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  1. I was crashing on my iPad. I downloaded the game on my iPhone, and I was able to continue with my parties that were stuck. In fact, I went back to my iPad, and they became unstuck there. If you have a second device that can run the game, see if you can go forward with your parties on the other device.
  2. Can you get to the screen where you see all your parties? I don't know about rbjc25, but I'm able to get to the screen where I see my parties. Btw, I have an Ipad 3 version 10.2
  3. I got all the way to the end in "into the eye" with karzoug as the last card in the location. I encounter him, go through all the before the encounter checks, pass the combat 30 when all of the sudden karzoug goes back into the location deck before I get to even try the combat 40. I encounter him again, and of course, I have to start all over. I have to forfeit cause I don't have enough cards to beat him. The worse part is, now I can't start into the eye again cause the game crashes every time I try. This has to be a bug. I don't think karzoug is supposed to go back into the deck afte
  4. Yes I'm having the same problem with one of my saved parties crashing to OS when I hit the play button
  5. I've ran into this same problem in the courtyard, but it doesn't just happen against the Black Monk. It seems to happen against monsters that have a non-combat check before the actual combat check. I've also had this bug happen against a sneak and a harpy monk. Here is a break down of what I think is happening. 1. You're in the courtyard, and you reveal a monster with a non-combat check before combat. 2. the player fails the dexterity check required by the courtyard. 3. instead of rolling a d4 for damage, the game rolls the die for the non-combat check on the monster. 4. there a
  6. The ring of protection did for mr exactly what the shield of fire resistance did for ethics gradient. I chose the RoP to reduce the first point of damage. I noticed the blue outline around the card so I pressed it again, and I received the option to reveal again. Let me know if there is any other info you may need from me for this issue.
  7. Some 'accessories' - I believe the ROP was one - expressly allow you to play another card of the same type on the check (can't remember if the ROP does). However, there is a FAQ over at Paizo that specifically forbids that you reveal the same physical card, exactly to close such loopholes. Keep in mind, if you have TWO ROPs in your hand (and they state "You may play another Item on this check") - you should be able to play both. The second part of ring of protection says that you may play another item on this check. So, a player should be able to use a second copy of ring of protection
  8. The ring of protection is letting me reveal it multiple times to prevent all damage. For example, there was one situation where I was supposed to take around 6 points of damage. I was able to reveal the ring of protection six times to negate all of that damage. This may be intended based on the wording on the card, but it seems like it is a bug.
  9. I can't login into the game. I get a pop-up that tells me to connect to the internet to continue earning gold. I select "login", but nothing happens. The top says "link social gaming network." I have an Ipad 3 version 9.3.4.
  10. I defeated him using a potion of fortitude, and I had the same result you did. I did not have to do the second check after using the potion of fortitude.
  11. I lost to a bugbear which forces the player to bury a card from the discard pile. The discard pile popped up in the middle of the screen, but I was unable to bury a card. In fact, I couldn't make any more progress in that game, so I had to delete that particular game. This is on an Ipad mini 3 version ios 9.3.1
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