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  1. A sequel where a ship, or rather a fleet, serves as your stronghold equivalent, and a much more central mechanic, with composition of ship types and acquisition of said ships varies things up. This would simultaneously provide a money sink mechanic that would allow the misers in the development team to do away with the god aweful turn mechanic of the stronghold, as a fleet of ships would need constantupkeep with which any regular monetary gains can be balanced against. Or maybe a need to go on regular enterprises/raids to flsuh money into your pocket which is then trickled away by the passing
  2. A game is a composite medium, not purely a visual one. A game where you can´t see into a person´s face directly, an isometric one, needs to inform you about their mien from time to time when the nuance of their expression is required for you to get information about a divergence of statment of intent and actual intent for instance. The reminiscence to actual table top games is deliberate and its own feature in these games, and contrary to your statement isometric games are very much "tell, don´t show" as you can not show very much unambiguous actions from that perspective, so a healthy dos
  3. See https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/85630-caed-nua-looter-enemy-with-godlike-armor/
  4. Contrary to my previous post the affected defenses are deflection and reflex (not fortitude), and they can be increased by increments of 6 by quicksave>quickload and repeat, but only on enemies with shields, i.e. Mercenary Soldiers, Veterans, Sergeants, Warpriests and Commander Baelorin, suggesting a bug in the way the weapon-and-shield-style bonus to deflection and reflex is applied, but only to enemies.
  5. Made an account to report on a similar problem: Slogged through crägholdt bluffs exterior on hard and encountered considerably higher deflection and fortitude (180) on warpriests, veterans, soldiers and sergeants after some time, until the fight against Baelorin with 190 deflection/fortitude made me consider the possibility that this was more than just the famed difficulty of the bluffs. After checking that dragon deflection seems to cap at around 120-140 PotD my supicions were stirred further. No savegames or screenshots from me as my first action after reading about an old bug like this
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