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  1. Something weird might going on, bonuses to defenses from anti-affliction talents and lopped rope were also doubled last time I checked, but I didn't played since 3.0.
  2. A dwarf quartermaster(?) in a great hall or whatewer it's called in the game.
  3. Not really a merchant, I don't know the proper word, but he sells stuff;)
  4. Drawn in Spring and Persistence are the best. My tests indicates that they deal more than 25% raw damage actually, and the damage over time effect isn't replaced by the one from next hit so enemys will always get all of it. If you add attack speed and potential interrupts(to you...) into consideration Drawn in Spring is superior weapon, it offers better dps to both low and high DR targets than anything else. When it comes to shield I think that Aila Braccia is the best one.
  5. As I see it Greater Focus is good to take on level 2 and to respec out of it on level 8. From certain point it is much better to gather more focus by having stronger offensive capabilities or to invest in defenses than having this 10 base focus more. I like the change to the casting times, I'm playing solo mostly and fast casting time change these powers from useless into an interesting option. That harsh nerf to Mind Plague is surprising considerering how much does it cost now.
  6. I prefer solo runs. They are more challenging and interesting I think. I finished the game on potd with a party once and it was terrible easy and not interesting to me. I also played potd solo cipher power-playthrough and it was fun, but it required a lot of reloading and overall was too demanding. For me a solo run on normal or hard with not min-maxed character is the most enjoyable way of playing the game. What you described is more about what speedruns are btw.
  7. 20 would be too much for low level cipher. I think that +5 from the start and +1 per every level you have would be nice.
  8. Yes! Great news. Something is telling me that I will love my favourite class even more soon.
  9. I don't. I think that cipher will be really weak now, even if you use the best cipher builds.
  10. No, it's not what I meant. Moving to an area from the expansion or loading a save where you are in one take longer.
  11. So frenzy stacks multiplicatively. How about swift aim, monk's swift strikes and cipher's 7-th level power?
  12. Loadings from the base game 5-15seconds, from the expansion >25 Some optimization for the expansion would be nice
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