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  1. I think this would be a neat option flavor-wise, although the dialogue wouldn't be there from her to support you as a fellow paladin of her order. My main character Zellana Mizzadri is a pale elf paladin of the Darcozzi Paladini, which is about as close to a sister-in-arms with Pallegina as a character can be. I would like to know what the differences between our orders are, and how differently (or similarly) knights of Old Vailia would comport themselves compared to knights from the Vailian Republics. Seems like a pretty small distinction without more context to compare/contrast them.
  2. I started with the middle-of-the-road option where I said something like, "It's not that simple," and Devil was having none of that, she wanted an answer. So, I decided he was far, far more guilty than innocent in the matter and condemned him to death. It wasn't really that difficult of a choice, those woodcutters were bullies and murderers who caved in to peer pressure and mob justice. Screw those guys.
  3. I'm in favor of having at least one low-level start-over game. That much extra development on the ruleset, and subsequent additions of things like class features, talents and spells, will help to further fill out the game and give them a better sense of direction when and if they do decide to continue the Watcher's story (shall I say, Lord or Lady of Caed Nua? We might be a Watcher in every game, for all I know).
  4. I have to agree on the "enchant hats" thing. My pale elven paladin wore a basic Swashbuckler's Hat for... I don't know how many levels... 10 maybe? Finally I found some helmets that didn't look repugnant and had enchantments I couldn't say no to, but it was a long while. I think she also ended up in either a fine or exceptional breastplate for a while with her colors as White/Black. I find some of the generic armors look strikingly good with a White/Black color scheme.
  5. So, in regards to the original post, I have two main ideas regarding the general direction of the sequels (yes, plural!) to PoE. First off, I think it would be neat if they happen Elder Scrolls style where each game visits a new region of the world setting. (To be clear: I want to stick to 2d isometric view and tactical combat, or even possibly a grid-mapped turn-based strategy spin-off; the Elder Scrolls reference in no way implies any desire for a 3d first person game.) If PoE2 visits the Vailian Republics / Old Vailia, then perhaps PoE3 would visit Rauatai or the Living Lands, etc. I su
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