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  1. What is the effect of AttackVariation? Also, any idea where does the spiritshift cat gets its extra attack/recovery buff from (not the 1/day flurry ability, just the standard attacks)? Speedfactor on the claw item is the same for all shapes.
  2. That'd be the priest giving away placebo instead of real meds. In that case, it's perfectly fine to understimate a man's will.
  3. For the first half of the game you're probably best served by making the druid (good starting deflection, hatchet+shield, defensive talents) and the wizard (multiple deflection buffs, draining effects) tank most of the hardest encounters. I feel you're giving up on one interesting aspect of the game, that makes you think twice about abandoning one of your doomed toons to their (temporary) death: without injuries it's a lot better to not waste heals or cc to keep one of your surrounded teammates from hitting the dust, knowing that their health will be alright for future encounters, and revive spells can bring them on your feet once enemies moved away from the corpse. You can still have fun playing a vengeful martyr with injuries on, given how most of them don't nerf his damage output. Injuries are also suppressed by the proper spell, or through a ring of Unshackling or a paladin Liberating Exhortation, quite funny if you ask me: I have this mental image of the zealous commander yelling at his dumb meatbag to get up for that last stand, before sending him to death once more.
  4. Ah I'm a bit clueless on the matter, but that sort of stuff tends to happen. I downloaded and extracted my own .zip and works like a charm, at least on my install. I'm not liking these edits at all though
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kaq8l7yhpm0klla/CipherQuickDirtEdits.rar?dl=0 I didn't bother with the cipherabilityprogressiontable, at least not until we decide the edits work and can be shared this way. Edit: that's same exact modded powers dr <3 asked earlier for, plus my backup files to dump into objectbundle directory. Moar Edits: Win10/GoG, fyi
  6. No idea what could have gone wrong with your stuff, tbh it was easier for me to re-edit than trying to find the issue, but I guess a bad upload? Don't repair installation yet, I'm uploading my backups... stay tuned...
  7. I confirm everything dr <3 experienced. Your backup files caused issues as well. I can try post an alternate version in a bit
  8. Makes me Wonder: if some of these bugs are easily fixable by the community, then why Obsidian didn't address them yet? They probably moved on. Also, the definition of Bug/Feature/WhoCaresIsASinglePlayerGame varies depends who you ask to. Talking about ciphers, one edit I made was making Psychovampiric Shield combat only and not castable on self... it came naturally as a bug-fix but then somebody who had the pretty smart idea of making RES 2 ciphers and buffing himself pre-combat might look at it as unnecessary nerf to his own fun. Then you check who is left playing a good game after 2 years from launch and that any balance fix (check 3.05 reaction to Unlabored Blade proc nerf) makes them raise the pitchforks and realize it's better not indulge further. I guess
  9. Casting on self is not a problem, casting on charmed enemies is. In my experience parameter 15 description is misleading. I found out simply editing the relevant ability works for testing and in game after a reload it all feels smooth, but it sort of breaks a flawless playthrough if you don't also edit the abilityprogressiontable files. Sadly that also means cross-modding the same class has to face another obstacle.
  10. You have to send him a modified cipherabilityprogressiontable.unity3d or the powers show as default during character creation/level up I think, or just add a disclaimer "don't trust the level up screen, save and reload to fix description".
  11. Okay that's embarassing, I changed the exact same values for amplified wave and it didn't work :| I also worked blind trying each value at time (from 0 to 20), where did you get that nice list? Edit: trying right now using the (default*) Liberating Exhortation that has validtarget parameter: 15, doesn't work on a charmed (Whisper of Treasons) enemy. *I nerfed (or bug-fixed?) it to be ally only like all other exhortations
  12. Balance wise is not a big issue; ciphers on the other hand have no single 'buff' power they can simply cast on themselves without manipulating somebody else soul first. I actually like that part of their kit, makes them opposite of self-buffing wizards. About Pain Block, from a design perspective it looks quite obvious that they intended to provide self-dr through Body Attunement only, sharing the same spell level in fact, making you work for it. That's ... a bit of nitpicking A shame charmed enemies are by all targeting purposes still treated as enemies instead, I couldn't find a way to alter that and would be a nice fix.
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