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  1. Yes, it's RPG Maker VX. But to make something decent there you must use A LOT of different scripts and modifications, or it will be a complete garbage. And the hardest task - is to make all of them work together) I am not sure what is the problem you talking about. I described the game as it is... It has bits of different genres united. And you have no idea how hard it is to find someone who will do anything... For example, some people told my about spelling mistakes in english translation, but none of them pointed out any of them.
  2. Hello! My game "Project Fire" is just released on Steam, and it's free to play for everyone! I would like if anyone interested in genre (and, i think that here, on forums of one of the best rpg developers ever everyone will be interested in this genre!) have tried playing my game. You can find the game, information and trailer at steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/526430/ And please, leave feedback! Creating of a video game was the dream of my life, so i am very interested in reading your feelings about it.
  3. Yeah, i felt exacly the same. Thanks for all the tips - i finaly did it, and now my game entered the greenlight and already collected 6% of the votes needed!)
  4. I am not sure what to include in the demo video. Game is made of talking and some fighting... You will gain nothing from watching part of story cut out of context. Can i publish for free on that websites?
  5. But the main difference between me and other crowdfounding projects is that my game is already finished, and that's why i need money only to release it... And only family i have is my mother. She retired, and goverment pays her pension that is not much above my month income - around 100$ per month, and she already helping me, so i would never ask so much money from her because it will mean leaving her hungry only to fufill my dreams... We are not getting along well and rarely speaking, but still i will never do something like that to her, even that i am sure that she would try to help me - and exacly because of that i am not asking. But yeah, i kind get your point. I even had the same issues where people from the capital or borderline countries refused to trust me because things are twice more expencive where they live, and they earn twice more. And people in countries with dollars and euro as a currency can earn 10x times more in month. Quess, for some people the world ends where their town border ends, and the rest of the planet is just a fairytale, they can read about it, but never actually believe in all those stories. But then... how can this problem be solved? I can answer any questions but nobody asks any. I write quite detailed story about why exacly things are as they are, and i can write twice bigger story - but i hear that people don't like walls of text, so i am trying to keep it as short as i can. What esle can i do? I could ask for more money, to look less unusual to them, but first - i have no need for that much, and second - that would require me to lie, so that is not an option.
  6. Several months ago i was asking about finding a translators for my role-playing game. I found one, and now it's tested and ready to be released. Only barrier that left - is steam greenlight enetring fee, that is 100$, and i decided that crowdfounding sites can help me, but... there is almost a week passed since i started the champaign, but still got not a single donation. I realize that i am not a famous developer, and my game is not an aaa-title, but i am not asking for millions either, only 100$. Maybe problem is that my game will be free to play for anyone, and people just don't want to spent even a dollar to help the game that will be free anyway? Or people just tired of indie games, and story-based games, so there is not a single gamer in the world who would help me? That is all possibilities that are coming to my mind, but maybe i am missing something? Can you advice me, please?
  7. Oh well. Maybe with this game my dreams about game where you can tell two different stories will come... well, if not true, then one step closer for sure)
  8. That's very sad truth. And even more sad, because i want to see WoD mmo even more then just WoD rpg, but i totaly understand why CCP cancelled it - quess they just didn't have enough funds to make a real role-playing online game instead of another mob-and-dungeon grinding game like the rest of the mmo's right now. And if they could not handle the task, then i just have no hope on seeing a first real mmorpg in any near future. But as for the single-player game - i think that Obsidian has a chance here. Im not sure of it, but maybe they earned some extra-cash from PoE sails and their tank game, and if that will be added to new Kickstarter company - it could make just enough for 3d rpg. So... everything can happen.
  9. I don't really like doing that dungeon because i dislike lots of fighting, but i admire it's design, especially if looking from the map) And i really can't say about something i like the most, because i liked most of the quests and stories. They are almost equally good. But what i do find surprising - is the character interactions in the WM 2 ending. (I can't find a spoiler tag, so, moderator, before approving this comment please post things bellow in a spoiler) When you chosing to sacrifice yourself - game ending, no epilogue, you dead. When you chosing to sacrifice Durance, he tells you to **** off that would i totaly expect from him, but he also agrees if selected randomly. Then i began to wonder, what will happend if i chose Devil - water can't hurt her, right? And when i do that she just... walks back to the shore) That's just brilliant when in such kind of moments character personality or special traits stepping in and making things different.
  10. Zahua fits greatly because he care little about... everything) I enjoyed having that guy around a lot he has a great personality.
  11. That is why i bother about the translation. My game is more an adventure and rpg, then something else, of there is lots of fighting, bosses (some of them optional) - but most of the gameplay are the story. Without it it will be just a bunch of battles in ff 5-6 style, and a bit of exploration. Story is the main dish here, and that is why i am bothered with securing it. Already done. There is several problems with it - and first will be no clear way to reaching the audience. Most of the players today looking into Steam when searching new games. I did release it in some torrent trackers, and buch of people played it - some even leaved a good reviews. But there is also other who didn't like the "old" 2d graphics, turn-based combat, random enemy encounters, and "lots of talking". Russian rpg community is not so big as you may think, even less of them are enjoying old school rpg's, and even less of them visiting torrents to search for new games. Steam is the only way to properly announce game to the world, and also give it to the english-speaking community that are the biggest anyway, but i cannot imagine game without english translation goes trough greenlight. Sure, why not. http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/3.1451486627.jpg http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/2.1451486606.jpg http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/1.1451486558.jpg http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/2.1456944695.jpg http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/7.1456944701.jpg http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/11.1456944717.jpg You could even try the game, but... like i told, it's more about story and the history of this world, and you will not understand russian( And the problems with searching translating communities is that i can't find any. I know several russian ones, but not a single english. Can it be that there is not a single group who would do fan-made english video game translations?
  12. Hello. I wanted to discuss a question that is very important for me with the people who are really loving role-playing games, and i could not think about better place to find them then forum of one of the best rpg developers that ever existed. What i want for you - is to carefully listen to my question and give me any kind of advice, tell me what you think about it... If you want to read my story, here is my reddit post with a bit more detailed explanaton of the situation: https://www.reddit.com/r/Assistance/comments/47ouom/advice_i_do_not_know_what_to_do_with_my_life_and/ But here i would like to skip the unnesesary details and keep it short, so... Short story: I am a writer. Writing stories for the games are my only interest in life and not long ago i was able to finish my first role-playing game, that probably will also be my last. it is free to play, but to share it with the community i need and english translation, but seems like i could not find anyone who could help me with that. Many people are suggesting me to do translation on my own. Here comes my question: people saying that my english skill is enough to make a translation, and then just give people to edit and fix the mistakes. But i think that my skills are not even close to being enough to make a proper literature translation, because i don't know half of the words in english, and even worse - i have no idea how to make sentences that will sound good and will be enjoyable to read. I am afraid to destory my whole story because of that. If you do not understand what i am trying to say, let me give you an example - many of you should know the prologue to the Darkest Dungeon, right? But i didn't know most of that words and possible sentences before i heared this. How would i write it if i would translating this from russian? That how i would write it if i would translate it straight from the russian, without reading english version first. In means almost the same, right? But can you really say that you enjoyed reading my version? Or that it is somehow better then original? Or that it can be "fixed" by any editors? I think that you can't fix something that is not just a mistake, but a mistranslation because of very poor english knowledge.And i think that if i will try to translate my game, the text that i has being carefully editing for the last 5 years into that kind of abomination - i will ruin all the enjoyment from reading it for the english-speaking players. But that's only what i think. Maybe i am wrong? Maybe, as those people saying, my translations is not so bad and they sound good at english? I can't say because i am not native english speaker, but you are. Please, could you tell me, what would be the best - make this kind of translation or just forget about translating?
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