a specific route, it won't return to its original state without outside intervention. I'd say it's also worth noti
  6. Oh, oh, OH! Are we talking here about souls merging into one (Hiravias’ Stelgar form consuming his twins, Galatian PoE1 ending) here or something new? We suggest that souls strengthen over time through the natural process of living. Otherwise the world would be doomed. And the gods would hasten that destruction simply by existing.
  7. I wouldn't read TOO far into that. He's from Aedyr, and Aedyran names tend to be based in Eld Aedyran.
  8. FEE (like what a bank charges) - on (like being atop something) - ledge (like being where the roof ends) As a note, he will always say his name during the player's first conversation with him, regardless of where he is or what the player chooses, specifically because it's kind of weird.
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