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  1. For posterity: I loaded the autosave that triggers when going down the stairs just to see what would happen, and the cutscene played out without hanging up. I hope this works for everyone else suffering this issue.
  2. Did anyone ever discover a workaround for this? I'm stuck with the exact same issue.
  3. Is Shadow Step working as intended? When I use it, there's no increased damage on my Rogue's character sheet.
  4. it seems our neighborhood friendly blue Orlan has max Perception. I must have missed that outer circle. Thanks.
  5. Does it not display an increased Carnage circle? I tested this about a month ago with various Overseeing items and saw no increase.
  6. As I understand it, Overseeing doesn't affect Carnage. May want to replace Gathbin's ring with something else.
  7. Or these Animancers you speak of could just change the Distracted affliction to trigger Deathblows
  8. I'd be interested in seeing your build, Boerer.
  9. POE monks aren't the archetypal "completely unarmored, dodge everything, ki strikes" monk, and I'm find with that. I like how POE monks work thematically and game play-wise. Also, your complaint about them being broken is rooted in ignorance. No offense.
  10. Oh c'mon man, Rangers only have Twinned Arrow and he doesn't like Monks, therefore they're the worst class. How can you argue against such durganized reasoning?
  11. Ugh. My sympathies. I've decided that I'm just going to finally plow through the entire game on POTD while abusing the Confident Aim bug.
  12. I'm closing in on 400 hours logged and I too have never completed this game. Same problems. This is just sad on Obsidian's part.
  13. Ohhh Obsidian. Even with your track record, I maintained faith that this would all get worked out finally. You're not Bethesda, you're not Blizzard. You can NOT get away with this terrible brand of support.
  14. Any updates on how 3.03 is coming along? Approximate release date?
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