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  1. I would like massive, labyrinth like chambers for a full in depth focusing lightsaber crystal whirling alter of swords and marriage, like joining lines to stimulation, and then elevating yourself not just on flat 2d platforms, but to pass over many suns and eons, like yoda's apprentice star luminous blue beam room of initiates doing the whole luke skywalker hokey religions and blaster nonsense, but ya, actively pasting ribbons and banners all over your recreation portal, or taming beasts and creatures, or training even, and having a winter's snow globe view of groups to dominate and conquer, l
  2. C'mon dude the game wasn't totally HORRiBLE! But yes,a lot of the content was cut out of the game which greatly pissed me off. There wasn't enough sith fighting. It was always you fighting some damned bounty hunter or robot or mercenary. And the sith you would fight in the game weren't really sith, they were sith assasins. I also hated the fact that everyone called you a Jedi but you weren't reallya jedi. The ending was the worst Iv'e ever seen in a game,and you were able to Jedify EVERYBODY! One master! One apprentice! And Kreia wasnt your master, she was your teacherwhich is bull crap and it
  3. Well, with the 2nd one rather than the 1st one, you get very deep, in depth, detailed, archaic, legendary, proposal marriage supper da vinci fine tuning extra detail blueprints of calm winds tempered and undressed for a fresh fit into a lot of voice acting, if that can/can't be emphasized enough to appropriately surmount yourself with all kinds of uncles and altogether flushed out fate unwinding of kreia telling you of untangling the old world flavor of standing in complete rapture and awe before the unprecedented powers you can begin to unleash from the tips of your fingers. The entire as
  4. There's some kind of precognition or special place where you must save and load yourself and stay safe or imprisoned on the cantina onderon mandalore tours and guides you through the city, and charms and enchantments are no match for han solo, who just "feels or knows" that a whole bunch of mercenaries just like himself are standing ahead, waiting to get after you before entering the cantina. And the worst nightmare for me, activating a saved game, was when I had to realign a bunch of progress I had for that day when, upon seeing that the rich or "evil" woman had a lightsaber crystal of gr
  5. If you don't stay to the edge of the pathway, I believe that the space vents take a very large chuck or proportion out of your health. And far further in the game, aboard the ship of Darth Nihilus, getting to the appropriate landing sites where all things go boom is insane and crazy, so much so that going from kreia the sort of, before you go to the jungle moon again to raid the sith temple, I have to critically grade and insult the people you take with you, it's just that putting on your 2 face double crossing mask versus a consular kreia who needs more defense and force support for 1 lightsa
  6. It reminds me very much of the unknown world in kotor, a little bit of a fore shadowing before a galaxy wide conflict that threatens to engulf the entire galaxy, and with your maze sweeping through the so called "proof" of your excellence and divinity before the guy calls you the sister of avner (Revan reworded) in the old republic novel, it's important to realize that one test among an ensemble of elite brethren and masquerading handmaidens. So before you go up those sky ramps on the next world before their defense system shoots you down, it's not so much that the fights against the jungl
  7. I hated in grand theft auto when they had some inescapable wall when you escaped the ocean, and 4 big banging huge massive overwhelming stars come and make any passage over the trance atlantic gateway, held by a bunch of mumbling telephones. It's very difficult to create a cluck in bell regeneration high pizza order delivery radio, but arm chairs and old people or just a bunch of arching teleportation and thinking of indiana jones when a giant helicopter comes straight at your boxing gloves! Just the idea that you have complete freedom and liberty, arbiters aligned for a big room celeb
  8. Oh, pizza, absolutely, lots, ever lasting google posting, your face lighting up the globe, a haunted mansion of hurdles and bundles of sticks, diameters all symmetrical and evenly split!
  9. Well for one thing, I absolutely destroyed the game completely all engines firing at maximum fire power when I was Guardian and half the time with super strength doing power attack rather than critical strike, a guy on a coin flip 50-50 chance is standing still in that white vortex of paralysis, and yet more so, when you can use "Force Crush" for dark side, particularly for Sith Lord over assassin or whatever, just spamming that repeatedly can leave a guy leaping up multiple times before he can even come at you. But the ability to be supremely uber powerful like that will, of course, be st
  10. I only have the game on xbox, but I remember that boosting your dark side power can increase strength 1 to 8 for damage strikes with a lightsaber, and light side is better yet, maybe increasing your wisdom by 3 points for counselor rather than marauder altogether, a slightly better benefit for the light, but an assassin over watchman, despite attribute bonuses is far more deadly. I say this because, from what I've seen on youtube, mods can enhance your character with these kinds of specific "bonuses". Sorry, hope that helps. And an acutal awakening from your character in a new uni
  11. I had problems with Fable 2 freezing often as well, where I needed to buy an "Xbox hard drive" or something along those lines, like a huge, massive, left side (or maybe right) block you attach to your 360, I think gray in color, and that makes the memory power I guess impose its console destroying will upon the hard drive thing rather than on your xbox 360 itself, thereby allowing you to play your game without freezing.
  12. Pokemon RED, raiding the invisible mansion of all hopes and dreams where all of the numbers of places on that eastern edge you've recently been too start flashing all of those safari zone guys, like Rhyhorn, and taking a deep tour through the jungle, into the origins of Mewtwo on Cinnabar island.
  13. One time I had a problem shortly before you board your ship to see a display of your jedi counsel meeting where you surrender your lightsaber and such, and pick moral choices or consequences for further alignment with the sides. Bao Dur or however it's spelled, the horned zabrak darth maul tech special guy can get a big disposition raise here and, immediately getting in nar shadaa, atton's gambling world, I believe if you take him alone there, helping suffering further elevates his like for you, maybe enough to go to the crystal cave where the jedi academy is/was and remains dead/destroyed, an
  14. Oh, bring Atton Rand, even though he is an ever annoying yet smart mouthed tight lipped rebel scum action raiding deep party adventure entertainment under wear spy, because all of those mines that blow up in your face require a deep stealth trench down the tunnel that opens 2 perimeters of zippers half way through, and I'm sorry, I don't remember the stuff with the codes, because it's been a while, but maybe a good step is too march through the station itself more easily, so you can find stuff. By continually running away and regenerating Atton or something (and if I remember right, he comes b
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