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  1. Caster's item aura effects (Xoti's lantern, cog of cohh etc.) share to enemies right after casting spells like wizard's double or mirrored image. Is it a bug ?
  2. According to my testing and tweaks I made to progressiontables gamedatabundle, it is indeed the case - AdjustedLevelAmount 1 increases character level by 1 etc. I was able to raise the AdjustedLevelAmount values to +4 levels max in the progressiontables game bundle. Then it appears there is a hard cap which is set for every character individually in the character gamedatabundle. For example, let's look at Naga Sea Shaman entry: According to this , every enemy has a baselevel and max / min level adjustment amount. Here is my thoughts on code of levelscaling. I have not t
  3. Similar issue also happens to Tekehu. As a master water he blocks the water keyword healing spell. I don't know these are intended or a bug.
  4. The enchantment of this sword called "silence the dead" is not working. Could you check it as well ?
  5. Excuse me. I had successfully added the goldpacts knight 's flames of devotion and its upgradable abilities - eternal devotion and shared flames into the goldpact knihgts' ability tree. And it works well. I m getting a new strat to add paladin Pallegina's vielo vidorio ability and its two upgradable version (eternal_devotion_vielo_vidorio and shared_flames_vielo_vidorio ) into her ability tree. But there is not a urgradable ability for vielo vidorio in the original abilities.gamedatabundle ( For goldpact knights flame_of_devotion_goldpactknights,eternal_devotion_goldpactknights and s
  6. I want to add flames deveotion goldpact knight ability into the ability tree and make it upgrade to eternal flames or shared flames , but there are some problems I can't figure out. Here is a part of code flames of devotion for bleak walkers. { "Note": "CL 1 - Flames of Devotion Bleak Walkers", "Category": "General", "UnlockStyle": "AutoGrant", "ActivationObject": "Self", "AddAbilityID": "85c147f5-dffc-4a5e-8083-71db95d6203d", "RemoveAbilityID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "Prerequisites": { "MinimumCharacterLevel": 1, "PowerLevelReq
  7. I have made two post about the bugs I found in game. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98984- Could anyone from OBS give me an answer ?
  8. Tekehu is immune to all the effect of druid's Moonwell (healing and buff). The combat log shows: Tekehu ( Moonwell ) Hits Tekehu , but Tekehu is immune! ( Maybe he is also immune to other water keyword restoration spell of druid , I have not tested yet ) I know he is a marine godlike , but the description of marine says he is only immune to water attacks. So Moonwell is treated as a minus damage spell , is this a bug or design ?
  9. 1st: Enchantment of whispers yenwood called "Silence the Dead" is not working correctly. I checked the items.gamedatabundle file and found the parameters of "Silence the Dead " StatusEffects were null as below. {"$type":"Game.GameData.ItemModGameData, Assembly-CSharp","DebugName":"Silence_the_Dead","ID":"3749dc01-a177-47fd-a5cc-2e942e6e4f6e","Components":[{"$type":"Game.GameData.ItemModComponent, Assembly-CSharp","DisplayName":1583,"HideFromUI":"true","EnchantCategory":"None","Cost":0,"DisplayEvenIfCostZero":"false","CursesItem":"false","StatusEffectsOnEquipIDs":[]
  10. Hi, Aramintai ! Could you pls transform this into watercolor ?
  11. Start as a paladin or cipher you can see the weapon glows in combat when paladin uses flame of devotion or cipher starts soul whip,but the effects disappear after you reload the game. I know maybe 3.05 will be the last patch of PoE and this is not a major bug, but I still hope it will be fixed IF there will be one more patch. I had played PoE as paladin 300 hours and found this issue in 3.05 recently.Really don't wish playing my favorite class with this issue in the final version of PoE.
  12. this item has a description "+25Max Endurance -25 Max Health" but in the game 3.03 when you equip this item , character's HP NOT just reduce 25 points for character hp 294 => hp 119 (when equiped) for Calisca hp 253 => hp 103 (when equiped)
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