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  1. I *almost* always discharge nearly entire hands from every character once I've nailed down the villain, except for the character that will fight said villain, for the chance to load up on any ally-assisting cards before the final fight (blessings, ranged weaps, etc).
  2. You guys are so spoiled releasing content this fast this early is not the norm in the gaming community. Have patience!!
  3. Ya I clicked on the keyhole. I'd estimate I've bought 20-30 chests. Any thoughts from paizo/obsidian?
  4. After finishing a map, I went to buy 1 chest. The chest purchase seemed to go through fine, but when I clicked it, it didn't open and just sat there glowing and oscillating. That was ok, one chest broken... But then it happened again. I got frustrated and purchased gold with cash to open up some chests ($5). Two or three of those didn't open. Frustrating. Just now, I earned 500 gold, bought another chest, and again it looks like it's about to open but gets stuck oscillating and glowing with no cards revealed. I'd like a gold comp to make up for 4 unopened chests, especially because I spent cash this time. --------- I can't blame the failed transactions on connection issues as I was able to complete purchases and maps resulting in the correct gold being acquired.
  5. After playing for a couple weeks now, I wanted to share something it took me a while to figure out. Discarding, recharging, and healing after encounters is SO important and really gives you an opportunity to balance out your hand. Rather than having two armors in my hand, I often will recharge one if not both depending on whether I'm looking for a particular card draw. I started using my heal spell more often with Kyra (I carry two) even if I only have two cards in my discard pile. Basically any chance I get to improve my hand, I take. It's a much less conservative strategy, but is very beneficial in the end.
  6. Thanks guys. I exited the game completely, then swiped it out of the running iPad programs, restarted and it worked. I suppose pausing and turning off the iPad must've somehow logged it out of Game Center so I wasn't able to get rewards when I turned it back on. Easy enough to fix.
  7. As the title reads, today I'm not getting any gold rewards for finishing maps. I thought at first it was something I did wrong (turned off iPad in the middle of a map) but after completing crows bait 3x on legendary, I now believe something is critically wrong. After I finished my last map, I clicked around in different scenarios to see if any gold rewards were available and they are not. Again, this affects legendary mode. What's happening? Just some background info: playing with Meri, Valeros, Kyra, and Ezren. iPad. Internet connection is fine.
  8. My fav combo of players so far: Meri, Kyra, Valeros, and Ezren. Items I'm not willing to give up for one-shot potions, etc: Khol of Discernment, Spyglass, Masterwork Tools, Ring of Protection, Staff of Minor Healing x2, Sihedron Medallion x2, Crown of Charisma, Medusa Mask, Orb of Frost, Amulet of Life. Most of the potions and items I find during the match end up being sneak attack fodder for Merisel or banish-to-close cards.
  9. X2 on vanishing cards. This should probably be moved to tech forum/bug reporting but: playing on iPad, 4 person crew, lost a shock glaive (Valeros) while encountering a bandit henchman in the guard tower (crows bait). I believe I clicked the weapon then canceled to choose another and it was gone for the rest of the scenario. It was not available as a choice when adding weapons back to Valeros after the mission was complete (fortunately, I looted two more while farming for weapons later on).
  10. I picked up haste in story mode. Deck 2 spell. Ezren never leaves home without it!
  11. Yup. @Rayex: May I make a suggestion to your sheet? Add the deck #s available in the scenarios, because that weighs HEAVILY in to farming. I'd rather grind Crow Bait for higher weapons rather than Approach to Thistletop X2 on farming Crows Bait. Seems like the fastest way to pick up items and weapons. In my case, Meri and Kyra duo the general store (2 weapons, 3 items) while Valeros and Ezren take out the guard tower (2 weapons, 2 items). If I've had bad luck, I forfeit and repeat. If things go well, I finish the level for the 200 gold.
  12. I have merisiel, kyra, and valeros locked up in story mode on the second scenario in burnt offerings (local heroes). If I try to play it, I see the intro scenes, arrange my characters to their individual locations, and click to start. On my first character's turn, nothing happens. I can't click anything (can't even quit the game). I have to hit the home button and swipe out of the game to do anything else on the iPad. What's going on?
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