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  1. Same here: found out about PoE only recently, but having a good time with it so far. I bought the strategy and the lore book and bought the expansion back as soon as I saw it on steam. Finding out this extra 'thank you' from your side, makes me happy to have been able to support you even more
  2. Glad to see I wasn't the only one to be surprised that there was not a single sign of an upcoming expansion on Steam yesterday.
  3. I picked ranger because I really like the class. (and true, I just play 'story-mode' anyway, so I don't care about damage output and the like).
  4. I mean: singlehandedly (sp?) killing a whole crew of a boat (and apparently coming out unscratched). I mean: you'd have to nerf his powers to make him an npc, or send him into a group of enemies whilst the rest is sitting around a campfire, exchanging stories...
  5. Interesting idea, although I would probably not consider him companion material (too strong), but a nice quest giver
  6. I'm not really sure that the major deficiencies in DA:I are because of multiplayer. It might be more the focus on quantity rather than quality. Multiplayer was just symptomatic of the fact that they tried to have every feature that any competitor game had. I am not saying that MP leads to deficiencies. But having both SP and MP means that you will need to spread out your resources even more. One would need to have a huge amount of resources (both money, time and people) to prevent a 'jack of all trades, master of none' with mediocre results along the line. Hence, my preference to focus
  7. I don't really mind the stronghold, but I guess having more options would make it better. Actually, I was expecting an option to just leave the hold as it, instead of auto-claiming it.
  8. Personally not such a fan of most versions of MP-games, as I don't really like PVP. An optional coop could be nice though. But I would be pretty indifferent about the whole MP thing: I haven't touched the MP-option of DA:I either. And I see that a lot of focus and resources are pumped into the MP, instead of the SP... I get that people like MP, but I would personally rather have primary focus on SP (DA:I shows a LOT of shortcuts due to limited resources in SP).
  9. I actually chose to merge him with the keep, due to the "There is something unique about this soul in this place. A bond formed in decades of inhabitance and lordship that feels somehow palpable to you, as though even in death the keep knows its former master, and the former master remembers the keep." I felt that keeping the bond was more kind to bring Maerwald peace, than to have the soul go through another reincarnation with suffering from previous lives. The whole chain-thing got me regret the decision though...
  10. Just started playing last week, but so far I really love the game. Therefore, really curious what the expansion will bring. I tend to buy story-related expansions right away, so I am putting some coins aside for this one. Fair enough: if it would contain romance*, I'd insta-buy it. *note: I do not require making-out/mating scenes, but tension or being able to flirt sometimes would be nice (fair enough: I'll admit to have gone 'd'awww, that's so cute! He's worried about me' when Eder awoke my character for the first time).
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