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  1. Never said that The Exile was the only one to use choke. Just that it is a darkside power that he possesed that would give him some possible advantages against luke. Also when Mace unleashes the darkside powers within him he will defeat all those dudes mentioned by you. Lukes style did not come close to vapaad. Palpatine beat Yoda.

  2. Oh god I need help. I can not get back to the KSE. It freezes up every time and ever since I downloaded the patch for the Telos bug the game has been messed up don't know about a normal one). First off when I downloaded it it went really fast and then a page would pop up saying this page can not be displayed. I would close that and it would pop up again. I would continue to close it and it wouldn't stop popping up and when I am playing the game it keeps bringing back to it. I need help PLEASE. I need a detailed discription on how to fix this bug (which by the way I think is rediculis that we have to download all these patchs when you pay for a game) and the problem. Is there someething else besides KSE that I can use? I can not get to KSE.

  3. The Exile is far more powerful. Keia even said he was greater than any she has ever trained. The exile can learn a jedis abilities just from fighting them and he can gain those powers. He also has WAY BETTER and WAY MORE powers. It was even stated in the game since he was cut off from the force he could do things no jedi could do. Come on guys. It's called FORCE CRUSH! Exile wins this so easy. There is NO point in the story that says Revan is the most powerful but it does state the exile is morep owerful than he is. The exile even defeated Revans trainer and the immortal Darth Sion.

  4. When I download it it doesn't do anything. Man there's alot of gliches in this game. Also when I downloaded it ever since I went back into that spot I get things popping up on my computer saying this page can not be displayed. It won't let me download it right I don't think. Ah this is so messed up. Can someone please give me instructions as to what I need to do.



    EDIT: Omg I can't even get back to the link now. This is so messed up.

  5. This is the way I see it. The knights of the old republic wielded acient powers that were way more powerful than most new star wars characters. I know little about most of these characters except for the ones in KOTR.


    Here's my list of most powerful in no order. (there are otehrs who should be on this list though)



    The Exile




    Luke Skywalker

    Darth Traya

    Mace Windu

    Darth Sion

    Darth Nulis (or however you spell it)

    Darth Vader


    Well Revan beat Malak so that gets rid of him and Kreia stated that the exile was the greatest she ever trained and he had far more powers. So that gets rid of revan. Darth Sion can't die so he is up there but the exile still managed to outpower him and sap his will. So Sions out. Darth Nulis was defeated while the Exiles power was still growing but that fact that he can consume all life on a planet is rather impressive still but he is out. Traya was beaten by the exile. Palpatine seemed a little about Yoda. Vader is but Palpatiens slave so he is out as well.



    This leaves us with Mace Windu, The Exile ,Palaptine and Luke. First off I would like to say that all these characters seemed more pwoerful in the book (except for the exile). Mace Windu's lightsaber form is simply amazing. We never really see Mace use all his powers because they borderline the darkside. Mace Windus lightsaber form can be so fast that it is invisible to the human eye and that's why it's called vapaad. There is no lightsaber form that can really comapre to it in terms of lightsaber skills. It is said to be by far the most powerful form. It can even take the powers of another foe and relfect them upon them and draw from other foes power. It can find their weaknesses as well. Mace Windu reflected Palaptines own hatred and speed back at him and used at as his own. Mace Windu most likly has all the buffs of the lightside and the rage of the darkside to aid his physicle attributes but the Exile can get some awesome crystals and force enlightment and force valor which can make him pretty damn powerful. But Mace Windu wields the rarest and most powerful crystal. Mace Windu wins if the exile is a weapons master for completing the exiles juyo form. If the exile was a sith lord it would be different though. Palpatine can make a powerful ightning storm but since the exile has shown great lightning powers he probably could to but that attack is NEVER used for close range which is why he never used it. But having force storm when even Palaptine hasn't show to have it shows the exile was mroe powerful and he can sue force crush over and over again and decimate his foes. Luke passed Palpatine up in power so Palpatines out. We have the Exile (sith lord), Mace Windu and Luke left. At the end lukes lightsaber looked as if it were many moving at once but it was not invisible and he did not have the power of vapaad and he did not have the rare purple crystal (which in the books it was said only the most pwoerful jedi could weild it). I am just kind of rushing through this so excuse my grammer. Anyway Luke however could shoot emerald lighting in his last book. This attack would instintly kill a foe. It is unknown weather or not it is a lightside power only though. The exile might be able to harm him with choke or normal lighting or force crush (which is just as deadly for a single foe as lukes lightning). But luke has minipulated enitre planets and black holes. Luke is the son of the chosen one. However the exile was never really taught like a normal jedi and only had minutes to pick up on some things. The exile grew stronger for every foe he killed and learned while fighting his foes. I say the exile would learn vapaad and master it quickly and he would learn lukes powers. So the exile wins. Mace would beat luke in a lightsaber duel just for the record but not in an all out fight.

  6. I have beat the game many times on the Xbox but I have baught it for PC now. I read instructions on sights like ign to edit the swkotor.ini file and put EnableCheats=1 under game options. I have done this (took me awhile to figure it out). Then it says to hit the (`) key when I get in the game. Well I do and nothing happens. I type in the cheat and nothing happens. I can't figure it out. This is where I am getting this information from. http://cheats.ign.com/ob2/068/608/608569.html



    A cheat for normal clothes would be


    {01}Clothing a_robe_01



    For this I would just have to type in a_robe_01 correct?


    I have also tried typing "giveitem [a_robe_01].


    Is this correct?



    No matter what I do I can't get the cheats to work. Can someone please give me some detailed instructions to how to get the cheats to work? :)

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