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  1. thanks for the quick reply it now seems to have fixed itself but if it stops again i will upload a file how do i create a output log by the way sorry to have wasted your time edit what is the correct patching for gog users by the way i did first patch 3.0 for the general game then for white march part 1 and then installed part 2
  2. Even i f I set the behavior to agressive they just stand there and do nothing after the initial enemy is killed i have both white march 1 and 2 under win 8.1
  3. I am playing divinity original sin enhanced edition and i am wondering why i didn't play it when it came out i bought it then and after 1 hour i stopped and now I am loving it and don't know why it didn' click with me when it launched
  4. I am currently playing Age of empires 2 hd . With both expansion i should have no problem until white march 2 and the second witcher 3 dlc are released
  5. At least my problem it is most likely a mistake on gogs side since ive had a similar problem with the witcher 3 after i manually patched it and like Poe it fixed itself when i used galaxy So it is safe to say that gog users should probably use galaxy until gog sorts that stuff out
  6. The download from gog the normal one without whitemarch getsa microsft visual runtime error when i start it same as the game when i patched it with 2.02
  7. update 2.02 has broken the gog version in general after getting the missing draining file i uninstalled it and redownloaded it from gog It doesnt start saying the aplication requested to be terminated in an unusual way I am using win 8
  8. the dlc is accesible after you complete a certain part of the main quest, and it has the option to scale to the level of your partys level
  9. As somebody whose first language isnt english what does gib mean
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