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  1. It ended up being a joke for me because I had Concelhaut's unique spell, which dealt over 1,000 damage on its final strike.
  2. You can find Minoletta's Spellbook in the game, which lead me to believe they are not still alive, given its location.
  3. Seperate but similar issue, in the White March areas, you can see little areas of mist where there are characters in the fog of war even without targeting those areas with an ability.
  4. You'll get a quest to speak with your steward when you can go there, you may need to follow the main quest for a little bit more.
  5. Figured I would add in my own experience of this problem, in case it's of any help.
  6. Throne of Bhaal was an expansion.Mask of the Betrayer was an expansion. See, I've played games too! Disclaimer: I'm completely fine with White March being like TotSC and not ToB. An expansion adds new areas. A sequel continues the adventure. Not sure what point you are trying to make..... That's pretty much just an arbitrary distinction. While Throne of Bhaal and Mask of the Betrayer do continue the adventure, they're not sequels - they aren't Baldur's Gate 3 or Neverwinter Nights 3, they're still (or were still) advertised, listed and sold as expansions because that's what they are. A more accurate way to define them is that an expansion is additional content for an existing game, while a sequel is a new game entirely.
  7. There's a plus (+) button next to your characters portrait on the main HUD, click on that and you can level up your character.
  8. This post is going to make me look like a bit of a fool (and I can't edit my previous post, guessing because I am a non-approved member), but it turns out I had downloaded the wrong version of the patch (it's just an excuse, but wasn't expecting to see the patch under DLC) - if you've got TWM I installed and are a gog user, make sure you download the TWM I version of the 2.01 patch instead of the generic version of the patch. Game works fine now!
  9. I like Eder, but I feel like the mass engagement is not that useful. Most enemies just ignore engagement to run after my back-row party members anyway, and he doesn't do much on the disengage attack.
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