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  1. I think Bioware should finish up the series. Obsidian did a great job on the game, but it was obviously rushed.
  2. How in the hell did you get 40 wisdom and 28 charisma? That would make you invincible as a consular/lord/master <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The higher your wisdom and charisma get the more bonus modifiers are added. Your own personal lightsabre crystal(found on dantooine) and Ossus keeper Robes boost your wisdom and charisma greatly.
  3. I did this darkside consular/sithlord. I was unstoppable. Dantooine was the 1st planet I visited and I dominated Vrook. Consular/Sithlord is way too powerul, I would just use force storm and wipe out rooms of 10+ people with one stroke. Then when you aquire Force Crush you truly dominate! Too powerful but also very fun. Very little challenge though.
  4. I got a Jedi Master Robe from killing Vrook. You get a dark jedi master robe from Sion. The robes are nothing compared to the Ossus robe though.
  5. It's the same if Revan is darkside male and the exile is a darkside male.
  6. It's a cliffhanger ending. It's supposed to leave many questions unanswered.
  7. Yes. All I saw of him was Disciple saying to Carth that " I found the Exile" and the hologram of Carth nods.
  8. The best item i found was a (?) Keeper Robe. I can't remember the first word but it's called blank(?) keeper Robe, I found it in the Queens palace in the Jedi artifact room. It looks the same as all robes and has a reddish brown color, it does'nt look good but it's the best(stat wise) Robe I could find in the game. I was dissapointed I did'nt find any unique(like the star forge robes from the first game) robes in the game. EDIT: It's the Ossus Keeper Robe, and it's ugly.
  9. I just picked it up from Game Crazy! Now I'm to ready to rock!
  10. Thanks alot! I can't believe they are letting us download 18 pages of the strategy guide! good stuff!
  11. Well you have to reason to complain, except the fact that you're going to pay 2 times for the same game?? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Why not? It's only $50.
  12. You PC gamers seem very bitter of the Xbox owners. The PC version will run smoother then the xbox version but they're still the same game. I'll be playing the Xbox version on monday and in 2 months I'll also be buying the PC version. Best of both worlds! Why be so damn bitter?
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