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  1. Why would he be more powerful with his original body?



    Mabey because he couldn't fully concentrate his power within her and her body could not withstand such amounts of force energy inside her because of her medeclorain lvls. In any case if ragnos would of remained as he once was jaden would be no match for him and die within seconds unlike the other fight where ragnos was inside her body.

  2. Ok those star ships were around 500 meters in length and the death star one is like WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY larger than that. Also how are they just going to know the deaths star weakness aside from bastilla which doesn't count because if you can just add any force users you want in the platform than you could do the same for the death star. The subject is NOT bastilla and her battle meditation along with the star forge vs the death star. It's the star force vs the death star. Also none of those fighters are armed with torpedoes and the chance of beings able to fire a torpedoe in such a small whole is SOOOOOOOOO rare it's insane. Luke managed to do it ONLY because the force. So with that said the fighters don't have missles to do the job and even if they were armed with them the would not be able to fire in such a small hole. Not to mention all the other tie fighters and thousands of mounted turbo lasers on the death star. Also lucas even admited to original series was limited and he couldn't show everything visually he wanted. If he were to remake the film I bet he would have thousands of reble fighters attacking the death star. In any case the star forge will have like mabey 5 minutes to react. Death star comes out of hyper space and charges the cannon and than BAM IT'S ALL OVER AND IT CAN'T BE ARGUED AGAINST.

  3. In all due respect, calling someone a moron over a difference of opinion is pathetic.


    Nope. It was not a matter a different opinion. They publically declared the Exile a female ( a hard core war hero with all the pain of a planet ) and thereby destroying the plot and killing the handmadian and maknig sion litrally stupid. These games should NOT be canical. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS SOPPOSED to decide what gender you want your character to be. Not any other. So yes it would be a moron to call someone a moron who believes the exile is a certain gender BUT that's not what he meant. He meant that people who shove down canical sh!t down are throat and clam it to be a fact is a moron. It's not a matter of opinion. The exile was openly declared female. They didn't say this is our opinion that the exile is a female but anounced it as a fact and shoved it down all the fans throat.





    People wanted the KOTOR stories integrated into the SW Universe. For this purpose, they had to pick something. You can't have an androgynous hermaphrodite for descriptions of what goes on.


    Don't let this affect your playthrough of the game. Since we're tossing around 'moron' liberally, I'll say that if you do, you're the one being a moron.


    integrated my ass. There was NO NEED PEROID to confirm the exiles gender. The exile can still be claimed as a person and such during these times with the events. Look how many fans got upset with this insident. It is PROOF alone that it was BETTER left a mystery about the exile.



    And the only morons are the ones that destroyed the plot for the exile by anouncing it as a FACT that the Exile is female. We as fans have EVERY right to be angry on a guide based off a video which YOU CHOOSE THEIR STORY, FATE, GENDER, and everything. You simpley can not take characters that obsidian and lucas arts BUILT FOR US TO CREATE OUR OWN CHARACTER and make a canon story out of it. END of discussion. Oh and confirming the exile by a gender does NOT effect what happened during the timeline and stuff so WHY say his/her gender? That was so sickly unnecerray it wasn't even funny.

  4. I think obsidian should surprise us with yet another interesting character and you would cross paths with revan or hear about them. But this leads me to alot of thought since the order was anailated. Would obsidain make up a new character or would you play as atton or something and make it cannically correct that he was traiend as a jedi from the exile? If we see the Exile I want to see or hear that the Exile destroyed herself/himself in order to end the force echos or something. If we see the Exile I think he/she should show up in some sort of robes and same as Revan. Or mabey the exile will go there and find out somethign consumed revan or perhaps even revan died. In KOTOR2 Revans friends were worried about him that soemthing may have happened. Mabey these "true sith" killed him or are turning him to the path of the dark side. Either way I want to see the Exiles path meet with Revans. But I want to see the option of choosing the Exiles gender and you could meet the exile on the way in a certain disguise to hide himself or look alike these true sith. And you could talk to him and mabey he could join your party for a limited amount of time. Same with revan.

  5. lmfao. Wow the star forge has all these votes. Fan boys!! The death star would fire once and bam it's all over. All what guns are gonig to destroy the death star. All these people thinking that a mass fleet on capital ships can blow up the death star think twice. Unless you have another super laster cannon than your not going to take out the deathstar unless you destroy it's core. Not to mention the second version of the death star would of had a virtually impenitrible shield once completed. Also take into considertion that a over 17 km super star destroyer fell on top it and caused no damage!!!!!!!!! You think a few lasers are going to take out the death star. Wow.


    EDIT: Oh and not to mention the death star has like 40 THOUSAND tubro laser cannons mounted all over the structure and a mass load of tie fighters. All this is not a concern though since ONE HIT AND IT'S ALL OVER. You can't possibley argue with that. The power to turn a planet to ash would DOMINATE the star forge.

  6. unless you used master force valor, and master fury with stimulants than you could not achieve that strength lvl withotu cheats. But yeah with force powers and all that included I got to like 64 strength and averaged like 120's and hit like 300's often. Just completley anailated everyone in a single round.


    did i said somewhere that i wasnt using stimulants and force buff's.


    if still you want hold that i cheat , your an idiot .


    try my build and you will see .


    use my stats build from my tutorial. and keep raising str.


    Dude I know I made a character twice as powerful with the lvl up glitch. And as i said my character had around like 64 strength or something like that full buffed and was like your guy without the buffs stat wise.



    EDIT: Also notice that the glitch is not a cheat and the game was rushed through. The game was originally meant to allow you to level up to 50 but the game was to short because it got rushed. If my guy was level 30 he would be around what your guy is.

  7. hmm it's a tuff question. On one hand I can boost my attributes very well with two lightsabers but than I sacrifice some damage on one lightsaber if I use attribute boosting crystals. I usually use a double bladed for a slight increase in damage and I use my character crystal, hurrikaine, pontite lens, expert fencing emitter, and a tolgern jolt mark III in my lightsaber and I get MASS damage and still great attributes from my character crystal. When I use two blades though I get tempted to put the kaibur crystal in but than I don't want to lowe the damage so than I just resort to double bladed one.

  8. well sentinels are flexible.



    To continue a build like you have you could go with a sith assain which are like the sentinles but alot better as all the prestiage classes. This class requires alot of sleath skill though to really unlock it's potential.



    For a nearly limitless amount of force points choose a sith lord. Set your charisma and wisdom up and you will be owning hard. Once you get force crush no enemy can stand against you.


    For a unstoppable tank that can anailate nearly anything choose the sith marauder. They are just amazing.

  9. unless you used master force valor, and master fury with stimulants than you could not achieve that strength lvl withotu cheats. But yeah with force powers and all that included I got to like 64 strength and averaged like 120's and hit like 300's often. Just completley anailated everyone in a single round.

  10. Revan is only referred to as a woman in KOTOR 2 if you let the game refer to Revan as a woman.


    Furthermore, why the heck does it matter.  They made it "canon" so that they can integrate it into the Star Wars Universe.  To get pissed off because you played through as male Exile, only to find out that canon says Exile is female, is rather shallow, not to mention pointless.



    And Wild Storm, you can talk to Atton about Revan and keep Revan male.  Just correct him when he refers to Revan as a woman.


    Yeah and that ruined everything. I always thought of the Exile as a man. A warriar. One like no other. Now despite everything that I imagined it was trashed. RPG's are fun because YOU get to decide who your character is and now that whole concept is f###ing trashed thanks to that stupid book. It was ruined. And NO when you correct atton it sets Revan as a female but if you don't correct him he gets set as a male. And actually you CAN'T correct him but only ask a question like Revan was a female?

  11. dude did you use set strength cheat. Cause I have gotten the best POSSIBLE strength boosting items in the game and put nearly everything into strength and at level 50 I come out with about 45-50 strength. Anyway my guy has all the feats for defence and damage inflicting. He has crados robes with a good upgrade.



    Crados robes - +6 strength -2 constituion (upgraded though) +3 constitution and regeneration


    Dominator gaunlets - +5 strength


    Sith mask - lightsaber bunos feat and some immunitys plus 1 regenerative force point



    physical boost d-package - 3 to strength, dexterity, and constitution



    GNS strength enchancing belt - 4 to strength



    and my characters crystal in my lightsaber of course so plus 7 strength




    I anailate anyone in one round with my character. I can hit about 500 hp of damage in one round and I average aroudn that. Sometimes I hit like 1000.

  12. Well being male fits Revans theme alot better and same with the Exile. Also if you do ask Atton about if she was a female bastilla will also confirm that revan was a female. Also that stupid droid book proves nothing. Little is known about the Exile and we can't be sure of the Exiles gender. You choose his gender for all we know. Also who's to say in KOTOR3 (if it comes out) that the Exile won't be a male. What's canon than?

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