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  1. I've almost always gone with Xoti. Though I've yet to romance her after turning her to the dark side; may have to do that one of these days. Might not be at the Bioware-level of RPG romance, but on the positive side we're spared the Bioware-level unintentionally hilarious sex scenes. The one time I wanted to try romancing Maia, it never triggered. Might not try again, as she rubs me the wrong way at times. The one companion I was looking forward to romancing is unfortunately not an option. Guess I never will find out of Pallegina has a cloaca or not.
  2. No Nemnok, either? I'm guessing because Eder actually has specific dialogue regarding both Concelhaut and Nemnok that he hides them in his pack whenever you use the Critter Cleaver. Either that, or it's because their abilities are too strong.
  3. I noticed you can't feed Concelhaut's skull to the Critter Cleaver (I wanted a floating skull with the abilities of Abraham). Is this a bug or intended?
  4. GOG has the 3.0.2 to 3.1.0 patch for Linux, but not the 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 patch.
  5. Any chance of GOG getting the 2.0 patch for Linux so I don't have to download the entire game yet again?
  6. When? I would like to know too... Apparently it is going to be a few lengthy hours. Yeah, it would be fine if we were at least kept up to date on the status--I hate just waiting and refreshing the page. Could we at least be told if there will be an official announcement once it's fixed? Can we sign up for an email update when it's ready or something? The official announcement on the Obsidian site didn't even mention that there was an issue with the Linux patch and now it's been several days after the patch notes said a few hours Thanks for the update! I can see the 1.1 download now, but it seems to be currupted. The download is only 17,4GB instead of the 20,3GB advertised on gog.com and when executing the download it fails with "Initial setup failed. Cannot continue.". I had the same issue with an early download of the 1.02 version of the game but it was fixed shortly afterwards ( https://www.gog.com/forum/pillars_of_eternity_series/poe2_patch_102_on_linux/post9 ) I can confirm the corrupt 17.4 GB download.
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