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  1. We're looking into the issue. Are you on Android or iOS? To answer this question, I'm on Android. I've been in email contact with a couple people, so I believe they have the information needed, but they didn't ask for my GooglePlay info. I've already tried everything I could think of including deleting the data and cache, uninstalling the game, and reinstalling the game. Unlike others who seem to see (-1) Gold for the costs, I'm showing the full Gold price for the characters. But my Bundle is still showing as Owned, and the characters are greyed out when I try to select them. I'm rooting for you guys to get this fixed as soon as you can. I have the Physical version that I can play in the meantime, but I've really been looking forward to this digital version! It adds a level of ambience and story that didn't exist in the physical version.
  2. I purchased the $24.99 bundle right away to get access to all the characters. After the prologue, I started the Story, but I'm only able to select Merisiel and Kyra. If I try to select anyone else, it directs me to purchase them in the store. I checked the store, and the bundle still shows as "owned". I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, and that didn't work. Please help me get my characters!
  3. I wasn't in beta or anything, so I'm completely new to this digital version of the game. I purchased the $24.99 bundle to get access to all the characters. I just completed the prologue with Ameiko and Orik, and now I'm able to make a party of up to 6. But only Merisiel and Kyra are selectable. Am I still in a "tutorial" phase, or should I have access to all the characters I purchased now?
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