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  1. Look at it this way. A child could accidently press the botton on a trigger and kill someone. Who is more powerful though the child or the adult? Anyone can press a botton. If you were to be described through history and compared to braveheart as to which warriar is more powerful who would they say you cause you have a gun or braveheart? They would say braveheart. If I owned a death star and palpatine didn't I would still go down in history as less powerful cause anyone can press a botton. That is not power. I could not openly face palpatine I had to hide. That is a load of punk stuff. IT IS WEAKNESS to rely on others and it is weakness to rely on technology a mere child could do that and hey sh!t even a monkey could be trained to use a gun and kill like 20 people before it dies but it was NOT more powerful.

  2. The bear IS MORE POWERFUL. That's why humans RUN when they see them. If we use guns to shoot a bear that is not OUR POWER bacause it was done with the gun.


    That is, quite possibly, the most stupid comment I've ever read on these forums. Humans invented guns, and gun powder therefore the power is ours. You are talking purely about physical strength, and if that was all power of any kind relied on humans would be extinct. Human power comes from our minds and the ability to make tools.


    Am I the only one who finds this to be the height of internet entertainment?


    No, its not everyday you meet someone who can type while wearing a straight-jacket......



    Bears are more powerful creatures. To rely on on guns is weakness. From your logic one human could be more powerful than an entire country if he nukes them but that was BECAUSE OF THE NUKE. HE DIDN'T have the power to do that. If you were to ask a scientist however on which creature is more power he would tell you the bear. That's why we humans use guns against them because WE HUMANS ARE WEAK (NOT POWERFUL). To rely of technology is weakness. Take the gun away and go fight the bear as you are. Who wins the bear because the bear is a more powerful creature. If I got into a fight (puting weapons aside) with some kid I could beat him but it would be because of MY STRENGTH and skill with my OWN POWER. The one who wins the fight fairly will be the respected and more powerful one. A child can pull out a weapon and shoot you. That's not power. That shows his/her weakness in the fact that he/she had to resort to a gun.

  3. As to the best.....thats a hard one. I think the only person on the list who we know was not beaten in a lightsabre fight at some point was Mace Windu (We can't include Exile or Revan here, since we just don't know enough about their history to say if they were ever beaten). Palpatine was beaten by Mace, and drew against Yoda, Luke Skywalker was beaten by Vader, Vader was beaten by Dooku, Luke and Obi-Wan....Using this logic then the best lightsabre user would have to be either Obi-Wan or Windu. Windu managed to beat Palpatine, but Obi-Wan managed to beat General Grevious (who Mace failed to beat), Vader and Darth Maul (When Obo-Wan was still a pawadan). For taking on and beating more powerful/stronger opponents consistantly I think the title should really be held by Obo-Wan-even if Dooku beat him twice-rather than Windu


    Mace crushed General Grevious chest and made him run I think mace one. There are many who could beat obi-won in a lightsaber duel.






    Besides, in original scripts Anakin was going to defeat Mace in duel


    So much about invincible Vaapad



    Yeah and it didn't happen did it so what you are saying holds no bearing. Anakin is the chosen one anyway.

  4. What does it matter how or why he could could do it, all it matters is that he could, meaning if he were to fight another force user he COULD kill them. If he BEATS palpatine that makes him more powerful in my opinion.


    A bear is physically stronger than a human, but is it more powerful?


    Nihilus became powerful to a point where that power consumed him - he lost control - without control you are like a raging beast. It's hard to compare the two - Palpatine would never face Nihilus in a head on battle, because that would be suicide, he would use cunning and defeat Nihilus by exploiting his weaknesses - and I would argue that this is a stronger power than raw force.



    The bear IS MORE POWERFUL. That's why humans RUN when they see them. If we use guns to shoot a bear that is not OUR POWER bacause it was done with the gun.



    Ok with palpatines vast intelect how the hell is he going to beat him huh? And machines do not count for palpatines power. I am tlaking about their power in the force and it matters not if he is in control because he still has MORE POWER. Put them in a fight one on one. Nihilus wins with ease. To run and hide behind machines is *cowardly*.





    Don't be mad the Exile would own palps in a FIGHT.


    Don't be mad all it took was 4 jedi to beat palps.



    Don't be mad luke beat this "all powerful sith *apprentice*".


    Don't be mad yoda faught to a draw.


    Don't be mad your dream character *is a* punk and hides.



    Don't be mad palps has to rely off others to achieve power that he doesn't have because he is weak.



    Don't be mad that you can't argue against me.


    Don't be mad that palps can't win a saber duel with half the other ancient sith lords.

  5. Well, looks like you're doing a good job there arguing against OPG's garb ... comments :shifty: Darth Mortis, so no need for me to repeat what you've said in probably a less articulate way. :lol:


    All I'll say is, yes, Darth Nihilus would kill anyone in combat who isn't a wound or void in the Force, yet that doesn't make him more powerful than Palpatine. Huh you say? Well, clearly OPG you don't understand how Nihilus became the "thing" that he was in TSL. If you did, you wouldn't be arguing that Nihilus is more powerful than characters like Palpatine, Yoda, and Luke.


    Perhaps {but not today} I'll start a thread discussing the connection between the Exile and Darth Nihilus, and maybe, just maybe if you read what I have to say and comprehend it, you'll see that Nihilus' ability to drain the life of an entire planet wasn't because he's an uber powerful Force God.



    What does it matter how or why he could could do it all it matters is that he could meaning if he were to fight another force user he COULD kill them. If he BEATS palpatine that makes him more powerful in my opinion.

  6. The only Jedi Lightsaber form that has no potential weakness is Niman. As of the Clone Wars era Jedi, They did perfect their training during war conditions.


    Very ineffective form as a matter a fact. Virtually all who used this form DIED!





    Yeah, I was thinking that last night for some reason. One of the weaknesses of Vaapad would be that its not all that powerful against a Jedi-it works by reflecting darkside energy back at an opponent, and of course Jedi are Lightsiders by definition so it wouldn't work. I'm also wondering how good it is against droids, since they are not living beings as far as the Force is concerned they couldn't provide anything to reflect back through the force. Vaapad isn't defenceless against droids-if it was Windu would have been killed on Genosis-but its unlikely to be anymore effective than any other form against droids.


    Who is to say WHAT KIND of energy it reflects. All that is known is that when Mace wants to he can use to to reflect others powers back at them or use their powers for his own. Your the one that's says is like the same thing as juyo. Juyo is the greatest form (was till vapaad) against a lightsaber user (of any kind but mabey not alot at the same time) ever during it's time. Mace vapaad owned against droids as shown over and over throughout the books. Mace beat a whole droid army. They were shooting hundreds of blasters at him and he was reflecting them all. He even killed jango fett. It ownes against ALL that stuff as PROVEN throug what he acomplished by using it against them. He didn't even struggle to reflect droids blasters and than own them.




    Focus is a problem for most of the forms. The more agressive forms can lead to focusing so much on a single target you miss new threats or react more slowly against them. More defensive forms are less focused, which while allowing the Jedi to react faster to new threats, means that attacks are weaker. Mace's distraction in ROTS wasn't, however, down to Vaapad as he wasn't fighting at the time. It was more down to Mace not considering Anakin a threat and not being on his guard against him. I do, however, agree with the problem with focus being to narrow. This in fact is what I meant when I said that one of the weaknesses of Vaapad would be in situations where there are more opponents than you can take out quickly, due to its high focus on a small number of targets the Jedi would be reacting more slowly in defence and therefore be more likely to be hit.



    I don't think any lightsaber form would of saved mace from anakin. The point is if Mace is OPENLY going to fight people he CAN face all the force sensitives very well with this form and focus opon all of them. Vapaad can switch STYLES do you understand that? If he KNOWS he needs to face multiple foes he will adjust as his form can adjust and is VERY UNPREDICTABLE. It is NOT just juyo.



    Niman is potentally the most powerful of all the lightsabre forms as its principal focus is on adaptability and balance. In theory Niman should allow the user to react equally well to any sort of threat in any situation. In practice however its lack of focus is a major drawback if you are coming under a tightly focused attack-This is why Janga Fett was able to shoot the Jedi that threated him Dooku on Genosis and get through his defences. All the Jedi who were killed on Genosis were, apparently, using the Niman form and this lead the Jedi to stop using it in combat after Genosis. (Although it was still taught, Niman is a prequsite for learning the more aggessive forms-at least for Jedi, Sith might not have bothered. Its impossible to know if Niman was taught to the Sith since the only two Sith Lords who were not Jedi at one point were Sidious and Maul, and we have no idea which of the forms they knew-only the form they faught with.)


    It would be interesting, in a general way, to know which where the most popular lightsabre forms used by the Jedi after Genosis, and the forms the Jedi used most often during Revans time. I'm wondering if Jedi tend to default to the same general forms during times of war, which would tell us which forms were most effective in combat-assuming Jedi that used the less effective forms were either killed or wounded and decided to change to a different form as time went by.


    All who used ninman died but others who used other forms survived.





    Vaapad is classed as form VII, thats an agressive form regardless of what name you give the style of fighting


    Many sources say is is a brand new form BASED off juyo meaning that is how you learn it by mastering that form first. You keep saying vapaad is a offensive form and but it was clear in the books and movies that Mace WAS on the defensive against palpatine. IT IS UNPREDICTABLE and can switch. Surley you can understand that. Mace always let palpatine attack first cause he adjusted HIS lightsaber form to BE unpredictable like that. He basically resulted to obi-wons form to strike only when the foe is open but with much more skill and a super conducting loop using palpatines speed and agression against him proving that it can even DRAW off the OTHERS lightsaber skils to FURTHER adapt. So it has the potential (especially against another lightsaber user) from a master of vapaad to show no weakness to another lightsaber user.

  7. I think they should add radiation damage as a new damage type. I think when you upgrade an item the upgrades should change the apearance of thew item and the visual effects that it has when used against any enemy. For example barab ore ingot should burst in flames when hitting a target and do radiation and fire damage. I think that the crystals (power crystals) you put in should be the ones that effect the color and combinations should produce stranger colors. The melee combat needs some tweaking and he whole combat system in general. I want to see diferent lightsaber hilts that can all be used with certain upgrades. For example one hilt type should fit like 3 crystals in but another should only fit one in and the upgrades for each hilt should be different. I would like to see legs and limbs get chopped off in saber combat which I want much more advanced. I would like to see dirupter weapons vaporize foes. I want to see the items you wear more such as belts and stuff. If mandalore is in it I think he should get a flame thrower attatchment or something like jango fett. I think the choke should lift the opponant in the air. I think you should be able to pick up objects with the force and move them into your enemy. I don't want the story showing the gender of revan or the exile and I want them to have mask on or give us the option of creating our character (exile and revan) in the beginning of the game. I want to see electric judgement for a lightside power.

  8. ugh fanboy.



    Ugh punk. Ugh back THAT ****ING **** UP!








    EDIT: Vapaad IS IN FACT PUNK an unpredictable form which can switch styles at any time and others can't predict it. Someone may think for example the vapaad leaves you open but it's to unpredictable and a vapaad master can deploy a super conducting loop at will which WILL take the power of another and use it as it's own weapon do your ****ing reesearch kid. Tired of punks like you talking and not walking. SO YOU TELL ME WHAT IS VAPAADS WEAKNESS even if someone would claim it is a strictly offensive form which it's not?

  9. Thanks for including a link that just proves Juyo and Vaapad are listed as the same general form-form VII and are hence both agressive forms.

    Darth Mortis Posted Yesterday, 04:00 PM


    Read the whole thing. It states that vapaad is a higher level of mastery CREATED by mace windu so it didn't exist before and that vapaad had many powers that a juyo master did not have.


    *Sighs* and once again you missed the point. What I was saying originally was that Vaapad was an agressive/offensive lightsabre form, like juyo from which Vaapad was developed. All the lightsabre forms are a bit like a see-saw with one end being defence and the other offence. If you raise the defence the offence will fall and vice-versa. (The only form this does not apply to is Nimian, which balances offence and defense equally. However as was proved on Genosis this can be a problem as all the Jedi who were using this form got shot). The form a Jedi/Sith uses by choice depends on if they intend to wait for an opening-as Obi-Wan did-or if they intend to take the fight to an oppoent from the start.


    The trick is to get the correct balance, if you are too aggresive you'll have next to no defence and if you fail to take your opponent out before they strike back you'll most likely be dead. If you are too defensive then your opponent is going to keep coming until they break through your defenses.


    Vaapad is an agressive form, hence its defenses will be lower than other lightsabre forms. This does not mean it is a defensless form, simply that it would not allow the user to protect themselves as well as some other forms.



    Yeah I know. Juyo was the ultimate lightsaber dueling form during it's time vs any saber form yet it's weakness was against force attacks. But vapaad is a more unpredictable form that can be used for pretty much anything and a super conducting loop that can reflect almost anything.

  10. Bad example. Spider Man and Superman are owned by Marvel comics and DC comics respectively, which are different companies. Marvel could say Spidey will mop the floor with Superman, but if they printed it in a comic they'd get sued for copyright infringment.


    George Lucas on the otherhand owns the entire Starwars franchise-thats everything from the films, the games, the coffee mug even the starwars bedsheets some people have. If he says Palpatine is the most powerful Sith lord ever that is cannon, anyone saying diffently in a story will be asked to change it. If they don't they will not be able to release the result as a licenced product/story without getting sued.


    What he said still made ZERO sense. No way in all logic that palpatine could BEAT nihulis. He's wrong. Yeah you heard me right. He either needs to go and rewrite the old history of the sith to make palps more powerful or except the fact that he ALLOWED creations of more power sith (mabey a different type of sith than palpatine though).





    Visas was attempting to further weaken Nillius at the time. Her comment was about this action, which was hers not the Exiles, and means that he was too powerful for her.


    Either way your dialogue options are something like stay with me we can stop him....................somehow or visas your his link disrupt it. A weakened Nihulis gave a crew of three powerful warriars an good fight including the exile who was one of the most powerful force sensitives ever.



    The Sith attempted the direct approch several times......and lost to the Jedi, proving that brute strength alone wasn't enough


    Against more powerful jedi who had many more abilities and could even be strengthened when they workinG numbers. Battle meditation. While I think jedi like Mace windu and Yoda were equally powerful as many jedi master council members of the old republic on average the old jedi were stronger and ever stronger than ever when working together in numbers. Not only this but there were many more jedi and for the record nihulis killed thousands mabey millions of force sensitives INSTANTLY a feat which palps can't even dream of and in a respect he killed the jedi as palps FORCES did because yoda and obi-won lived and two other force sensitives (leia and luke) where as only three jedi from the old republic survived because they fled. Nilhulis did this ALL by himself through TRUE power and brute force and not some punk ass way of hiding behind someone else and having them do it for you such as palps.





    So? Controling others is a form of power. By the same logic you'd have to dismiss all Sith Lords-including Revan-as weak because they used others to acomplish their goals, they did after all fight the Jedi with other Sith, armies etc, rather than attempting to kill all the Jedi on their own. Even your beloved Nillius attempted to use Visas to kill the Exile rather than doing so himself.


    But it is NOT HIS power. I am talking about if palps were to fight ONE ON ONE and ancient sith lord he would be in for s surprise. Let it also be noted that Revan converted ALOT more jedi than palps ever could hope to. Yet with all his dark jedi he was still not some punk who sits in a chair and punks out and has others fight for him. Revan leaded the fights and faught in them and conquered all. As the jedi masters have said Revans power is unlimited (figure of speach but still)



    Due in part to Palpatine clouding the force with the darkside


    No because the jedi were just plain weak. They did not posses the ancient knoqledge to know many lost force powers during the jedi civil war. They all were terrible.



    Due to Palpatine playing groups off on one another


    And that is not a feat of HIS power according to me but others.


    That *seems* to have been his long term goal (Its not clear that the threat he was responding to really was the true Sith at this point. We'll have to wait for K3 to find out, we hope). But in the short term he was still trying to take over the Republic and get rid of the Jedi to accomplish that, and he failed.


    The jedi were stronger, the republic had more people, lots more people were involved in the wars including the mandalorians and there is battle meditation that changes everything to take into consideration.



    Manipulated yes, I'm not so sure she would have had the skills (or inclination) to get into politics


    Mabey not but who knows and no doubt she could create any army.


    When you are one Sith Lord against hundreds (maybe thousands) of Jedi its called being smart.


    Exile wouldn't run. Nilhulis wouldn't. Sion wouldn't. And intellegence is not POWER.



    Yes, I said this in another post. Palpatine relyed on deception backed up by force, while Sith Lords before Darth Bane relyed on force backed by deception. In a battle of wits Palpatine would win, in a test of pure strength in a fight he'd lose against one of the older Sith Lords. But this would be less to do with their power than it would be the lack of experience Palpatine had in that type of conflict


    So palpatine on his own right isn't as powerful as everyone makes it out to be. He is arrogant and over confident and when a few jedi came in (well mainly windu's doing) the defeated him together.

  11. Exile


    Just to annoy fanboys o:)


    Oh, but OPG isn't here anymore o:)



    Exiles feats punk.



    Exile becomes wound in force and leaches off all life that he or she kills increasing in power from every kill.


    Learns techniques instantly that takes years for MASTERS TO MASTER by just watching.


    Beats Nehilhus.


    Beats Sion who is immortal.


    Beats kreia.


    Single handidly fights many wars.


    Fights an entire army of sith assains, sith lords, dark jedi, dark jedi masters, and sith maruaders with ease.



    Kreia states he is the most powerful because he is a wound in the force.


    Kills countless force snesitives.


    and many many many more feats.

  12. ....Vaapad is a channel for darkness, and that darkness flowed both ways.......He reflected the fury upon its source as a lighsabre redirects a blaster bolt.....The darkness had no power over him. But-Neither did he have power over it. Vapaad made him an open channel, half of a superconducting loop compleated by the shadow...there was still only the cycle of power, the endless loop, no wound taken on either side, not even the possibility of fatigue. Impasse. Which might have gone on forever, if Vaapad were Maces only gift.....he only had time to slip back into Vaapad and angle his blade to catch the forking arcs of pure, dazzling hatred that clawed towards him. Because Vaapad is more than a fighting style. It is a state of mind; a channel for darkness. Power passed into him and out again without touching him. And the circuit completed itself: the lightning reflected back to its source....."Anakin, he's too strong for me-"....lightning speared from the Sith Lord's hands and without his blade to catch it, the power of Palpatine's hate struck him full-on.....Dark lightning blasted away his universe. He fell forever.'


    (Snippet from StarWars, Revenge of the Sith book, detailing the fight between Mace Windu and Darth Sidious)


    I quoted this since it says, quite clearly that Mace could control the loop only in so far as being able to activate it-meaning dropping into the Vaapad form. It also indicates that Vaapad has limits, and its ability to deflect force lightning replies on having a lightsabre in hand.


    Its also helpful since it makes the point about Vaapad I was trying to make last time-namely that Vaapads strength comes in part from whoever you are fighting. If they are being passive and defensive there is less for it to work with, so it becomes less powerful.


    YES the super conducting loop is APART OF VAPAAD so of course he has to have a lightsaber in his hands. It is part of his lightsaber form and he can activate a super conducting loop at will. As soon and they started fighting MACE intentially at WILL deployed a super conducting loop with his lightsaber form to hold off against palpatine.





    You could also argue that anyone who lost against another lightsabre opponent did so because they didn't take the form they were using to a high enough level. In Mace Windu's case he is called the Vaapad master, meaning that he had taken that form to the highest level he could and no one was better-but he still tells Anakin that Palpatine was to strong for him alone.....


    Wow....vapaad maser simpley means that he has mastered using the form effectivley but it is STILL not the highest of it's level.....he could of gone further. Luke was a jedi master for a long time but STILL increases in power continually. If palpatine would of mastered vapaad for example he would of been a better lightsaber fighter than mace because he would of taken it to a higher level.




    Jedi and Sith don't reply on the eye, they use the force; 'Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them-Obi-Wan to Luke Skywalker in Episode IV'. I'd also note that fencers can wield a conventinal blade faster than the eye can follow without using the force, and they can parry blows at that speed too. Trust me....I've failed to see it....


    it channles the power of the dark side to easily brake through defenses and YES if a user is vapaad is moving their blade so fast that even the opponants experience in the force can't block (BECAUSE THEY CAN'T MOVE FAST ENOUGH) than it has succeeded in penetrating their defenses. Not only that vapaad is stated to be the greatest most powerful form many times and is very unpredictable to the foe so it DOES penitrate defenses very well.




    Obi-Wan was considered the master of his form, so that probably does him a slight diservice, but I can't fault the logic. Obi-Wan did have better situatinal awareness than Anakin, which could have been in part down to his form being less focused than Anakin which might have allowed him to pick up on what was going on around him better



    Yeah and master is JUST A TITLE. The books even state that anakin is more powerful than obi-won but yet he never became a jedi master did he? Anakin lost because he was NOT IN CONTROL of himself and uses a highly offensive form (unlike vapaad which is unpredictable and can switch easily to cover a weakness which allowed him to defend against palps and at the same time cut his lightsaber hilt in the books) but uncontroled and he was blinded by power so Obi-won was able to defend and exploit the other forms weakness untill he got HIGHER ground and had an opening to strike.




    Thanks for including a link that just proves Juyo and Vaapad are listed as the same general form-form VII and are hence both agressive forms.

    Darth Mortis Posted Yesterday, 04:00 PM


    Read the whole thing. It states that vapaad is a higher level of mastery CREATED by mace windu so it didn't exist before and that vapaad had many powers that a juyo master did not have.

  13. Tell me this, if Nihilus became the inhuman planet eating monster that he was in TSL simply because he was a normal force-sensitive fella who became so powerful, then why is Darth Sidious, not Nihilus', canonically the most powerful Sith Lord of all time, as Sidious could not drain the life of an entire planet? :ermm:


    I'd like to know where it says that Sidious was the most powerful Sith Lord, I'd also like to know if you mean pure strength in the force or if your also including the power he could draw from other sources (ie; Allies).


    If you mean most Powerful in the force your wrong-that would be Vader-at least before he lost most of his limbs-since he had a midiclorian count higher than any recorded before. Plus Sidious tells Yoda that Vader will become more powerful than both of them-indicating that Vaders strength in the force was greater than his masters.


    If you mean power including allies etc then Sidious would indeed be the most powerful Sith Lord ever, since he could call on the resorces of the entire Galactic Empire at will.


    Yea probably what GL means anyway. **** palps had a death star. And just because someone says most powerful sith lord does NOT MEAN most powerful sith lord EVER compared to all other side lords. Also for all we know the ancient sith lords weren't palpatines type of sith lord and palpatine may have been one of these ture sith so him being most powerful would not apply in that case.

  14. It's canon, Palpatine is strongest sith ever.


    Vader would've been, but thanks for Mustafar, he only has 80 % of his power


    Aahahahaha. [i strongly disagree.] PEROID! Palps is [not so tough]. Don't care what ANYONE says he DID HIDE and LIED TO STAY ALIVE. And I don't care what anyone says about Nihilus because the FACT remains that Nihilus could instantly kill all force sensitives on the planet and palps couldn't he had to lie and have OTHERS DO it for his WEAK ass because he was a minipulater and only the most powerful sith during HIS TIME you get it? HE EVEN ADMITTED TO HIS MASTER being more powerful. The only reasonb why palps was as powerful as he was was because he had a FRACTION of ancient sith knowledge but wasn't [very powerful] if you would take him back to exar kun days. SO MUCH EVIDENCE THAT you ignore. Ignorance. FACT: Nihilus WOULD instantly KILL palps and there is NOTHING palps can do about it so argue it ALL you want but that remains a fact no matter what you say. The Exile has the same power as Nihilus as he/she is able to feed off all the death he/she causes and can instantly learn and MASTER forms that take years for most jedi to do by simple watching. Palpatine lived because he was punk who lied and minipulated because he did not HAVE enough physical power to slay countless jedi on his own. Luke defeated him. Mace beat him and he DID and canical resources say just how he did it so stop trying to argue it. Some Sith lord there. Yoda faught to a draw. Kreia could minipulate and see surther into the furture than palps. Revan was wiser and had MORE POWER. He could do everything palps could do but he could also FIGHT which palps had to have other people do it for him. Palpatine in the books was stronger than movie palpatine and more powerful than most sith I admit but movies are cannon for the most part. Now how in blue hell you gunna argue palps can beat Nihilus. He CAN'T and to be whoever WINS is more powerful. To destroy is POWER to me so however you view Nihilus power is up to you but he would win. Palps never showed us nothing impressive except hide, play people and have people whip his ass for him. He took out WEAK pethetic jedi quickly other than that. OMG amazing!








    And hey, story wise Darth Nihilus would have to be one of the weakest top foes, as his draining ability was useless against the Exile because of his wound in the Force status, and without that, well, considering his void in the Force status, was pretty weak, as the game play most likely reflected, hence his easy beat status in TSL.

    The draining ability was only useless to the exile and his other skills were still insane story wise. Storywise Exile needed two part members by him and visas to dirupt him and weaken him. Nihilus exhausted himself which was the only reason why he was so weak when he faced three incredible warriars and still made them canically struggle very hard.

















    Know this to. I don't care what GL says. He can't back it up. I could make a movie about godzilla vs ant man and say something like oh ant man is canically more powerful and it STILL WOULDN'T BE TRUE. That's pretty much all lucas is saying when he says that. Palps is an ANT to Nihilus who could cosume ALL LIFE AND DESTROY IT ALL at some point if he wasn't stoped kreia said. NOW HOW [is] palps gunna compare to him. Comparing simple food to a planet devourer. Ant vs Godzilla. That's what it IS and what it WOULD BE. PEROID! Anyone can talk. Yes GL has a mouth. Doesn't make what he says true. The true power is what the acomplished through their stories. WHAT THEY DID. What the were able to do and all logic and fact points to sidious being an average dark lord of the sith (above average minipulater) in a time when much knowledge was lost and destroyed over thousands of years.


    Edit: keep the language PG, please. :ermm:

  15. Yes but vappaad doesn't really have a weakness and especially since you and deploy a super conducting loop to simply use the other forms advantage.


    Don't forget that Juyo is what Vapaad is base on. SO Therefore, IF Revan had Mastered Juyo so can he understand Vapaad and defeat Mace and any vapaad fighter.



    There is no evidence that Revan even learned juyo and even if he did that does not mean he would master vapaad because he simply doesn't know it and must be taught (even though he can be taught fast). There would be noone to teach him and if they were to fight how they were with pure lightsaber skills it would be a hard decision because mace has vapaad and s super conducting loop. Still in the book of revenge of the sith it said mace could barley reflect palps powers nad revan may be more powerful than palps.


    1: Vapaad was derived from Juno towards the end of the Republic era. It's creater was...Mace Windu. Hence Revan could not have been taught this form as it wasn't invented until about 4000 years after he was dead.


    2: Vapaad worked by mirroring the darkside-or the agressive nature inherant in the user and whoever they were fighting. It is this aspect of Vapaad that allowed Mace to deflect Palpatines force lightning back at him, but it wasn't something that could be controled. This is the so called conductive loop you keep talking about, and it would only work against directed force powers (such as force lightning) in this way, and then only providing you can get the lightsabre in the way to blow the attack.


    3: Vapaad is not a form without weaknesses-for a start only 3 Jedi ever knew this form, two of them became dark Jedi and all three were ultimatly killed in battle.


    4: Another, logical, weakness of Vapaad would be, quite simply, that due to its nature in channeling agressive natures of user and opponent it would have less effect against someone using a very defensive style.


    5: An agressive form concentrates on dealing maximum damage to opponets quickly at the expense of defense. Or put another way the logic is that the best defense is a good offence. Against a single opponet this would probably work, but fighting a lot of opponets could land you in trouble if you fail to take care of enough of them fast enough or don't have friends in the area to at least distract them.


    6: You are confusing Skill with power, and they are not the same thing. In the context of lightsabre forms the strength you have in the force is less important than the skill with which you can use a sabre-for example Obi-Wan was less powerful than Anakin, but more skilled with a sabre which was why he won their fight. Likewise, for all we know Palpatine was far more powerful than Revan (And the fanboys can stop shouting, this is an example not a statement) but less skilled with a sabre, which in a duel would have left Palpatine headless.



    1. That was what I was getting at. No one can teach Revan the form so it's a disadvantage to him.


    2. Wrong. He could control it. Also it could deflect MORE than just force powers if you read ANYTHING about the fight between him and palps he used palps OWN speed, agression and power in the saber duel as his OWN with the super conducting loop. Mace CAN deploy a super conducting loop at his will. In this area you are completley wrong. Read the book for more info.



    3. They were killed because they lacked the skill not because the weakness of their form but because they never took it to a high enough level.


    4. WRONG. It could EASILY penitrates defenses with blinding speed nearly invisible to the naked eye according to the books.


    5. Wron again. You speak of juyo! VAPAAD is NOT juyo. Besides NONE of this matter because with his lightsaber form he can deploy and super conducting loop for defense.


    6. Obi-won was not as skilled as anakin with a blade merely more in control and aware as to what was going on because his form was perfect against Anakins. Many books even state that Anakin was one of the greatest saber fighters of his time. He owned duko and obi-won didn't even come close. Palps was NOT more powerful than revan and skill results in POWER anyway. If your more skilled using a saber than your MORE POWERFUL using a saber because you will win. End of subject. You give the same thing two meanings. Bottom line is the one who wins in the saber duel is the one who is more powerful saber duelist enless their form is giving them rare advantages.







    And the bottom bottom line is the fact that Mace CAN DEPLOY A SUPER CODUCTING loop AT WILL (don't confuse this ability with shatterpoint) and THAT will take care of his defenses.




    Check out the above link.



    Oh and only TWO jedi ever mastered vapaad fully.

  16. They do stack it just doesn't say on the bonus area. Check your attributes and if it only shows the one then you weren't full light or dark when you switched to the prestiege class.

    More than that IDK.



    Well I got sith marauder with full dark as guardian and maruader. Screen on top says 1-8 damage bonus. Do I really have two? Cause I was full dark.

  17. Attons easy.


    Bao-Dur is the only one I have never got. Any advice? What must I do to train him?

    Keep him with you on Dantooine. There are I think three opportunities to gain influence with him there.


    I had alot of infuence. Influence wasn't the problem. There just was never an option of saying stuff like can I train you to be a jedi. I have completed all the conversations with him gained lots of influence but never trained him yet.

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