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  1. This is not true at all. "You" refers only to the player who is making the check, encountering the card, etc. They would not have changed this in the digital version from the tabletop version. Goblin Warchanter says "Before the encounter, succeed at a Wisdom 8 check or you may not play spells with the attack trait or weapons." Other players who are not encountering this card can help the player who is, but helping cards are not weapons or attack spells. Weapons and attack spells say "for YOUR combat check" which means other players cannot play those to help attack a monster anyway. Why would anyone at the location besides the player encountering this card need to make the Wisdom 8 check? Well, you actually can discard some ranged weapons to add 1d4 to a combat check elsewhere, so the roll might still apply to all characters in the party.Then there was this clarification by Paizo a few years ago: when a bane you are encountering has a power that limits what YOU can do, that limit applies to any character who wants to do those things. So I think that Obsidian went the conservative way or the game just needs to know each character's limitations before taking any action, so it make you roll the Wisdom check for ALL characters, so that the game knows what cards each of them can play during that encounter.
  2. Hi guys. I've just run into another little bug. I was doing scenario 3 in the Burnt Offerings Adventure. I had Seoni, Harsk and Kyra at the Village House and Merisiel at another location I can't quite remember now. Harsk turn: Erylium is drawn from location deck, Merisiel temporarily close her location, every other location has been already closed. The Wrathful Sinspawn from Erylium card appears and I choose Seoni to encounter the sinspawn. The game lets me attempt the wisdom check before acting. I succeed at the check, but when it comes to attempt the combat check, the screen goes back to Harsk (who is effectively the active character) and the game wants Harsk to encounter the sinspawn, even if I choose Seoni. The game had Seoni only attempt the wisdom check, but the rest of the encounter is in Harsk's hands :/ I chose Seoni because she had many spells to use for the combat, so that Harsk could save cards for the Erylium encounter, but I must fight both enemies with Harsk now. Please Obsidian check this out and fix it ASAP, thanks.
  3. Hi guys. I was running Attack on Sandpoint scenario on normal difficulty with Kyra and Merisiel. I had both at city gates, all other locations closed. I encounter a bugbear with Merisiel, reveal a spiked chain, unfortunately fail the check and the weapon gets stuck in revealed position :/ The bugbear gets reshuffled, it's Kyra's turn and the bugbear is drawn again. Still the spiked chain is in reveal position :/ Kyra reveals a fire mace +1 and gets rid of the bugbear. Back to Merisiel (the chain is still there and Merisiel has no weapon to use). Ripnugget and stickfoot is drawn. I choose Kyra to take the first check and reveal the fire mace, passing the check. When the game goes back to Merisiel , I'm stuck to using a d4 to attempt the second combat check. I think the game thinks I have to use the same skill used in the first check (melee) and since Merisiel doesn't have that skill, it gives me the d4; but Merisiel should be able to choose Strength for her check! iPad 3 on iOS 9.3.1, even though I think this bug is not hardware or operating system related, just a flawed mechanic in game.
  4. @developers: I think that the way the soldier card is working at the moment is confusing. The game lets you play it even if your check is neither using the Melee skill nor has the Melee trait; in such cases, playing the soldier will force the Melee skill to be used in the check. But things should work out in a precise order. First I can choose which skill to use to attempt the check, according to the skills on the bane or boon card I'm encountering. If it is a combat check, I can choose my strength or melee skill. Alternatively, I can play one and only one card that let me change the skill used for the check: for example I can play a Bow which lets me use my dexterity skill for a combat check, or a mace which lets me use my strength or melee skill for the combat. This card also adds ALL its traits to the check. Then you determine the difficulty for the check, according to the skill and you are using and the traits added to the check. Finally, you can play cards and powers that add to the check. At this time you should be prevented from playing the soldier if the skill you are using is not melee OR the check doesn't have the Melee trait; instead the game lets you play him and automatically changes the skill you are using to Melee if the check doesn't have the Melee trait (for example if you are using your STRENGHT for an unarmed combat check or you played a ranged weapon). Only cards that let you replace the skill you use for a check should be able to actually change that skill, while cards REQUIRING certain skills or traits in order to be played should be simply prevented from being played.
  5. I may have gotten it wrong, but I think that after the last patch, the gold is earned only once on normal and heroic, while you should still be able to earn it in every run at Legendary difficulty. It has been made so to avoid gold farming on "easy" scenarios.
  6. @Runo5: game saves are NOT shared between devices, meaning you can't play on one and continue from where you left the game on another device. Only gold and purchases are account-bound and you have them on all the devices you log from using he same account.
  7. Thank you for your reply Hannibal, but I don't think I understand it quite right. I only have two parties currently active in story mode: Lini & Lem and Merisiel & Kyra. I'm expecting to have multiple copies of experienced characters if the same character is present in different story mode save slots, but how can I have double Lini and Lem if they only star in ONE saved game? If it's right, why do I only have one copy of Merisiel and Kyra in the experienced characters roster?
  8. Hi guys. I have two parties currently running the story: Merisiel & Kyra which just beat adventure 0.2 (Poison Pill) and Lini & Lem which are in the middle of a Poison Pill session. Yesterday I updated the game. When I loaded the Merisiel & Kyra save (I was in the adventure selection screen) and opened the party manager, in the upper side of the screen, where available (experienced) characters are listed, duplicates for Lini and Lem had been created. I have no intention of adding those two characters to the current party, but is this a sign the save got corrupted? Is it safe for me to keep on playing with Merisiel and Kyra or I'd better start off with a fresh save? Let's say I want to add Lem to the party. Which Lem should I choose? How can I tell the original from the clone? If I add the clone, will I corrupt my save somehow? Running on iPad 3 iOS 9.3.1
  9. I just misunderstood they saying they didn't intend to lock out phones. I thought they meant they inadvertently flagged phones out while they probably intended that Apple's policies forced them to block installation on iPhones, while they were able to allow it on android phones, even though a proper phone interface is in the works for a later update.
  10. Same old story and dance ... Apple, Apple... you're costing us so many lost game hours... XD
  11. I see that the game is still unavailable on iPhone. I thought you said you didn't mean to lock out phones and in fact the game is available for download on android phones, but not on iPhones. i thought this first bugs-fixing patch could be a chance to allow game installation on iPhones too. i know the UI isn't optimized for phones, but some of us that know the game well and don't have iPads would really love to start playing even with a not-ideal UI. I've seen it on a 5" Android phone and it's not that bad. It surely is better than not being able to play.
  12. That's the strange: you shouldn't be given the choice to discard a card from Marisiel's hand. Seems like the game thinks you are playin Mending instead of discarding it as payment to activate Heal :/
  13. Codepoets is right: if you are at the farmhouse, discarded allies are buried.
  14. 90% of those things can be easily learnt reading the card game rulebook (available on Paizo website) and watch it played videos of the card game. What I always suggest when trying to learn how to play a tabletop game in digital form is look for the original tabletop game rules and videos. As good as a tutorial in the digital game can be, nothing can beat understanding the original game. That's because then you can take that knowledge to the digital game and you know what the game is expecting from you, instead of cluelessly roaming the interface...
  15. The only difference between a skill and a trait is that adding a trait to a check doesn't give you that skill (I.e: if you use a Divine spell without having the skill, you can't then try to recharge it, even if the check you made using that spell had the divine trait). Other than that, having a skill let you add some bonus to the base die tied to that skill, but using a mace to attack a monster means you are attempting a COMBAT, STRENGTH, MELEE, BLUDGEONING check. it doesn't give you the skill "melee", but it counts as a melee check because the trait was added. The soldier doesn't say "when you use your melee skill", but "when you attempt a melee check". A combat strength based check using a melee weapon counts as a combat melee check too. In other words: using a skill, inherently gives that trait to the check, while adding a trait to a check doesn't give you that skill. If I use my Melee skill for a combat check, it counts as a melee combat check and a strength combat check (since Melee skill is a subset of the strength skill); if I choose to use strength for my combat check (for example because I don't have the Melee skill) and I reveal a weapon with the Melee trait, this too will be a strength combat check and a melee combat check, in the very same way a combat check using a spell is a magic combat check and also a divine and/or arcane combat check, even if I don't have the Arcane, Divine or Magic skill (which, besides, doesn't exist as a skill)
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