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  1. Oh really what is this huge debate that jodo kast 5 made? Hmm something about sidious is a real sith and a more powerful sith than ancient ones. HE STARTED it not me.




    Ragnos: Only got a few planets under his reign.


    Sidious: An entire galaxy.


    Which is better?


    Sidious showed us what a Sith is really like, an evil being who manipulates people to further his goals. He didn't even have to wage war, he let others do it for him, and then took advantage of it. He also learned the way to, somewhat, immortal life(Switching bodies when dying and overshadowing the spirit within the live body.).


    Haven't seen any of the Ancient Sith do that.




    He ruled for over 1000 years conquering jedi from one end of the galaxy to the other. I dont believe Palpatine lived for 1000 years.



    Keyword in your post, is 'Ancient'. And he ruled for a 100 years, not a thousand. And he, or any other Sith for that matter, never encountered ANY Jedi, they only had and heard stories of them, and they never traveled outside of the Korriban system. Nice points there, buddy, too bad they're all moot. 



    And I don't believe how completely out of context your post



    Kun did the exact same thing as sidious... heck Kun was able to survive 5k years before being purged by the jedi. He also got promicing students to kill their masters.




    No, he didn't. Sidious litterally infiltrated the Republic, turned it's beliefs inside out, manipulated the events of the galaxy, and swayed the Jedi's fabled 'Chosen One', to join him. Lucas in an interview on the second ROTS DVD, even states that the PT was the Golden Age of the Jedi.


    Kun on the other hand, was too impatient and never manipulated anything except a few weak minded Jedi. He only waged war, while Sidious did it in the backround and had backup plans just incase his original plans failed. Sidious was a Master of manipulation, Kun, as stated by KJA, was "Just a scholar.".


    Promicing students? They were as weak as AOTC Anakin, the only reason they got to kill their Masters, was because the Master's were caught off-guard.


    And Kun lived as a Spirit trapped in the Massassi Temples and wasn't even stirred until Luke made an Academy there. Sidious possessed one of his personal assassins and then used the body to transport himself to Byss, where he took on one of his own clone body's, then he waited until the Thrawn Campaign was over. Meaning he didn't have trap himself to one place, he couldve possessed anyone, he even says so in DE 1.


    In feats and power:




    I really wish people would stop making it seem like the Ancient Sith were best things since sliced bread. They haven't doen NAYTHING comparable to what Sidious did.

  2. omg get out of here you sidious fanboys. Go worship him somewhere else. He has nothing to do with the topic. And yes you are right. Sidious minipulated people possibley better than any sith in history. But kun DIDN'T NEED TO. He has RAW power and did not hide behind others or rely off them. Kun nearly killed luke by looking at him. Even DE sidious could not do that. And for the fanboys who think sidious learned every power you sicken me. Once sidious drains an ENTIRE planet of ALL life than come back. Once he reaches a power level where he can no longer remain man than come back. Once he does NOT USE his armies to defeat his enemy than come back. HE NEEDS the death star and super lasers to take out a planet. He even TRIED learning the electro magnectic torpedoe which could take out and planet and FAILED! Come back and debate when sidious can simply WATCH a foe fight him and master that super powerful teqnique within SECONDS better than the most powerful jedi in the order and not only that but it took those jedi years to learn. Come back to me when sidious can make force bonds. Come back when you find out sidious can take out a planet with his OWN sheer power. Come back to me when sidious isn't hiding and minipulating others to save his @$$. Come back when sidious increases in power from every passing kill. Come back to me when we SEE PROOF that sidious is the most powerful PEROID! Come back to me when WE SEE him use more powers. Kun faired better against luke than sidious and that's the bottom line. There are many great sith lords. What do you honestly think sidious could do against nelius. He would be drained on contact just like that bam over. YES I will admit DE sidious was very powerful and possibley even powerful enough to be put on the top 10 if not 5 most powerful dark lords of the sith in history. But his only UBBER impressive ability was his force storm. BUT THAT'S IT. Almost EVERY other dark lord of the sith can do whatever he can in terms of raw power. They could move just as fast at blinding speeds. They do not HIDE behind tecnoligy and armies such as sidious. What do you think sidious would do if he had NO ARMY and was ALONE against these sith lords? In all HONESTY people for christ sakes. How can he POSSIBLEY fair against sith who have managed to conquer galaxies with THEIR OWN RAW power. Oh and just for the record if other ancient sith lords set out to find the secrets to force storm like palpatine and had the book of anger they would learn it to. Palpatine never even showed he mastered force lighting storm or immortality like sion. There are COUNTLESS abilities he has not learned that you fanboys would want him to. He is not NEAR as powerful as he is made out to be. Take away is army and see how powerful he really is. Once palpatine charges in and destroys entire armies of sith assains, elite sith assains, sith marauders, sith lords, an immortal foe (sion), kreia, and the dark lord of the sith (nelius) in one day come back.


    Let's see what we have hear.


    Yoda faught to a draw with him.

    Luke beat him.

    He died by vader.

    Mace beat him in a saber duel.


    As we can see he showed nothing that impressive in his duels WITHOUT his army. True he was strong but to claim that these feats make im the most powerful ever sickens me.


    Edit: Anyway the exile even said since he gave up the force he gained powers not possible otherwise. If these true sith are a greater threat than what the exile faced (all the three sith lords with abiltities that are just insane, draining entire worlds, becoming so powerful you can not remain human, immortality, forseeing stuff more than 4000 thousand years in the furture and master draining abilties) than they sure as hell are going to be powerful. ONCE YOU HAVE SOLID PROOF that sidious has acomplished feats of RAW POWER WITH HIS ARMIES that go beyond any other come back. But for now he hasn't even been able to drain or destroy a planet. END OF DISCUSSION. Sidious NEEDS his minipulating to survive and that's a hardcore fact that all you fanboys must admit. Untill than I want to see him just march in the jedi temple and single handidly kill everyone. Hell he wasn't even powerful enough to make an energy attack strong enough to take out the temple. He never even mastered force lighting storm and showed few powers.


    A truley powerful sith lord does not need to minipulate every. The can anailate everyone all by themselves.

  3. Do you have HK with his personalized equipment, and mandalore and atton some damn good equipment? Or did you just level them to 50, give htem a blaster rifle, and let 'em have at it?

    Yeah I got HK with some personal gear like his capactor armor with absorbs 75 percent energy. Mandalore still hits the best. Gave mandalore alot of the best dexterity stuff and fully upgraded (best upgrades) mandalorian disintgators (which are the best guns in my opinion cause you wield two and their unstoppable to anything) and mandalore hits slight more than hk but it is VERY close. This may be cause I couldn't get the dexterity on hk as high but they are both really good. Atton is like 1/3 of all these guys but he has a fully upgraded mandalorian heavy reater instead of disintegrators but ah well. He is still not as good.

  4. Actually, I'm pretty sure that the lightsaber you pick off of the vulker boss, Brejik was it? Is in fact Bastila's lightsaber. Most, if not all, conversations about Taris prove it. Paraphrasing:


    Yeah but when we see bastilla in the movies against revan she had a yellow single bladed saber. I think that the double bladed one is just one she finds. Also you do have to remember that back in the days of the old republic jedi could learn dark moves in the counsil and not be corrupted as easy and charisma can help all this. Bastilla was pretty resisitant towards the dark side and a saber is generally not going to symbol that your evil all the time. One of the COUNSIL members in KOTOR2 had a purple double. Either way I still am not convinced that the double bladed lightsaber that you find in the first one is bastillas.


    On the topic of having a "Red" llightsaber, well, if the exile chose to head to the darkside after the Mandalorien Wars, after seeing Revan be so powerful, it's not that hard to believe he acquired a red crystal


    Yep. That's what I am saying. He followed Revan (most likley as a dark jedi because revan made him one) and obtained the red color asa symbol of his allignment to revan and his rebellian against the jedi order.

  5. ^++ If not as a guardian then I start with the Echani Brand from Taris then Yusanis double thingy then Ajuna Pall's double blade. Until I get the Solaris Crystal like every other light sided [disgusted]Jedi[/disgusted]. If guardian then as soon as a corpse gives me one I use a double Light saber....

    A question that has been burning into my skull since reading the description on Bastilla's Lightsaber. If a double bladed lightsaber represents the users aggressive nature. Why can Bastilla use one and not get chewed up by Vrook.

    Also why is a Red Lightsaber an option for the Exile? Where did s/he get it?


    Well first off bastillas saber was not really her saber or at least the double bladed one. It was just a saber they found. Second off The Exile probably got his red saber from the mandalorian wars because he set out to follow revan.

  6. Unfortunatly, no books, comics, creators have said otherwise so it's still destroyed.


    You missed the point. I said if I (AS IN ME) created a movie with a star destroyer and had it destroyed in the movie but later in an interview said it was not destroyed. But I guess since I made (if I made it) it I can just say it wasn't destroyed even though it was SHOWN destroyed. Do you go by what the creator said or what was shown and proved throughout the story?



    Same applies to you. Except I'm actually following a book. Your following whatever is in that little mind of yours (blank space perhaps?)


    No actually EVENTS, FEATS AND THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED IN THE FILMS, BOOKS, AND GAMES TO SHOW POWER! Things that HAPPENED. Things that were SHOWN. Thing that WERE PROVED. Did sidious have the ability to consume planets, vaporize all life, move at blinding invisible speeds, draw power off others and did he fidn the secrets to immortality? And for those who think his former master was and he learned how to be immortal he died and it was SHOWN in the film. Lucas had it part of the story that he learned everythnig his former master did including keeping others from dieing but he NEVER learned that ability. Lucas story argues with itself. As I said once sidious PROVES by showing us that he can acomplish a force feat FAR greater than the prevuis ones we have seen we could debate him the most pwoerful EVER but for now he is defently NOT the msot powerful ever.




    EDIT: Anyway none of this matters since I have already said luke would probably win.

  7. You got it. I may not like it but I'm not going to be a jackass and sit here debating something that is completley out of my hands. Like Revan being a guy, I don't like Revan being a guy. I think it suits Revan if he were a woman. More shock value. I don't like it how it's canon but I don't have much of a choice.


    Ok I guess that star destroyer was never destroyed even though it was destroyed in the movie and it showed it. :rolleyes:



    In case you didn't know, science-fiction is notorious for finding loop holes bring things back the way the creator wants. Like in DC comics...how many times has a character died but they always find a way to bring them back from the dead?


    Well you can think what you want.

  8. No like you. As far as I am concerned the only thing that counts as what a force sensitive has acomplished. Lucas could say someone like Kit fisto is more powerful than revan. Doesn't make it true. He has nothing to back that up. Stan lee can say ant man can beat the hulk. Doesn't make it true. The only things that have any say in this is what they have acomplished.

    Uh...yeah it does. Anything Lucas says goes. That's the way G-canon works. Whatever the boss wants. The boss gets.



    K you can think kit-fisto can beat revan and hell even luke if lucas says it.



    EDIT: Example would be like I made a movie where a super star destroyer got blown up and than said in an interview that it didn't. I guess what I say goes. :rolleyes:

  9. Oh yeah. Your cool


    I don't give a flying f#ck what you think. OPG = PIMP



    And how do you expect me to prove to you that is a page in the book?


    Hmm you can't so the debate goes on.


    EDIT: NVM you have proved your point it is from the book. Now it is a matter of interpetation as well. What did in mean by that? Could of meant THROUGH minipulating he became the strongest because he made the strongest army to back him up when he got in some tight sh!t.



    I don't need to prove anything. The book says Palpatine is the most powerful sith of all time - no debate. Vader knew Force Crush (Dark Forces). He had to learn it from someone...


    What maks you think vader had to learn it from someone. Exile learned it from simply being a wound in the force and knew how the harness it's power unlike vader. And yes you need to give a list of feats that he has acomplished (minipulating does not count) to even begin to say he is the msot powerful. When I am comparing jedi power lvls I compare them on WHAT THEY DID! WHAT THEY HAVE SHOWN! THEIR ABILITIES THEY HAVE SHOWN!


    You mean like you do?


    No like you. As far as I am concerned the only thing that counts as what a force sensitive has acomplished. Lucas could say someone like Kit fisto is more powerful than revan. Doesn't make it true. He has nothing to back that up. Stan lee can say ant man can beat the hulk. Doesn't make it true. The only things that have any say in this is what they have acomplished.

  10. K first off I don't need my mom to by it for me. I make plenty of money from hustlein.


    Second off I see no proof that that is a page in the book.


    Third off you still haven't backed up any of my arguements. Case closed. He never even gained abilities such as force crush.


    Now I am tired of argueing with little kids who think they can just come up and start sh!t all the time. Unless your going to do sh!t than stfu.

  11. Do I have to scan the entire book for you to understand? Read it carefully. It clearly says that Palpatine was the most powerful Sith in history...


    Idiotic fanboy...I feel like I'm arguing with a nine year old about the difference between Anakin and Luke.



    I say WHAT it said. But you have GIVEN me no proof as to where this came from. You told me. That's about it. But I see nowhere that says it's official fanboy. And I will gladly argue with that by saying it means he was the msot powerful dark lord of the sith because his empire not his OWN POWER. If he was ALONE he would be no match for a true ancient dark lord of the sith.


    EDIT: The only fanboy here is you. You fail to show me where you got this information from and what makes it official. I got no proof that it is official. Hell yeah I read the whole mother ####ing thing already. That GIVES ME NOTHING. What makes that official. Anyone can right that. I see no proof within that link that that was official. And back up my other arguements. Why does palaptine reley on devices such as the death star if he is so powerful. Truth is he can't take out a planet and his only super impressive ability to compare him to ancient sith lords is his force storm. ONE BLOODY THING. That's it. Mant sith have achieved such feats. All his other feats on that lvl are through OTHER people under his control weather it be force sensitives, tecnoligy, and army or whatever. Other sith could take out planets, move just as fast and showed even more RAW POWER. If there were ONLY sith lords in the entire galaxy and nothing for sidious to hide behind he would get owned by ancient sith lords. Hell sidious was also still a man. Nililus was so power he could not even remain a man and that was PART OF THE STORY and not a gameplay thing if you want to use that as an excuse. That ALONE is proof that sidious did not achieve a power greater than any.

  12. That gives me nothing. How is this official. All I see is a short summary. I don't see where or who it's from and either way that leaves us right back to square one. If he was the msot powerful sith lord he would have MORE RAW POWER. Like the power to incincerate yoda instantly. The power to take out planets WITHOUT RELYING off technoligy such as the DEATH STAR and other PEOPLE to do it for him. Fact is palpatine NEEDED others to make up for his lack of power. Yes DE sidious was extremley strong but the strongest of all sith ever? Some dark lords of the sith aren't even known. How do we know sidious was even better than his former master? Once I SEE him do SOMETHING worthy of making him the greatest dark lord of the sith EVER than I will believe it but there is just so much he wasn't able to do and there was just so many extreme abiliies that he NEVER learned. Like I said if he was so powerful why did he need a death star. He was the MOST POWERFUL MINIPULATER but in terms of RAW power he was not. He spent to much time building up his empire and minipulating others to cover for his weaknesses.

  13. Electromagnectic WHAT!?


    Lets see... palpatine could summon force storms that devoured fleets and could eat planets, he could make people into sith, and he built the eclipse because it was a DEMONSTRATION of what the empire was capable of... Like the death star




    Here's the power that sidious TRIED to learn but never did. Also his force storms NEVER EVER showed the ability to destroy a planet. Yes entire star ships and fleets but not a planet. And it's not like when he is dueling someone right next to him that he can just use that ability. He would kill himself to. Also sidious DID NOT make the eclipse. It was imperial troops that did or at least the suepr laser. The whole super laster design was created by vader and imperial troops. And even if you could argue sidious had the intellegence to make a super laser cannon that has nothing to do with his OWN RAW POWER. Palpatine NEEDED an army to try to rule the galaxy where as many ancient sith did not. They just came in and kill everybody.


    Here is the power everyone worships palpatine for. One that can't even directly help him in this duel.




    EDIT: Also who is the say if Revan found the book of anger and set out to learn this ability that he wouldn't. I believe Revan had the potential to learn virtually any ability. But instead Revan set out to find the star forge. Oh and luke beat palpatine WITH LEAIS help for those who keep saying he just did it. And it was a saber duel.

  14. I'm not, I'm telling you facts. DE Sidious knew EVERY Darkside technique known, and even made a few himself (DE Sourcebook.), and you're putting Revan>DE Palpatine? Don't make me laugh, stupid fanboy, without any proof or points to your claims, your argument holds more water than Custer's dead body. Hell, even the NEC says Palpatine is the most powerful Dark Lord of the Sith in History. If anyone has the NEC and doesn't believe me, it's on Page 84.


    OverPowered Godzilla: "ZoMg!!1! TEH R3VAN W1LL B34T P41PATIN3 B3(4U5E i SAY S0!!11!!1."


    ^That's what you're basically saying.



    GIVE ME PROOF NOW!!!!! If he knew every darkside tecnique KNOWN EVER IN SITH HISTORY he would just STARE at luke and he would die PEROID END OF DISCCUSION FANBOY! That is the most retarded thing I ever heard. In fact Palpatine tried all he could to learn the electro magnectic torpedoe that another sith possed and could take OUT PLANETS WITH IT. Hmm Palpatine came FAR from knowing EVERY darkside power. His impressive feat was his force storm. I laugh at how arrogant you are. Complete and utter fanboy. Go worship him somewhere else. I wasn't even saying REVAN WAS DA MSOT UBBER PWNAGE EVER! I said don't udnerstand Revan because he to collected VAST amounts of knowledge (even knowledge sidious never descovered). He also had an unlimited potential where as palps was limited and I bet you any money Revan had a higher medeclorian level. I NEVER did say Revan was more powerful all I said is he very well might be since we know so little about him yet you jump to conclusions like the creater or star wars. You are the one with no proof of your claims. Once palpatine increases in power from every kill, creates force bonds, destroys PLANETS (and he was to WEAK WHICH WAS WHY HE BUILT THE eclipse star destroyer :rolleyes: ) by draining them and from energy attacks, moves ad invisible speeds to the human eye (blur is not invisisble), and shows some new abilities THAN come back to me fanboy. Your lack of knowledge should be noted to everyone.




    That was what your retarded a$$ jsut said. Think twice. You can't even begin to back that up.





    O RLY? Maybe you should go to read those messages again. All those arguments were tored to small pieces, not by me alone. And it was you who left the forum whining after that 


    Oh my god, I started with very n00b flaming  Now I have to say something witty... 




    (that should do it)


    Oh well, anyway: Palpatine's is officially stated to be most powerful sith ever, Revan is powerful, but Luke is more powerful than him.


    Yea read those messeges and it sickens me how arrogant you are and how much you ignroe everything laid down right in front of your eyes. I have gave you links, quotes fro mthe charactrs who faught next to him, and storyline FACTS so except them. All you can say is this is not cannon. Yeah real smart. :rolleyes: Anyway this is COMPLETLEY irrelevant to this topic! The EXILE has nothing to do with it again showing your lack of understanding.



    Did you get hit really hard in the head when you were younger? :rolleyes:



    Ok smart @$$ give me proof. Give me a link as to where it says palpatine is the most powerful sith EVER. And than tell me what he has shown to even begin to make that statement. :rolleyes:

    Just like your retarded responses as to palps being the only sith during his time hahahahah. PAY ATTENTION.



    EDIT: Oh and none of this matters because I already said luke would msot likley win.

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