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  1. Infinite supplies at Alchemy shop and dark cupboard in perikis overlook. If u play in grp I'd recommend fighter/rogue for max possible hit to crit conversion. 'better' is a matter of perspective, but yes the only required class here is assassin, Sharpshooter gives access to wounding shot and Concussive Tranquilizer which I happen to find highly useful with blunderbusses as well as thematically appropriate. Between Crippling Strike and Wounding Shot with Driving flight that's a lot of Full attacks per encounter which I also like and contributes to the carnage. Fighter would defi
  2. Thanks, the name has been my game persona for going 16 years or so now so it's just stuck with me everywhere. Also decided to re-brand the build, the more I thought about it the more I found grenadier to be slightly misleading since it implies strict focus on grenades, whilst although it does well is not the only aspect of it. The build is very strong with the blunderbusses as well, driving flight and the enchants for prone/knockback really demolishes groups of mobs.
  3. Yeah I agree about Int, I don't max it but set it to about 15 or so. (updated that section to point this out as well) And yes, Arcanum was amazing for sure.
  4. So, I've been tinkering (pun intended) with this build and felt the need to share it as it's amazingly fun to play. Basically it started it with me for some random reason starting to think about Arcanum and a build I ran in there many years ago Dwarves in Arcanum were a highly technological race and it got me thinking on how to transpose it into PoE. Most of these choices are for flavour reasons and I rarely drop stats below 8 for some unknown reason that my brain has decided on. Therefore, this build can be min/maxed further but I personally don't see a need for it as it's blowin
  5. The 2nd one was done in one of the previous portraits threads. I just searched the whole of those threads and couldn't find it. EDIT: Ok, it's actually at the beginning of this thread. So it is, my bad. Felt like I saw it longer ago before this 3rd thread was started.
  6. The 2nd one was done in one of the previous portraits threads.
  7. Modwyr is one of the best weapons in the game and it makes you immune to confusion. It's pretty much the staple Berserker weapon. I'm presuming Modwyr wouldn't make a shifter immune to confusion while shifted? Or does it still work? Frenzy first then shift I would assume, can't test it right now unfortunately. I'm in the Svef camp though, with around 10 alchemy it completely removes the drawback of the confusion and gives you immunity to intellect, perception and resolve affliction for about 6 minutes as well as around 9-10 perception. My shifter has around 32 perception
  8. Barb/Shifter is amazing, I personally went Berserker/Shifter both from an RP and power PoV, at later levels it becomes very very strong indeed. There are in game items that reduces or removes the drawbacks of the confusion so IMO no reason not to go berserker. Carnage does work whilst shifted.
  9. Greetings, Came across this issue in a play through I started after installing the Rum Runner's DLC. I did not enter Muhai's estate in my first play through so don't know if the issue was there then. But I did speak to High Priest Hati in it and there were no issues. Quest: Her Last Request So far not seen the issue elsewhere but it's still early on in the play through. I've set aside the save files if required as well.
  10. If the DLC is properly loaded, as the first question, and just ask her to continue, about after the 2nd "Continue", she'll ask if you need any help (don't remember the exact words). You do not have to start a new game to gain access to this. You can even have spoken to her prior to getting the DLC. Seems like it's not installed properly for me, for some reason it's trying to install in my secondary GOG location and for some reason it's not possible to change the installation path on the DLC.
  11. So how does one get her as a companion exactly? DLC installed but only got 2 dialogue options for her "How are things around fort deadlight?" and "Feeling okay?" neither triggers a choice to let her join.
  12. If you don't mind, can you attach the portrait that you are importing and I can help test it in my game. Can do, see attached. Alright, so in my game it looks pretty normal. However just to be safe I downloaded a higher quality version, which I re-proportioned and have attached. Regards P.S: I water-colorized it for you as well, in case you need it. Very nice mate, I appreciate the extra effort. Also mad props to the original artist for that amazing picture. As it happens, I also managed to figure out why my re-sized pictures went all pixelated, seems like
  13. If you don't mind, can you attach the portrait that you are importing and I can help test it in my game. Can do, see attached.
  14. Requesting some help here as I'm at my wits end. Used to crop my own portraits for PoE using good ol' paint to bring em down to 210x330 and 76x96. Moved over my old PoE portraits to PoE2 no problem, even added one or two the other week. But, now whenever I grab a new portrait crop em to the same size they look like pixelated crap in game and I have no idea why, I've used Paint for the cropping, even tried one in GIMP and I think I cropped it correctly but still pixelated crap. I've compared one of my old PoE ones compared to a newly cropped one, same pixel size but old one is pe
  15. I personally don't think there's any real reason not to run Edér as a Swashbuckler even as the party's main tank. Fair notice, I'm slightly biased as I really like the concept of Edér as a swashbuckler. That said you don't really loose out on anything vital, if you're running him as a pure tank I'd argue that Adept Evasion (Rouge) is more valuable than Critical Defense (Fighter) anyway. Also, dependant on your party setup the rogue skills allows Eder to do a bit more than just tank i.e. help with some debuffs, interrupts etc.
  16. Just encountered this as well but also found a solution. I managed to loot the bodies if I dragged the fight over to the ramp just by the exit to First Fires. This was also during the nighttime but could loot them on a different surface then where you initially encounter them.
  17. Sniped! I had only just got home from work and wanted to see the procs as well so got it sorted. On a side note, the spellsteal morningstar might be my new favourite weapon. Got some very cool applications.
  18. I only play on PotD, only use the game companions and never drop a stat below 8 (or 7 on a dwarf dex or resolve) It's perfectly viable and doable and if you're anything like me then well, I wouldn't and couldn't enjoy a playthrough with min/maxed stats and only henchmen so definitely go for it. Bear in mind, whilst there are a few break points for stats and interaction with certain abilities but other than that there's only a few % difference between something like 17 and 18 might. I also, wouldn't recommend going with 3 con. I'd probably drop dex to 10, resolve to 9 and con at 8.
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