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  1. Downloaded the new new update, still can't see the price in the store.
  2. Awesome thank you. How will that impact existing campaigns/characters that already have them?
  3. I would like to play the game with literally only the cards that came out in real life. Is there a way to do that in the app? I would like to play it without a single "digital only" card if possible.
  4. Will SteamOS / Linux be supported? I believe the engine is Unity right? If so it would seem a trivial task?
  5. Any chance for a SteamOS/Linux version? I mean IIRC it was made in Unity, no? So there shouldn't be anything needed to port over other than maybe a simple recompile?
  6. Dear Devs, Are there plans for the next base set of cards in the works? I'd love to see it, and in my non-dev mind would like to think a lot of the groundwork is in place and all you would have to do is create more IAPs for it. Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks!
  7. I get the free base throw in, but what about a person like me who bought all the original characters. Now if I buy an alt, it's $10 but the person who didn't buy the character add ons are getting the same alt, but the base character as well. So it feels a little like I'm being punished for buying the character add on up front. You can already buy the character add ons separately so why not offer the alts separately but at a lower price?
  8. I can say this, make those alts closer to 99c or maybe 1.99 and an attractive bundle and I'm sending money your way. Same goes for the dice. $10 an alt though? I'm on the same Free to Play wagon as Bullwinkle is and I'll just wait to see if another box set comes out. I guess it comes down to would you rather have 10 bucks from 10% of the population or 2 bucks from 80% As an above poster said, the market will force it to adjust one way or another. I mean look here http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/174587/Steam_sales_How_deep_discounts_really_affect_your_games.php Turns out lower prices actually increases revenue, even beyond the original sales and when it is no longer on sale, there is a lingering effect and sales are still high. Just my 2c
  9. Ok I did miss that, though the gold prices are fairy steep as well...
  10. Except you can't get most of it with gold, only real money, unless I missed something...
  11. It's all economics. Sell those characters for 99c each and I'll probably buy all of them over time. Sell them for 10 bucks a pop and I'll ever touch them. What would you rather have? Some money or none? There is a reason angry birds was so popular... 99c. If it came out at 10 bucks we would never have heard about an angry birds movie.
  12. I too have already spent a lot of money on both real cards ($100) and the digital game (around $50) so far. I am certainly not spending double that for a character with slight modifications or fancy dice. Too bad too... I was hoping the existing model would carry over to the next three box sets. Bring those prices more in line with what has been up to this point and I'm still buying, but at these prices I'm not even bothering with the monthly chests any more. Besides I kept getting the same 10 cards over and over anyway...
  13. Well I just about want to take my merry Christmas back now that I saw some of the pricing for the add ons... nearly fell out of my chair!
  14. I don't understand what they are doing price wise. It costs more for these digital dice than it does real ones! No way in hell I'll be buying any of that stuff at those prices.
  15. Same bundle, same symptoms, same problem. General (For all issues)What device type are you on? iPad Air 2 What version of the OS are you running? iOS 9.3.5 What model is the device? Air 2 64gb What is your PFID#? 9aa741e05dd59cc2 Store IssuesWhat products were purchased? Legion Armor, Greater Aid, the dice, and 25 chests. What products are missing (if any)? All of them in the bundle (cards, dice) I got the chests but nothing else. So frustrating!
  16. I figured it out. You have to select the bottom characters as for some reason it auto selects a character not in the party.
  17. I am also unable to activate the dice. I get to the screen where the ellipses are, and can see the dice button, however it is grayed out. I verified that I at least have the red and blue dice. Am I doing something wrong?
  18. Thank you for your diligent work devs. Honestly, IMHO, I'd rather the patch come out later and not break more stuff than to hurry it out and have different things to fix next patch. I've put a pause on my playing due to not wanting to redo from scratch again, so I am looking forward to the bug fixes. I hope you spend some time with your families and refresh and not get too burned out. Working in IT myself, I fully understand what that can do. Have a great weekend!
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