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  1. This treasury bug has been around since I first downloaded the game a year ago. I quit playing when the game was first released because of all the bugs. It's the same reason why I don't buy games still in beta. I just started playing again a few months ago, I figured a year was plenty of time to work out the most annoying and game breaking bugs, and since they had already released the expansion I was sure they would have fixed them. Well imagine my surprise when I re-download the game and my first character, which was a Ranger, did not have a pet. Even the little circle around the bottom of his portrait was gone. I tried reloading, but none of my saves had his pet in them. (restart). Next character, a dual-wield fighter, I make it all the way to the Stronghold and suddenly I can't loot any of the sparkly loot bags dropped by the Shadows and such in the courtyard. Since I remember this same thing happening a year ago when I first purchased the game I reload from an earlier point and try again. Luckily it worked, no re-start. I continue and about the time I finish my first stronghold quest I return to my treasury and there is nothing inside the chest. ???. So I rest and wait around until the next time I collect taxes, and sure enough, nothing. I check my coins and they have not increased. So I check the Steam forums and they are chock full of people with the same issue. So I re-start. (Again) I get to the stronghold and the first time I collect taxes, nothing. I Complete a quest and no item reward in the treasury chest. I try to delve deeper into this issue and find that Obsidian has claimed to have fixed it 9 months ago. So now I have wasted $40.00 for this game and 88 hrs of my time playing it (I consider my time valuable), and countless more hours researching the bugs I keep encountering. And when I bring up this issue I'm told that I have to spend more of my time creating .zip files and attaching it to a drop box so they can "look" at my issue. NO! I'm not a developer or a beta tester. I'm a CUSTOMER! You fix your product, it is NOT up to me to waste more of my time helping you fix your product that was not ready for release. These bugs are known to the Developers and they are known to the players. (just read the forums) I'm not complaining about some strange unknown bug here. It has been going on since this game was released. So, since I paid $40.00 for a game I cannot play, I believe I have paid for my right to "Rant and Scream".
  2. I'm talking about the treasury bug. I don't see why I have to waste my time and give you anything! I've wasted 88hrs on a broken POS game! There is no way that you have fixed this bug. Have you ever checked Steam Forums on your own game? There are dozens of these posts. You can't behave as if this is the first time you have seen bug. So, I'm NOT creating a .zip file and creating a link to a drop box. Listen, I purchased a product from you and it did NOT work as advertised. If it was anything else other than a video game, I would have a right to return it for a return. FIX YOUR PRODUCT!
  3. How about fixing some of the game breaking bugs, like the Treasury NEVER having any loot. Makes the whole upgrading the Stronghold thing kind of moot. Maybe fix the Rangers pet permanently disappears bug. How about fixing the bug that prevents you from looting corpses for the rest of the game. But, thanks for dropping Maneha's stats by 3 points.
  4. As of today 2/24/2016 this bug is NOT fixed. I receive NO income on taxes, ever. I receive NO quest rewards. My treasury is permanently empty. I just downloaded an update yesterday and it is still NOT fixed. I have 68hrs on this game and have not been able to advance past ACT II due to game breaking or frustrating bugs. I have lost count of how many times I have restarted the game. I even Deleted it and re-installed it. Every play-through is a gamble. What a waste of time. We obviously have have different ideas as to what "near future" means. Without the Treasury, the Stronghold upgrades are basically pointless.
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