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  1. I filed a support ticket and they responded promptly in resolving my ticket. Funny thing is that this same event ran back to back with the same reward. On the second instance, the event still did not correctly process the Dice reward after acknowledging in-game that the requirements were completed (again). So be aware that this is probably an ongoing bug going forward as I'm sure there's no future content planned for this game.
  2. Even though I completed the event requirements and the game acknowledged the reqs for the Haunted Dice as completed, pulling up my collection the Haunted Dice shows as 0 in inventory. Please advise PFID# 72B7D39D55AFA541
  3. Thanks Amentep, that's good to know. Using the in-game support button takes players directly to the forums here. It kind of gives the impression that people should post the bugs they're encountering in the forums in hope that it would get a response.
  4. Was having problems with the Skinsaw Ritual, appeared twice in the scenario and would not advance when defeated. Had to actively lose a battle for it to proceed. Similar problem with Goblin Raid Now I'm at Mammy Graul (1st time), defeated her and game is stuck. None of the old tricks work at all. God, I forgot how buggy this game can be at times. Shocked it hasn't been addressed yet. Account: BernieTime #2270 Ver: 1147-20180220
  5. Poog eats all the animals he uses whether we want him to or not. Obsidian really needs to fix that.
  6. I wish this effect was a 50/50 chance or something. When this one pops it's almost an auto restart for me as it makes the game too heavily based on luck.
  7. Drive-Thru Cards fixed the problem I was having with finalizing the Role Cards. Once they set it as available (takes a few hours), I'll relink it here as before I had to link pictures of the cards until the problem was resolved
  8. Just completed and each character should be getting an Item reward. Instead everyone received a Weapon. This was a group flagged for Permadeath if that makes any difference.
  9. I saw this the first day, when I logged in later that same day wasn't there. Haven't seen it since =(
  10. The Role Cards I made for Grogugg. There is a slight change to his base card changing banished to buried as you'll see reflected on the role cards
  11. I've found that you have to pull the dice drop-down and try selecting the proper die type as the game doesn't always adjust itself correctly for the best/most dice.
  12. Someone was stating that a low volume of posts in this forum is an indicator of poor growth. Maybe it's just me but I don't know anyone personally that uses a phone or tablet app that participates in the dev forums. Once they release on Steam for PC I'd expect the forums to get flooded with a bunch of drivel. Enjoy the quiet while you can.
  13. "Ezren, Valeros, Seelah, Merisel, Lem, and Seoni" That's a solid party, just be careful you don't burn through decks faster than you can keep them cured.
  14. Submission for Competition #1 Rise of the Runelords is lacking a Promo Goblin Character which each other box set received. My buddy Grogugg would like to help out, just leave your pets at home as he has a severe case of Zoophobia. I have roles in the works for this guy if there's interest. Edit: I completed the Role Cards for Grogugg but am having problems at DTC with it erroring out at the checkout.
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