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  1. I'd level to 11 at a minimum, personally. That's when you get your last class ability, and many of those are fantastic (you're a ranger - stunning shots is fantastic, although less against Thaos than everyone else since he seems to still move when afflicted by it. It'll still tank his defence). Again, you're a ranger, so buff your accuracy and use Binding Roots to make sure you're the only person in that room who gets to stand where they want to. Disorienting weapons will make Thaos die much, much faster - you may have a bow called Lenas Er (optional quest reward) which will really rui
  2. The two missing pins are 2444, for Stalwart and 2449, for the door back into the Battery from the ramparts.
  3. You can't pass every check with the same build until late game when you have lots of strong items. If I really wanted my build to be 'strong conversationalist' above anything else, I'd put 18 points each into resolve, intellect and then probably might (perception is also a reasonable choice). Later on, by act III when I had +3 items for all my stats (except Intellect, for some reasons), I'd respec to have 13s and 12s (maybe slightly higher in Res), running around with a strong inn bonus and the food buffs. You can go into the options and set it so that conversations show the checks you can
  4. Really? That's pretty annoying - I've had that talent for ages. I just assumed it was fine. God damn it.
  5. In my experience, Lenas Er is best for killing big bosses while in a group (like the dragons - tanking their defence really helps). Stormcaller is my favourite for general use. It does huge damage - you get the -10 lightning DR, you can crank the DPS by 20% with Heart of the Storm and the procs of Returning Storm are just a bonus. Persistence is decent, but the only reason I'd consider taking it over Stormcaller is that you can put the Durgan enchantment on it (although that is massive).
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