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  1. Thanks for the in depth reply. Is there any additional advantage to getting to zero recovery vs 13% recovery besides the obvious 13% increase in attack speed? Or is 0 recovery not essential if you get something else in the trade-off for a speed weapon?
  2. I have this problem too... I think they should make the event start after arrival at a destination, rather than start at the start of travel then time out on arrival. It'll make a lot more sense that way.
  3. Extra companions in your keep stay at your level always. I recruited lots of followers and left them unleveled at my keep. When I got back at max level to take them out for a spin to complete their story quests, they just leveled up to max level like me. So i'm not sure what the stronghold quests that you can send them on to gain xp are for... the xp part at least doesn't seem to serve any purpose.
  4. Can anyone tell me what the stronghold meta game is all about? Why would you even consider saving turns? As an aside, after dealing with the master below by letting her take over the dragon hunter's body, I still got periodic attacks from monsters and humans which I had to rush back to defend. Didn't have any hirelings, but maxed out stronghold upgrades.
  5. While the moon temple monks were the most annoying fights in the whole game, because the damn monks kept jumping into my backline, it simply forced new and valid tactics from me as a player. I had to adapt and use defensive mind web (cipher), put secondary shield swaps on all backline characters, make sure they had defensive "oh ****" abilities from items or talents, and make my backline use them when they got jumped by tide monks while the tanks ran back to help kill the interlopers. All in all, I played the whole game on hard and found the harder fights in the temple where party position
  6. How do you intend to get almost zero recovery with two weapons in full plate? Which items would you use?
  7. Mindweb is really good for hard fights like this, but you don't need to time it. It updates itself whenever a stat gets buffed, and for everyone. It's awesome
  8. I beat the fight without anyone taking any damage on hard. My party was eder tank/dps with sabre focus, PC as pure tank/summoner chanter, kana, eloth, grieving mother, durance. prefight prep: had grieving mother eat two drugs to boost her accuracy Fight start: had everyone use their figurines to summon a whole army of stuff. adra beetles, dryads, shadows, wurms etc you get the idea. Then had everyone use guns (except cipher and wiz, they used warbow and scepter respectively) for the rest of the fight with the wall of summons in front of me, and constantly getting replenished by
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