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  1. If you ask me i can't understand why i need the option to cast spells ouside of combat? There is no reason to do that, maybe some magic of light which will shine the watcher's path in the dark-dark caves or bays(also it will be great because of new lighting system, which looks really great) or some repairing magic(but then Obsidian needs to create spoilage system, which must be testing by people if they do that), maybe if some puzzles in the game will need to use combat magic(like frost, fire or electric magic) or some special quests will need to scare NPC on the squares then it makes sense. O
  2. I don't think CO-OP is suitable for the game like this. You must understand that Divinity: Original Sin is not the game about quests and stories, which game tells, not about strong storyline or interesting characters, not about themes for reflection. It's about Non-standard and some crazy cool ideas which nobody done before(or done but not well). Very good turn-based combat system which uses their own unique rules, some strange but unusual solutions for quests, etc. I'm not fan of D: OS, i didn't finish it, but i undestand that Larian's cool ideas created for CO-OP and Obsidian didn't create t
  3. I want to see interesting but uselees for players feeature - special animations for disabled people(and disabled humans themselves). In PoE 1 we can see children, even kill them, but we didn't see any soldiers who were injured and lost their legs or hands and can not move without Crutches. So, i think it will be great for the game's atmosphere if we can see such people, it makes the world even "more alive and real". Hope, i'll see this feature in the game.
  4. And i've already bought Tyranny, someone from USA needs the coupon? I have no idea where i can use it for many reasons. So if someone needs i can gift it.
  5. Maybe i'm some rare kind of person who finished PoE 1 only once, played 333 hours and... I love all things which i 've seen in the game. The funniest moment is that i'm a new flash. Didn't play Baldur's Gate or Planescape: Torment and became fan of Obsidian only after Pillar's walkthrough this February. However i can say that i played PoE Intermittently, i can playing another game for a month and after that return to Pillars. But i don't think it's the game's blame, it's the blame of my habits of action gameplay which i've seen in every Action/RPG. In spite of this, i finished the game and PoE
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