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  1. Poog and Ranzak were included with the goblin expansion. I purchased through Ambasador program. Steam achieve: We Be Goblins!is not achieved. PFID: 32C51B48767D673B
  2. I have a friend who has been plying thru the physical card game with me and would love to get in on the mobile action. Any word on a Windows phone version?
  3. I have this card also, I don't know the secret but I guess I flipped into it any how
  4. Would be nice to know why I am not seeing this either. I have bought Daily gold once and also The faith pack... I would probaby buy it if I knew what it was and if it were available to me.
  5. Satyr most definately. Enchanter is surely foiled by ring of protection. I would dislike the Harpy more but I have not run into her very often.
  6. I have moved over to the pathfinder wiki: http://www.pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Digital/Daily_Challenges Have not updated in the last few days. Would love to have help.
  7. So, we get that the chest pricing structure needs tweaking as it's not working as optimally as hoped. We get that AD4 is going to be a bit late because it's important to get all of it right so we can hopefully see more PACG development. I want Skull and Shackles. I want Wrath of the Righteous. The confines of the English language make it hard to overstate how much I want the goblin Class Decks. AND Mummy's Mask!
  8. Where do the concept of the favor, bounty and doctrine [blessing] cards come from? as far as I know they are not in the physical card game.
  9. Is it possible to track who, when or where a code was redeemed? and how would we go about requesting said info?
  10. Do it! when playing the physical game (usually just myself and ex-roommate, but sometimes with my fiancee and his) I usually take a character that fills out the party. If they take spell casters and tanks, I pick a thief. If he plays utility I pick a fighter type. Some balance would be necessary for 'random' parties. Harsk, Valeros and Amiri might kick major butt, but Barriers and checks that require Intelligence and Wisdom will throw a wrench in the works fairly often. Same with a party of Ezran, Seoni, Lini and Lem; they will inevitably need some muscle.
  11. Story mode tracking scenario completion Open Spreadsheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ssreeqhc5qysn06/Pathfinder%20Adv.ods?dl=0 Excel: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxv0whd747jm4rd/Pathfinder%20Adv.xls?dl=0
  12. Same here. I was able to use the ring 5 or 6 times with Seoni.
  13. I should have started this list when I first thought of it, now I have lost track of a couple Defeat 30 banes Block 30 damage Approach to Thistletop with Ezran Gain 30 boons Foul Misgivings with Seoni Evade 30 banes Touched by the Gods - Assist other characters 15 times using blessings Battle Hardened Steel - Reduce 30 points of incoming Damage. The Most Toys - Acquire 30 boons anyone making this list beside me? help me out
  14. I have the same problem with a party of 2: Kyra and Sajan, missed levels 2 thru 5 rewards (skill, power, card and Ally)
  15. Using fighter during 2-3 adventure. Dice not appearing to roll. Tried to go to vault and reset. Also tried closing out app. This has happened twice, had to forfeit scenario both times. I have screenshot but nowhere to upload it.
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