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  1. Well, I just typed a whole long opinion, but accidently pressed Ctrl V instead of Ctrl C, so now I'm too pissed to retype all of it, so bah.
  2. I've been thinking about it, and I think you are on to something, Vanarion. I felt the same about my characters past. Wait, Reveilled, Bau-Dur died? When? How?
  3. Why do people keep insisting that Revan was only trying to save the Republic? Revan was cold, heartless, and a Sith to his core. He cared nothing about the Republic government, He wanted power because he knew he could take it. He had no problem razing planets and killing innocents, as long as his goals were forwarded. The halogram on Kasyyk in KotOR 1 helps explain Revan's persona, thoughts, ideas, and ideals. I do not understand how many people after KotOR 2 draw to the conclusion that Revan fell to the Darkside and attacked the Republic simply and only in order to save it from the "True
  4. So, he wasnt speaking baby ewok afterall.
  5. Butler, I have all of those same questions, but forgot to ask them. Osiris I think it is possible to stary neutral, but this would mean flip flopping between lS and DS actions, which would make no sense story wise.
  6. I felt almost exactly the same as you did at the end of the game, Prisoner. I think part of my problem with this game was that I really did not like the main "You are a wound in the force" plot. I miss the simple, yet fun, Dark vs. Light. Star Wars is about the struggles of polar opposites, this game tried to blend the lines, in an effort to be unique and different, and I feel that it was Un-Star Wars like. I bought this game to get a Star Wars experiance, and at the end I felt short changed. Despite this, I still enjoyed most of the game, and it is fun up to the Dantooine Council point.
  7. I recently beat DS Male as well, and I have all these questions and more. You did not miss anything, the game is just not complete for DS. Most of everything past the Council scene on Dantooine is fractured, incomplete, or missing. It left a bad taste in an otherwise good game.
  8. No offense, but you missed my point. I should not have to play through "ALL" aspects of the game, to get and understand MAIN PLOT POINTS. Almost all of Osiris's questions are valid, I had the same ones and I played thourouly through DS Male. I will certainly blame the game for leaving out main plot points and piecing together a fractured end game with details and situations that do not make sense or are left out. I should not have to go searching and replay the game 10 times to find out the main plot and why my character is going where, I should only have to do that if I wanted to get every di
  9. Traya = Witch Sion = Corpse Nihilus = Clown I liked how one of the load screen messages explained the three as each taking away and focusing on one aspect of the Malachor V Academy, Sion learned Pain, Nihilus learned Hunger, and Traya learned Betrayal. That being said, I think Nihilus was by far the worst of the three. He had no backstory, he sounded like a baby ewok, he looked like a female clown, and he popped into the game at the end without any mention (Although somehow my character knew about it, another "huh?" moment). It would have been better if it was revealed that he was someon
  10. Have you beaten the game on both LS and DS? I have a feeling that the ending parts of the game were geared more towards LS, and the DS storyline was not completely finished. I played DS and went through every dialogue I was able to go through, and I have almost all the same questions as Osirus. Do not label us ignorant complainers simply because we have questions that the rushed last 5 - 10 hours of the game did not explain to us. This game would have greatly benifited from another 10 - 20 hours of gameplay.
  11. Well, I liked KotOR 1's storyline a lot better than KotOR 2's storyline. After beating the game as DS male, I still do not fully understand what happened to my character pre game, what happened at the battle of Malachor V to make is so tragic and appalling to haunt my character, why Kreia was DS but told me I failed her completely at the Council, only to later tell me I was her best student, and many more things. The entire overall point of "Giving up the force to wound the force" thing (Which was basically the entire point of the storyline, DS anyway) just doesn
  12. I loved using Force Crush later in the game. There was no need to even use my saber anymore, no matter how many enemies were attacking me at once.
  13. If you think that's bad, just wait until the last few hours of the game. You will have at least five major "Wtf is going on?!" moments, where nothing is making any logical sense.
  14. I'd tend to agree that Lucas is kind of ruining his Star Wars Universe, but regardless, it is his to ruin. His word is Canon, and there is nothing we can really do about it except call him an inept hack. Stormtroopers aren
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