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  1. Got this NameError on a Stronghold visitor: http://imgur.com/o8hCCV8
  2. If I prevent Sul from dying, then it works correctly once I enter the room with Irensi. Having Sul killed will prevent the quest from completing, even if you did kill Irensi.
  3. Still present in 3.02. It's a minor bug alright, just cosmetic.
  4. I went out the Northwest exit and then back again without interacting with Irensi first. When I came back, the combat logs start appearing (and auto paused on spell cast, as I've activated that). After that Sul is dead, but I can still interact with Irensi and either attack her or promise to kill Oernos. Going back after interacting with Irensi, there's an option with Einden that says I've killed Sul and done the deed thus quest ended. I could still go back to Irensi and attack her. Save game is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rkt9pkvvgaq9ob4/aa632dbeed134f7dafbaa2bd2172d2f6%2017700975%20Oldsong.savegame?dl=0 Issue is reproducible on my save game. Just enter the door back to Galawain's Maw, then move to the center of the map. You'll see Sul (being ally to me) attacking other lions and (possibly) getting killed in the process.
  5. Best to upload a screenshot and a save to make it easier for the support guys to tend to this
  6. Are you on 3.01 or 3.02 beta? The issue is resolved in 3.02. Tried the 3.02 beta and it didn't work, even when passing time (~36 hours).
  7. It's a bug in 3.01 which is purportedly solved in 3.02 (though I still can't see them when using the beta patch)
  8. I did try to pass time (36 hours) and I still don't see Geyda. She should be in the main hall right?
  9. One last question. The retroactive fix will make Geyda (and other visitors) appear again, even though I've missed the timeline right? I wouldn't want to advance time and play if this is not the case. Thanks!
  10. I got this as well. Switching weapons will fix it for me. It happens erratically for me. If I see it, I'll upload the save.
  11. Thank you for the confirmation. Looks like I can continue my game Appreciate your reply.
  12. I started replaying BG2 (with EE) but the whole UI just doesn't sit too well with me. Wondering if it's just the rose tinted glass playing tricks on me when remembering the way back then.
  13. Will the fix be retroactive? As in, can I continue playing and Geyda will come back at a different time? Or I'm screwed.
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