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  1. An X-Com Terror From The Deep remake. I finally wanna experience it, but the graphics are is just a bit too vintage for me. Although I recently learned that a few years ago a remake of it ws planned. Who knows, maybe it'll happen after all...
  2. Well taht would be different. I never went this far because of some bugs that made me stop playing it - and then the add-on was released. I intend to replay both though.
  3. It's funny to see a recording of a guy weakly hacking away at an armored knight with the blade of a sword and hearing him talk about a more realistic experience a few second after that! I am really thrilled for this game though. Can't wait for it! I wouldn't want to let his statement of unarmoured combat meaning every blow can take you down stand, unless he included gambeson under armor. Although of course a strong blow could still easily incapacitate you from the sheer pain of the impact...
  4. Honestly I think owning a castle in an RPG is way overrated. The reason castles are cool is because of fighting back sieges and ruling as a lord. You do neither wandering the world as the chosen one. Fighting back those pathetic redshirt raiding parties with your pathetic NPC redshirts in the courtyard don't count as invasions btw. Another cool reason for owning a castle is building and furnishing it yourself, but the upgrade system is a very dissatisfying implementation of that aspect. You should have some way to own an awe-inspiring home just to signify how truly important you are, but finding a random castle and not doing anything with it doesn't fulfill that purpose. It'd have been better if you were awarded a great villa in Brackenbury in an official public ceremony where you're hailed as their hero. That'd have been seriously awesome! Or it's more awesome as a general mechanic, I guess it wouldn't really fit the plot of the game in his particular example. To be honest, after I did everything castle-related... I'd think the game equally great without any castle, that's how forgettable it is.
  5. It should play during the 30 Years War if we're already in the HRE. That would be killer awesome! Religious fanatics whipping up everyone, political turmoil all over the country, endless war and destruction... that would be freakishly dark and cool. A true historical horror RPG!
  6. Honestly? They need to do all the CRPGs! Except Bloodlines, that was pretty awesome the way it was handled and I wouldn't want it to become an isometric RPG. Ion Storm or someone like that should handle it. Actually scratch that, it should become a joint venture between "Ion Storm or someone" and Obsidian. Why is that not a thing in PC gaming? It really needs to be. But honestly I don't have a preference about what they do next. I like all of the franchises listed, and there are more I like. They'll turn it into something good anyway.
  7. Oh I wish he did... what a weirdo. And I say this as a proud weirdo myself... good lord.
  8. I love the writing in this game. The more details, the better. And if I wanna hurry up playing the game... I just skim the text for important information and skip. Might be really hard for dyslexics though, especially with that font.
  9. That was how I immediately rationalized it, and haven't thought about it since. Perfectly immersive in the D&D fantasy space that PoE inhabits. Most D&D-like games incorporate bags of holding as an anti "inventory tetris" mechanism. And bless the devs for it. I even appreciate little touches like having Shift-click send items directly into the stash of holding, instead of clicking and dragging. And selling directly to a merchant from the stash? Praise Eothas. A small amount of abstraction for the sake of a large reduction in drudgery is worth it. Area loot? Hallelujah. I never thought of PoE as a D&D like and even after thinking about your comment a bit I don't see the resemblance. What exactly do you mean?
  10. The worst part is taht they always occur within the stronghold anyway. They should've increased the map size so there'd be little fields in front of the doors where the fights would be staged. The stronghold doesn't add a lot to immersion... in fact it rather detracts form it, even with the recent improvements. Why do I have no guests in the tavern? Where's the staff running around? Why do I have such tiny taxes yet such obscenely high wages? Do I control like 6 smallholder farms or what? The soldier system is pretty weird too, but not a really huge deal.
  11. So I was fighting the Guardian and his lackeys in the doorway leading to his room because how else am I going to beat this group of enemies probably 4 or 5 times stronger than the rest of the map? When it gets a bit too hairy for me I decide to retreat so they forget me, as it usually works. Well, they did forget me and retreated, but I didn't leave combat even after waiting. I don't think this is quite right! It better not be... Savegame http://puu.sh/noMNy.savegame Logfile http://puu.sh/noMW1.txt DxDiag http://puu.sh/noMNR.txt Screenshot http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/311117166543739159/3758C55BC84F3507C540BC020EADA7C1899BCAD6/
  12. Every single kind of cannonfodder enemy being thrown at me again and again and again and again and again. Sometimes I wonder if it's a spoon. Aside of that I don't mind any.
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