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  1. Lack of balance leads to Dragon Age.Dragon Age makes me sad. But why? Yes, mechanic of that game was simple (just as in BG/IWD/Planescape and many other old school games), but at least some magic felt like something to fear of - Inferno, fireballs, tempest and few more. And now, all i can see are FIREWORKS, just because you can not make fireball stronger then rapier.
  2. I agree with JerekKruger. In fact, this balance "cancer" leads to stupid ideas where magic is equal to bare fists and daggers. So yes, balance in single RPGs is making me sad.
  3. Magnets Patches, how do they work? Ok, maybe half a year ago, i would be mad with updates like this, but now i'm more interested with what part of the game will be fuked up in the next update.
  4. For sure it's Normal. All others difficulties after Normal add additional enemies, ignoring dialog information. For example I myself remember mill in the first village, that quest where you need to resolve tension between city folks and owner of the mill. So the thing is: in description when you're speaking with him, it said that there are this guy and two of his sons, but with higher difficulties there are also two random guys with them. Therefore i believe it's Normal, and of course BEAR cave. BTW how do i spoiler?
  5. Ok, maybe you guys right. But right now, this whole disengagement thing reminds me of Vanilla World of Warcraft. It was the same tactics - Tank aggro Boss/Pack of Mobs for some time and only after that period of time, DPS classes would be able to safely join the battle. And of course, if some DPS classes over reacted and for some reason Tank lost the aggro, then you have what i have in POE now, where some random thugs went for my mage, ignoring Eder who was desperately trying to save the day. The only thing that I miss in this game now, is the music from Benny Hill Show, because this is exactly what it looks like during some encounters. Anyway what i like to say is - Aggro is Bad.
  6. I don't know, it looks retarded for me the way it is now. I mean whats the point of positioning your squad members, if the result is the same - enemy will usually try to disengage your tank, and go directly to Aloth weakest party member. Just imagine that in the heat of the battle you are facing your opponent and suddenly he decides that "fck this guy, i'd just ignore common sense, stop defending myself and run directly to that guy. YOLO". C'mon.It's just don't make any sense, and that guy would instantly receive a blade between his ribs. By the way, if i remember, then in BG and IWD it was much better. And yes, i do understand this was made for a reason, to make some balance and challenge, but for those who like to play games on "Normal" difficulty, this looks bad. The same reason i don't like "Hard" difficulty, because you can encounter in the forest, on the same place - two wyverns, four earth blights, three Pwagwas (or how do you write it), Troll and three Xaurips. Pls, just explain to me - why the hell do they even walk together? Its just don't make any sense.
  7. Obsidian finally release 3.03 patch. Your vacation already finished. Sad Frog.jpg
  8. Hi volks, this is my 1st post and my english is not perfect. Last week I installed gog galaxy app on my pc and I found an option called "BETA CHANNELS" under the dlc section and just like steam you can choose between "DEFAULT" or "PRIVATE CHANNELS" with password. i hope this is what you were looking for. No mate, that's not. For some reason GoG do not provide us with the luxury of Betas. Actually that is why lots of people can't wait for official patch release.
  9. Ok guys, i just realized what "Pillars of ETERNITY" means. It's how much time we need till we will be able to play this game.
  10. Is this the new way for Bug support? Me: My game is not working, fix plz. Obsidian: You mad because of your family. LoL.
  11. Just give us at least a god damned HOTFIX for stacking bug. It is literally unplayable for me because of this. Edit: Christ, just realized, that i have been waiting for this patch for one and the half month already. I mean - c'mon, this is fking cheap.
  12. Soooooo, any info on patch release? Or it is just "SOON"?
  13. So, this zero visions in log book was a BUG? God, i thought i was doing something wrong. Anyway, can we have any reply on patch progress?
  14. By the way, any news when this patch will go Live? Us GoG users are feeling sad, cause only Steam allow to download betas. First we had to wait almost forever for Beta and now, we still can not play
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