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  1. 1. After completing the first scenario, I got the scenario reward *and* the adventure reward. (checked on the goblin adventure, but I experienced this situation in other adventure also) 2. In the collection screen, scrolling makes card numbers disappeared. 3. Ranzak's Yellow-Bellied power doesn't work sometimes. 4. Poog's Greenhorn power doesn't show banishing effect.
  2. It's psychologically intriguing question, but I think the reason why you get more failing rolls is merely based on the coincidence. Though I presume that now we can see the success percentage, it has much more chance to feel "90% success, but I fail? it's ridiculous"
  3. Yes, dice multiplying is a bug with the merging. It should fix itself after a few audits. As for the Mountain Pattern card, there seems to be a bug with these cards and some promo cards not being in the collection tab. But don't fret, they're still in there just invisible. Thank you very much. And please notice that the completion list of each characters now shows that the characters didn't complete AP1. It seems like the list of AP1 is replaced with new upcoming Gobilin scenario list... (spoiler alert?)
  4. Just got checked that I have 18 legendary dice sets each. and in the store, (owned: 6) I'm wondering that this result is mere consequence of merging three devices(phone, tablet, pc) unintentionally. (and I checked that the legendary dices are only dices which are multiplying) Yes, it's not bad(anyway I got free dices) though it seems like a bug. btw, I think the icon of pc version looks little bit too tacky, or too low definition, comparing to in-game hd.(I like it) Wondering when will it be upgraded. p.s I bought Mountain Pattern card, but I can't find it in the collection, and I wonder does Free Epic/Legendary DLC, or any kind of other components contain a copy of these type of cards.(purchasable cards in the store)
  5. Well, it's different to people to people, personally through this experience(levelling up again because just I bought alt. Seelah), I lose my interest. If the wrong decision for progressing characters is the way to people play again and again, that is total ruined game design, personally I thought. How about if someone made their character, progress it through Adventure Path, finally finish their characters' levelling, and now it's totally satisfied. Then what? Nothing to play again? And only if you made a mistake, there is something to do? Yes, levelling new party is not that difficult. You just need to prepare them with proper gear(which the original character had), and conjoin them with progressed characters. But that is the problem. It's not that difficult, not that challenging. You just need hours to make it up to unsatisfactory character. and then what? You just realize that you waste times to compensate self-satisfaction while other players who are lucky or smart, just play less time than you.(and share same results) Still I admit that some other players are happy to play that thing, but some other are not. but still they just can ignore the option for re-stat. From different point of view, re-stat could make people skip boring parts and play with their freshly-born character in the game. And most of all, people seem to forget the situation of character which don't complete the RotR yet, like Adventure Path 3 or 4. Imagine when your party just complete the last scenario, and realize that you pick the wrong decisions for some characters. Probably you need to make a new party, and start again from the very beginning of the Brigandoom! while others just progress to the next scenario. I don't think it's worth it.
  6. 1. I think re-playability shoulb be an option, not the obligatory one. and if you made a character and improve it with right build(any build you actually want), there is also no reason to make a new character, just same, there is no re-playability. and I think playing game just for rebuild the stats is just bunch of wasting time, not fulfilling the concept of re-playability. 2. Rebuilding stats would need golds maybe. and I think there are not many people who would cost golds just to adjust their characters to beat the scenario. (anyway, you would earn golds maximum at 200~, and rebuilding would be much expensive than 200 golds) 3. In boardgame, it may be definitely against the rules to rebuild the stats. but as you said that is just a rule. If you want to cancel it, it would be canceled. Because keeping the rules is at your hand, not at the server or network system. And there is no such equipment sets in physical boardgame, so digital copy has reasonable excuse for making "rebuilding stats". Anyway, the important part is, after I posted this issue, the developers shared the future updates and they're considering Rebuilding option positively. So I'm very happy to wait the content. Besides, my Seelah completed the whole RotR Adventure Pass, and I also completed rebuilding Seelah. It was very long journey, and I earned a lots of golds through this process(because I chose legendary difficulties, just for compensating my time). And It was not pleasant experience... and I have another characters which also need to be rebuilt.
  7. I just checked The new version of Seelah now has a Divine skill using CHA. And my Seelah boosts her WIS instead of CHA, because Divine was originally WIS based. (Though I'm happy for the change, anyway in Pathfinder RPG, the paladin uses CHA for spells) I just don't want to delete my character and start up whole new journey just for making thing better for new option. Maybe character feat reset would be a good bargain for people just like me, isn't it?
  8. I personally asked this issue to supports. They answered that they checked two Song of Hawkmoon in my vault, but still I only see one in my vault. I think that the card is not missing, only it seems to be missing
  9. So before the new patch, there are some cards which only be contained one or two card in game and be distributed to many character seemed problematic. (e.g., Three characters have Father Zantus which is only one card in the game, or Three characters have Haste card which is only two card in the game) This is gonna happen when you have different parties and progress their game seperately. So when there are two characters who have Haste each, even it is normal to presume that you will not encounter any more Haste card in the game, but you will. Okay, so this is normal game mechanic. Maximum limit doesn't count. but this doesn't happen when you encounter Loot cards. Maximum limit is still applied on Loot cards. and how about the treasure cards? I have been keeping the number of treasure cards to maximum of two, but if maximum limits is meaningless, then only treasure cards I should have is one for each? (Even I have only one Frost Axe +1 in my valut, still my eleven characters can have one each? So I should salvage all cards to maximum of one?)
  10. I was missing a point that if there maximum count for a treasure card, maybe just stocking it up with a (un)common card makes me to avoid meeting this card again, right? But I'm a little bit concerned that a lot of a treasure card means a lot of encounters with that card in game play(that's the reason why I have been salvaged cards to limit of two, or one for a unique ally card) What am I supposed to do?
  11. I spent almost 25,000 gold to get some rare treasure cards(maybe gold lined or black lined cards, I suppose?), but I only got one gold card. It's so hard to get a nice one!
  12. Touching characters doesn't make difference. I even can't forgeit the games, can't restart. Only option than I can choose is starting the new party.
  13. OS: iOS (iPAD Air 2 64GB) Scenario: Burnt Offering, 1-2 Local Heroes I completed the 1-2 scenario and in reward screen I can't proceed. Touching characters doesn't make any change. I cannot forfeit the game, I can do nothing.
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