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  1. Good question. The change is not an error. When the skill is coupled with the character, it looks like an aura. We think that the skill makes more sense when it is stationary. The name is "Consecrated Ground", not "Consecrated Priest". Source: https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/174453004921/eine-frage-zur-priester-fertigkeit-geweihter#_=_ Looks like this can be closed and marked as 'answered' then.
  2. I'd really like to have this looked into as soon as possible too. You can actively avoid looking at those 'spoilers' only for so long.
  3. Yeah, noticed that too. Must be an oversight. Anyone been able to figure out when or if at all you can actually use the horn? It always says "Unusable at this time" at the bottom of any of the horns' details for me.
  4. Basically like in POE1 where if I remember correctly it was possible to horizontally collapse the combat log as well as the center bottom panel. This time maybe the portraits panel too, if it's not too much to ask for. I think this would also help with a few situations where the individual parts of the HUD/UI would obscure what's happening on the screen or even be in the way making it hard or impossible to issue commands with the cursor. In case both sides just so happen to move closer and closer to the bottom of the screen over the course of an encounter, for example. Or a character having discovered something with no way of reaching it because it's in the lower most right corner of the location with the combat log covering that portion of the screen.
  5. In case it's supposed to work like in POE1 that is. Currently it will remain and do its AoE restoration pulse at the spot where it was cast.
  6. Like with the reported pathing bug in the other thread - a completionist cleptomaniac's worst nightmare. Fix please.
  7. I noticed the excessive detouring in that spot too. It essentially makes pickpocketing any of the 3 guards/pirates to the immediate left of the door impossible. Which sucks if you're a cleptomaniac like yours truly.
  8. Disappointing, I was hoping for the 8th companion to be a dwarf too. Has been too damn long since a CRPG had the stereotypical axe-wielding dwarven companion a la Korgan Bloodaxe. At least not in any CRPG I played in recent years, of which there weren't that many anyway.
  9. That's what Area of Effect Highlighting is for. Incidents like the one the OP described are also easily avoidable by simply not using AoE spells or abilities that are very likely to backfire in crowded close quarters combat situations.
  10. Does anyone know if the remaining, not completely claimed tiers ($500 and above) will be available to PayPal backers too? They better reveal the remaining stretch goals then. As soon as possible. I guess this grace period isn't going to last forever. Or at least not long enough to reach all remaining stretch goals if they're announced on short notice.
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