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  1. I am a bit confused. I understand the complaints about wanting the pure experience. And I like the idea of more accurately recreating the original game experience. But if you just sell the cards in your stash and unclaimed tabs every time you complete a scenario doesn't that solve the problem?
  2. Hopefully the new bug fix version fixed your issues. I clicked the support button on the top of the main page https://pathfinder.obsidian.net/
  3. This has lead to the strange situation where I have the cards in my stash but they don't show up in my collection... I just check my stash and yep, they're there. Still missing from my collection though. I also had one more set of leg. dice show up, so I'm up to three legendary sets. Anyone know how many sets we're supposed to get in total?
  4. My issue was resolved thanks to support. Cards were available but now shown in collection (display bug). And missing dice were added. Thanks
  5. Hi, Like some others I am having trouble getting the dice and promo characters from the offer. I have logged in and out many times and still do not have them. My ID is: DF3BED08C76EC22 Any help would be appreciated
  6. I gave cards to other characters but got no credit for it. What am I missing.
  7. My quest mode is also broken because I am stuck on victory step. I can not add any more card feets. So part of my game is broken at this point. Would like to finish weekly challenge for item. Help
  8. 99 little bugs in the code 99 little bugs... Take one down, patch it around 128 little bugs in the code Fairly funny. Except new bugs were not little. They were big game breaking game crashing bugs. And bad UI bugs. Took one of the very best tablet games and made it temporarily a very poor one. Given that they asked for people to pre pay for content they should probably have delivered on that content before embarking on many other additional changes.
  9. Lots of bugs in the new release. Crashes bosses unplayable etc. there is no way deck 4 should be released until the current version is fixed. I like phone play but no new content for more then a quarter and breaking the tablet version seems a high price to pay. Many of your biggest supporters prepaid for content.
  10. When Salvaging - Any reason to keep more than 1 of any card? Does 6 copies of a card make it more likely to be drawn in a game for example?
  11. I am stuck on victory screen. Reward cards fly off top of screen and can not be selected. Restarts and multiple try's at different order have no success.
  12. That seems to be my experience as well. I was hoping XP would scale with difficulty to help with the level grind.
  13. How does difficulty impact quest mode? It clearly makes it harder and gives more gold. But does it have other impacts? For example, does it give extra XP or give better loot and a chance to get higher level cards?
  14. Same problems for me. Bought bundle shows as bought but no characters available. In addition I have lost the one treasure chest I had and have zero gold from prologue win. And text implies I should have gold. On iPad. Exited game and restarted. Still did not work. Could use help
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