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  1. Pretty sure we are all stuck. I'm just doing other things until a patch comes out to fix it. Not really want to spend time finding a workaround or testing it until a new version comes out.
  2. Shirosama's suggestion quoted by Aarik and endorsed by mccrispy and kroweta worked for me on iPhone 6 iOS 10.0.2
  3. Confirmed the Kyra bug is still around on iPhone 6, iOS 10.0.2 Tried from the autosave point before making the choice, not from before the undead was encountered.
  4. One of the reasons why I prefer tabletop is because I can play at lunch with friends. Also, the additional character decks are nice. The electronic version is nice because I can play it on the train to/from work.
  5. Another issue I have seen is that when using allies like Archer to add extra dice to your attack, the primary die disappears. I didn't try rolling the dice shown. This happened on Merisiel with a sling + backstab.
  6. This has happened to me as well on the last 2 updates iPhone 6 10.0.2 iPad 4 10.0.2 With both devices, bug occurred on v1.1.4.0 and v1.1.4.1 The party is now unplayable when either option (heal or continue) are selected. Buttons appear clickable, but nothing happens when you select any of them. Had to start a new party to play. Is there a bug tracker you use for this kind of stuff like bugzilla or jira?
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